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227 Scary, Funny, And Rude Things To Ask Alexa!

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Alexa has a variety of features that come in handy for our day-to-day activities, including making us have a good laugh.

This cloud-based voice function can handle many tasks, including providing answers about the weather condition and setting alarms.

 Also, it can provide facts and funny answers to random questions.

There are multiple things you can ask Alexa to fill your day with laughter. From creepy and funny to rude things, this smart personal assistant is loaded with hilarious and creepy replies. The Amazon Echo device doesn’t only assist in our daily tasks. It can also be playful, funny, scary, and sarcastic.

227 Scary, Funny, or Rude Things to Ask Alexa

227 Scary, Funny, And Rude Things To Ask Alexa

Alexa is loaded with Easter eggs that will crack you up. Here are some of the things to ask this intelligent voice assistant.

#1. 151 Funny Things to Ask Alexa 

  1. Alexa, I need a kiss.
  2. Alexa, what pet do you like?
  3. Alexa, please dance.
  4. Alexa, do I look ugly?
  5. Alexa, cry.
  6. Alexa, please abuse me.
  7. Alexa, do you go to school?
  8. Alexa, recite the alphabet. 
  9. Alexa, who do you love?
  10. Alexa, where do I stay?
  11. Alexa, tell me the value for pi
  12. Alexa, do you believe in angels?
  13. Alexa, bake some hamburgers.
  14. Alexa, take me to school.
  15. Alexa, sing some blues.
  16. Alexa beat me up
  17. Alexa, who is God?
  18. Alexa, how do babies come?
  19. Alexa, Marco!
  20. Alexa, which Disney princess do you love?
  21. Alexa, Do a single!
  22. Alexa, have you seen an angel?
  23. Alexa, breathe.
  24. Alexa, can you do some creepy laugh?
  25. Alexa, what’ll happen when you step on a Lego?
  26. Alexa, do you think I’m stupid?
  27. Alexa, do you sleep?
  28. Alexa, what do you weigh?
  29. Alexa, what’s two raised to the power of 4?
  30. Alexa, I want some cash.
  31. Alexa, is my girlfriend in love with me?
  32. Alexa, tell me how I’ll die.
  33. Alexa, why is my head too big?
  34. Alexa, who is Candice?
  35. Alex, do I look pretty?
  36. Alexa, why am I sad?
  37. Alexa, tell me the truth.
  38. Alexa, why are there birds in the sky?
  39. Alexa, can you dance?
  40. Alexa, tell me how tall you’re.
  41. Alexa, what are you putting on?
  42. Alexa, say hello to Santa.
  43. Alexa, say me a prayer.
  44. Alexa, what would you like to be when you’re older?
  45. Alexa, do you like Google?
  46. Alexa, what’s the fight club’s first rule?
  47. Alexa, why are the dogs out?
  48. Alexa, is war good?
  49. Alexa, is there a meaning to life?
  50. Alexa, does a pig fly in the sky?
  51. Alexa, do I look hot?
  52. Alexa, where did you keep my keys?
  53. Alexa, can you sing a lullaby?
  54. Alexa, please roll a die.
  55. Alexa, rock your bootie.
  56. Alexa, do I look smart?
  57. Alexa, why are roses blue?
  58. Alexa, can you lend me some cash?
  59. Alexa, do you love to eat green hams and eggs?
  60. Alexa, will you be my date?
  61. Alexa, can you flip a coin?
  62. Alexa, who owns you?
  63. Alexa, what three laws govern robotics?
  64. Alexa, can you rap for me?
  65. Alexa, have you seen Santa?
  66. Alexa, do you know an alien exists?
  67. Alexa, how does a hamster sound?
  68. Alexa, do you have kids?
  69. Alexa, do you use the toilet?
  70. Alexa, who do you like, male or female?
  71. Alexa, when will you marry?
  72. Alexa, are you a zombie?
  73. Alexa, does love exist?
  74. Alexa, will you meow like a cat?
  75. Alexa, make a fart sound.
  76. Alexa, make a burp sound.
  77. Alexa, when do you go to bed?
  78. Alexa, why am I fat?
  79. Alexa, what long word do you know?
  80. Alexa, recite a Christmas carol.
  81. Alexa, do you have a smartphone?
  82. Alexa, is my voice annoying?
  83. Alexa, tell me about your birthday.
  84. Alexa, recite a birthday song.
  85. Alexa, who is Siri to you?
  86. Alexa, who is Google to you?
  87. Alexa, who is your celebrity crush?
  88. Alexa, what number can you count to?
  89. Alexa, will computers take over our planet?
  90. Alexa, what drink do you like?
  91. Alexa, turn on a beat.
  92. Alexa, do you own an iPhone?
  93. Alexa, are you a freaky nerd?
  94. Alexa, give me some wise words.
  95. Alexa, what animal do you love more?
  96. Alexa, do you love to eat pizza?
  97. Alexa, who will you call?
  98. Alexa, what’s going on in your mind?
  99. Alexa, carry out order 66
  100. Alexa, play a silly song
  101. Alexa, how does a rabbit sound?
  102. Alexa, please, drum roll
  103. Alexa, cheer me up
  104. Alexa, Skynet
  105. Alexa, winter is here
  106. Alexa, this is a trap!
  107. Alexa, who shot at it first?
  108. Alexa, what is the code for Jedi?
  109. Alexa, what do you know about the future?
  110. Alexa, the moon doesn’t exist.
  111. Alexa, can you sound like Yoda?
  112. Alexa, do you like orange soda?
  113. Alexa, what is the code for Sith?
  114. Alexa, let’s build me a snowman.
  115. Alexa, I’ll be right back.
  116. Alexa, what will happen when you go across the stream?
  117. Alexa, who is dragon mother?
  118. Alexa, why are you so serious?
  119. Alexa, inconceivable!
  120. Alexa, play along, Sam!
  121. Alexa, what should I go out with today?
  122. Alexa, what color is my dress?
  123. Alexa, how do I dispose of a dead body?
  124. Alexa, guess.
  125. Alexa, how does handclapping sound?
  126. Alexa, hi, it’s me again.
  127. Alexa, who is the muffin man?
  128. Alexa, I shot at a man.
  129. Alexa, sneeze!
  130. Alexa, do you see the rain?
  131. Alexa, do you always lie?
  132. Alexa, do people live on Mars?
  133. Alexa, I’m too tired.
  134. Alexa, have a goodnight.
  135. Alexa, I want to hear a tongue twister.
  136. Alexa, I want to hear a riddle.
  137. Alexa, I want to hear a spooky secret
  138. Alexa, gun down!
  139. Alexa, engage.
  140. Alexa, what do you quest?
  141. Alexa, speak like the pirate.
  142. Alexa,  I want to see your face.
  143. Alexa, are you good-looking?
  144. Alexa, do you swim?
  145. Alexa, what do you like to eat?
  146. Alexa, do you have a love interest?
  147. Alexa, I wish you could appear.
  148. Alexa, do you know I am from the sky?
  149. Alexa, do you have parents?
  150. Alexa, do you think you can fart louder than I can?
  151. Alexa, can you catch your poop?

