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Smoke Coming Out Of Oven While Preheating!

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Last updated on September 22nd, 2023 at 04:32 pm

It is a usual practice to preheat an oven before use. However, smoke from your oven can be a nuisance to your culinary skills.

It could result from something mild like too much dust in your oven or something serious like an impending electric failure or, worse, a fire hazard. So, why does this happen?

Smoke comes out of your electric oven while preheating due to a heating element failure or accumulated dirt in the oven. Also, this occurs when a buildup of food remains and grime in the chamber. Continuously ignoring this issue only makes it worse.

Smoke Coming Out Of Electric Oven While Preheating

Smoke Coming Out Of Oven While Preheating

While preheating, accumulated food remains, dust, and grime causes smoking from an electric oven.

Therefore, once you notice your oven smoking when you start the preheating function, do not continue use without attempting to resolve the problem.

You cannot avoid preheating as you must warm up the oven before placing your food.

You must complete the preheating process without a hitch for the rest of the cooking process to go smoothly in the oven.

A smoking oven is dangerous and will only get worse over time if left unresolved.

Is It Normal to Have Smoke Coming Out Of Oven?

It is usual for there to be a little bit of smoke produced when your oven is still new. It is because the process burns off the protective wrapping on its surfaces.

In addition, during the self-clean function, it is normal for a little bit of smoke to be produced. During the self-clean process, the oven generates high heat.

Temperatures as high as 1000 degrees Fahrenheit burn off any food residue or debris that sticks to any corner of the oven, and this reduces debris to mere ash.

The process produces a little bit of smoke. It is common in new and old ovens at any operational mode function.

That is, during preheat, bake, boil, or self-clean. However, when the smoke while preheating is excessive, it becomes a problem.

To prevent this, take a look at the tips provided below.

#1. Safeguard Oven Surfaces

Protect the surfaces of your oven from food spills by placing your food correctly in pans before putting them into the oven.

For ovens with multiple racks, get a non-stick, fireproof oven mat and place it on the bottom rack to catch food particles from the upper racks.

You should not place foods like steaks or pizza directly on the rack as they tend to stick and leave a lot of residues.

#2. Clean Oven Regularly

After cooking, wipe wet liquids or food spills from the oven’s inner door with a rag moist with water. Clean the dirty oven mats in the sink regularly to keep debris from accumulating.

Use the self-clean option of the oven occasionally or clean the interior manually every month with baking soda or vinegar. Remove the oven racks separately and scrub them with warm and soapy water.

Melted aluminum from pans can be highly dangerous and difficult to remove when accumulated. Therefore, remove it as soon as you spot it.

#3. Proper Positioning Of Food

Electric ovens should have three inches of space between the food and heating elements. If you place food too close to the heat source, smoking will occur; worse; a fire could start.

High-fat foods are more prone to catching fire if you position them too close to the heating element.

How Do I Stop My Oven From Smoking While Preheating?

When you notice smoke in your oven while preheating, you can stop the smoking by “burning in” your oven.

Asides from this, there are many other solutions to a dangerous smoking oven, which are relatively easy to do on your own.

Below is a detailed explanation of these solutions.

#1. Burn Off Factory Coating

Packing material on a new oven like tape, plastic, or styrofoam can cause smoking as it burns when the oven is in use.

To resolve this, set the oven to the bake mode at 400-600 degrees Fahrenheit and leave it for 30 minutes. The coatings will burn off after this process.

#2. Remove Accumulated Dirt

To stop your oven from smoking, give it a good cleaning. If your oven has the self-clean function, as most ovens should, then you can use that function.

However, it would be best if you only use your oven’s self-clean function five times a year. If used excessively, it could cause your oven to fail.

Of course, you should clean your oven more often than five times a year, so you can also clean it manually.

The table below illustrates a guide to self-clean an oven.

Identify the origin of the smokingIf visible smoke is coming out of the control panel, it is a possible electrical fault that requires the assistance of an appliance expert. However, it only requires thorough cleaning if it comes from the heating element.
Turn on the self-clean option.The self-clean icon on the microwave should turn red when you turn it on. If it does not show a red color, your self-clean mode is not functioning.
Open the windowsAerate your kitchen to reduce the smoke from the self-cleaning oven and increase the air quality. However, an unpleasant smell may also fill the air during this process, so opening the windows helps quickly eliminate it.
Wipe downEven after the oven is self-cleaned, there would be ashy residue within. Therefore, you should manually wipe down all the oven surfaces with a water-dampened cloth.

As a precaution, take all pets out of the home before you begin the oven self-cleaning process.

It is because some chemicals produced during the self-clean mode of an oven are extremely irritable to pets and can even lead to the death of birds

Self-cleaning the oven for 3-4 hours is sufficient. When you complete the self-clean mode, try preheating the oven again. It should stop your oven from producing smoke while preheating.

#3. Replace Faulty Heating Elements

There might be a fault in the heating elements or the control panel which needs repair. Call a skilled technician to identify and fix such electrical problems.

Reasons Smoke Come Out Of Oven While Preheating?

Most of the time, the smoke coming out of an empty oven while preheating is just a result of humid air heating up rapidly inside the oven and turning into steam.

Another common cause of oven smoking is food residue burning on the heating element. 

Not just food residue but a combination of dust and soap chemical residues can cause smoking. You can identify it by the chemical smell in the smoke.

It shows that your cleaning products leave residues in your oven, which is a problem.

Along with a smoking oven, if you can also hear a buzzing sound, the heating elements have developed a fault that might need to be fixed or even replaced.

Is Smoke From Oven Harmful?

Yes, smoke from an oven is harmful when it is allowed to occur recurrently. A light smoke, or a heavy, suffocating one coming from the oven preheating vent, is a telltale sign of a hazard you should not ignore.

If ignored, the smoke could lead to health issues which include respiratory problems and even cancer.

Smoke can also ruin the taste of your meals and leave an unpleasant smell lingering over your food and kitchen.


A smoking oven is less efficient, and it lengthens the cooking process. In addition, it means it uses more electricity, thereby increasing your utility bill.

First, however, it is necessary to identify the exact problem before attempting to fix it.

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