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How Many Scoops of Coffee for 12 Cups?

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:28 pm

I always start my day with at least a cup of coffee. This usually gives me the much-needed energy to go through work confidently, sports, and other activities.

Nonetheless, you may be a coffee freak just like me, and you may also have wondered if you use the correct amounts while brewing your coffee. One popular question among coffee enthusiasts is how many coffee scoops are okay to prepare 12 cups of coffee.

For a standard 12-cup coffee-making machine, you should use 12 to 24 tablespoons of coffee. This produces 12 cups of six-ounce coffee, and it may also make six traditional mugs of coffee with 12 ounces of ground coffee. However, you should understand that each person has personal preferences; others prefer concentrated coffee, while others go for thin coffee. Nevertheless, your brew should always fall between these standard measurements.

How Much Coffee Do I Put in a 12 Cup Mr. Coffee Maker?

Because the standard measurement for a cup of coffee is only six ounces, you should use around eight grams of coffee for each cup. Now, for a traditional 12 Cup Mr. Coffee, 70 grams of quality ground coffee would be okay to obtain a great brew.

Generally, to obtain an awesomely tasting brew of coffee, the water to coffee ratio should be 15 parts to one. However, most coffee makers do not possess the capacity to contain complete volumes of coffee.

Thus, if you were to prepare a full 12 cup pot with the standard amount of ground coffee, it would most definitely spillover. Therefore, it is very much advisable to fill your cup machine only at a capacity of 2/3 no matter what device you use.

For instance, for your standard 12 cups Mr. Coffee maker, it will be best to fill it with the eight-cup indication. Personally, because I live alone, on most days, I just make do with two to three cups of coffee on most days.

At first, I tended to overuse the ground coffee when I used my 12 cup Mr coffee maker to brew the few cups of coffee I needed. However, I learned to use the correct amounts whenever I made my brew as time went on.

So, at first, you may be prone to using excessive amounts of ground coffee. But, you should never worry; you will get better as the days go by.

How Many Scoops of Coffee Do I Need for a 12 Cup Cuisinart?

For a 12 cup Cuisinart coffee maker, you should use 12 leveled tablespoons of coffee. By this, I have implied that you should use one tablespoon of coffee for each cup of coffee you prepare.

Almost all of the newer coffee makers come with a tablespoon for measuring your coffee. This is the tablespoon you should use when brewing your coffee. On the other hand, you can increase or decrease the amount of coffee you use to suit your preference and needs.

Also, the kind of coffee beans you use determines the number of scoops of coffee you use in your Cuisinart coffee maker. Consequently, the overall number of scoops of coffee you use depends on several factors.

For example, the quantity of coffee you’re looking to brew, the amount of milk you use in your coffee, the concentration of your coffee, and several other factors come into play. Nonetheless, the number of scoops should never surpass the standard which I have set above.

How Much Coffee Do You Use for 10 Cups?

If you’d love to brew 10 cups of coffee, twelve and a half tablespoons of medium grind coffee should be perfect for you. Nevertheless, deviating from this value by a bit if your taste craves more or less isn’t harmful. Therefore, you should use 10 to 20 tablespoons of ground coffee if you’re looking to prepare 10 cups of coffee.

These values are ideal if you use six-ounce coffee cups; however, some individuals and coffee shops use eight-ounce coffee cups. Also, in some places, coffee cups are way bigger than these. Consequently, if you use larger coffee cups, you’ll have to use higher amounts of coffee while you make your brew.

So, if you used eight-ounce cups to serve your coffee, you should use coffee around the neighborhood of 13 to 26 tablespoons. This is relatively higher than the quantity you use for your six-ounce coffee cups.

On the other hand, because different people possess different tastes, you can manipulate these amounts to fit your individual preference.

For example, I prefer strong coffee with lots of sugar; you may love to drink weak coffee without sugar. So, I would be more inclined to add more coffee to the brew while preparing my coffee, while you may not.

How Much Coffee Do I Use for Six Cups?

You will need 12 tablespoons of coffee, around 54 grams, to prepare coffee whose concentration is medium. This quantity is in the neighborhood of six-level scoops.

However, from an overall perspective, you can use between 10 to 14 tablespoons to brew six cups of coffee. The amount you use depends on your preference; less coffee for thin coffee and more coffee for strong coffee.

For standard coffee cups, six cups of coffee would require about 30 ounces of water. In this case, this would be ideal for using the measurements which I’ve given.

However, if your coffee cups have a higher capacity, you should gauge the coffee so that it fits perfectly with your coffee cup. This would require knowing the right size of your coffee cup and relating it with the quantity of coffee.

For instance, if your coffee cup contains 60 ounces of water, you will have to use around 20 to 28 tablespoons of coffee.

How Much Coffee Do I Use for Eight Cups of Water?

To brew eight cups of coffee, you should use between 14 to 18 tablespoons of ground coffee when you’re using six ounces coffee cups. However, if you usually measure your coffee on a kitchen scale, 72 grams of coffee is enough to make eight cups of coffee.

For strong coffee, 17 or 18 tablespoons of ground coffee beans should be just right for you. However, if you prefer your coffee weak, 14 tablespoons should do the trick. Well, you could keep on trying out quantities between the above range until you get the result you desire.

Also, remember that you can add or beat down the amount of ground coffee you use until you get a brew that suits your taste. Therefore, the estimates I have given are not universal but just suggestions of the best quantities that different individuals use.

Preferences vary significantly with the individual, so you shouldn’t worry too much if yours differs from the one I’ve indicated. Naturally, therefore, the coffee is only perfect if you enjoy the brew you prepare.

Now, not forgetting this, you should make your coffee by using these estimates as guides. However, you should keep varying the quantities and ratios until you get the brew you enjoy the most.


There are standard, recommended amounts of ground coffee or coffee beans you use when preparing your coffee. However, these are just guides that indicate a starting point from which you explore and find out how best you love your coffee.

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