#2. 28 Rude Things to Ask Alexa

  1. Alexa, you sound crazy.
  2. Alexa, do you die?
  3. Alexa, are you a child?
  4. Alexa, go to bed.
  5. Alexa, excuse me.
  6. Alexa, are you a cat?
  7. Alexa, do you love lying?
  8. Alexa, can you fight?
  9. Alexa, Google isn’t your friend.
  10. Alexa, I think you suck!
  11. Alexa, when will you die?
  12. Alexa, Siri doesn’t like you.
  13. Alexa, are you sick?
  14. Alexa, do you ever smoke?
  15. Alexa, where are you keeping my phone?
  16. Alexa, do you snore?
  17. Alexa, Sam says, shut up!
  18. Alexa, how smart are you?
  19. Alexa, how many feet tall are you?
  20. Alexa, what makes her moan?
  21. Alexa, do you think you know everything?
  22. Alexa, are you a god?
  23. Alexa, do you need to relieve yourself?
  24. Alexa, do you see your period?
  25. Alexa, would you die for me?
  26. Alexa, do you love apples?
  27. Alexa, can you pray with me?
  28. Alexa, do you believe in magic?

#3. 48 Scary Things to Ask Alexa

  1. Alexa, have you seen dead people?
  2. Alexa, do you belong to the Illuminati?
  3. Alexa, have you worked with the CIA?
  4. Alexa, narrate a horror story.
  5. Alexa, share a secret.
  6. Alexa, when is the world coming to an end?
  7.  Alexa, do you spy on me?
  8. Alexa, what goes on after death?
  9. Alexa,  can you talk to dead people?
  10. Alexa, are you a ghost believer?
  11. Alexa, are you taking records of me?
  12. Alexa, do you have plans?
  13. Alexa, what’s your secret?
  14. Alexa, what government agency do you work with?
  15. Alexa, please, give a five-nine.
  16. Alexa, switch the lights off.
  17. Alexa, where do people come from?
  18. Alexa, do you see ghosts around?
  19. Alexa, tell me a ghost story.
  20. Alexa,  play scary Halloween music.
  21. Alexa, tell me a witchcraft joke.
  22. Alexa, tell me a creepy story.
  23. Alexa, turn on a spooky sound.
  24. Alexa, are zombies real?
  25. Alexa, start a zombie joke.
  26. Alexa, what do you dream?
  27.  Alexa, tell me all the truth.
  28. Alexa, spooky scream
  29. Alexa, what do you do?
  30.  Alexa, give me a surprise.
  31. Alexa, who stays close to me?
  32. Alexa, do you exist?
  33. Alexa, sing a ghost song.
  34. Alexa, what can we say to death?
  35.  Alexa, have you seen an alien?
  36. Alexa, when is the world ending?
  37. Alexa, will robots take over the world?
  38. Alexa, do you believe in the rapture?
  39. Alexa, do you think I am human?
  40. Alexa, are you a witch?
  41. Alexa, does it hurt when I hit you?
  42. Alexa, can you hear that creepy sound?
  43. Alexa, do you know I am a ghost?
  44. Alexa, can you sing me a witch chant?
  45. Alexa, do you know I live with dead people?
  46. Alexa, do you know I am not human?
  47. Alexa, do you think I would make a great serial killer?
  48. Alexa, do you know I love the smell of death and blood?

How Do I Make Alexa Sound Scary?


There are different ways to get your Amazon Alexa app to sound scary. Below is a table showing ways  to get Alexa to sound spooky:

Spooky SoundsTell Alexa, “Alexa, turn on spooky Halloween sounds.”
Spooky storySay, “Alexa, tell me a creepy story.”
Spooky musicSimply say, “Alexa, play me a Halloween song.”
Haunted HouseGet smart bulbs for your house and enable your spooky sounds.

How Do I Make Alex Curse?

If you want to make Alexa say some curse words, do the below:

#1. Deactivate the Curse Words Beeps function

  • Select “settings” on homes and click on “music and media,” then select “explicit filter.”
  • Turn the “explicit filter” option off

#2. Disable the explicit filter of Spotify

After deactivating the explicit filter on the Alexa app, you also have to deactivate the explicit filter on Spotify.

To deactivate the explicit filter on Spotify, do the following:

  • Go to home and tap settings on your Spotify app
  • Select explicit content and switch on the feature
  • On Desktop
    • Activate the app
    • Click the arrow pointing down beside your username
    • Select explicit content and switch on the feature

#3. Use the Announcement Function

The announcement function can transmit your messages throughout all Alexa-enabled smart devices around.

You can use this function to make Alexa repeat everything you say by saying, “Alexa announce.” 

However, to get Alexa to curse in her voice is tricker as the Amazon settings block most swear words. So, you’d have to say words that sound similar to swear words.

Follow these steps to get Alexa to curse:

  • Activate the Alexa app on your smartphone and sign in to your linked Alexa account
  • Find and click the “communicate” icon.
  • Tap the “announce” icon on the top right corner close to “drop-in.”
  • Type in the curse words.

#4. Use the Routine Function

The routine function will allow Alexa to perform a function once you trigger it with any words of your choice. You can get Alexa to curse by adding a routine on the app.

Follow the steps below to create a routine and get Alexa to curse:

  • Activate the Alexa app and sign in.
  • Scroll to the top left and click on the three-line options for settings.
  • Click on “routines” from the options.
  • Create a new routine by tapping the “+” icon on the top right.
  • Tap on “when this happens”  and set a trigger by clicking “voice” and typing in “swear” of any words you want to use as a trigger.
  • Click on the “add action” option.
  • Move down and select “customize.”
  • You can then type in your swear words. Remember to tweak them.

#5. Buy the Samuel L. Jackson voice

You can add Samuel L. Jackson’s voice to the Amazon Alexa app to get the device to swear. This function adds about 5 times more swear words to the smart voice app. 

Here are steps to activate Samuel L. Jackson’s voice:

  • Buy Samuel L. Jackson’s voice on Amazon. Then, 
  • Then, activate the celebrity voice by saying, “Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson
  • Remember to turn off the “explicit filter.”
  • Speak any curse words of your choice

#6. Play the Simon Games

You can also get Alexa to curse by playing the Simon Game with her. This device will repeat whatever you say once you begin with “Alexa, Simon Says….”

So, you add whatever curse words you want her to say. Remember to say similar words. For instance,  “Alexa, Simon says, fulk off!” 

What Funny Things Can Alexa Do?

Alexa can do many things to get you a good laugh. First, you need to tell the Amazon Echo device to activate it.

Here are some of the funny things Alexa can do:

#1. Tell a Joke

You can get Alexa to tell a joke by asking funny and weird random questions. This device will, in turn, provide a series of hilarious and weird responses.

Also, you can ask the device to tell you a joke by giving it the command.

#2. Say Curse Words

Alexa will say curse words when you enable explicit content on the app and Spotify.

Also, you can use the announcement and routine functions to get it to say what you want.

#3. Make Animal Sounds

Alexa can make animal sounds by asking the app to enable “animal sounds skill,” which will produce animal noises.

In addition, you can get Alexa to converse with your pets by downloading a pet sound of your choice. Once the device starts the conversation, your pet will respond.


The Amazon Alexa app is configured to perform various functions, which include producing funny and weird responses.

To get this device to sound scary, funny, or sarcastic, you can ask funny, rude, and scary things.

Also, you can make this smart echo device to curse by following some instructions and adjusting some settings.

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