Is There A Solar-Powered Clothes Dryer? (Let’s See)

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The washing machine consumes a lot of energy, especially the dryer function. Therefore, the two most popular types of dryers are electric and gas.

Typically, washing machines and dryers use either of these two methods to dry clothes which are known to be efficient but quite expensive to use and maintain.

The solar-powered dryer was born from the idea of ​​saving on energy costs and supporting the environment.

You can use the solar-powered dryer anytime and anywhere, giving you healthy results like other types of dryers.

However, there are only a few commercial productions of solar-powered dryers.

Yes, there is a solar-powered dryer. The dryer uses the sun’s energy to generate heat, eliminating the need for electrical power. Unfortunately, these solar-powered dryers are not very popular on the market, so it is rare to find one.

Do Solar Dryers Produce Good Results?

Is There a Solar-Powered Clothes Dryer

Solar-powered clothes dryers produce good results like other types of clothes dryers.

The only disadvantage a  has is the money it costs to get one. They are expensive, but once you have one, it is durable and efficient.

Recently, solar-powered washing machines have been produced with dryer functions to improve their efficiency.

In addition to the expensive cost of getting a solar dryer, the weather is another major disadvantage.

Since the energy that powers the machine comes from the sun, you may have some difficulty if there is consistent lousy weather.

Although a fully charged battery can last for a long time, it would soon run down if there is no sunlight for a long time.

List of Solar-powered Dryers

There are only a few solar-powered dryers on the market, and they are rare to obtain and quite expensive.

Each solar dryer has its capacity and required power supply to operate thoroughly.

Some dryers also have washing functions that come with them. Nevertheless, here is the list of solar-powered dryers.

#1. Magic Chef Portable Washing Machine

It is a compact top load washing machine that can wash up to nine cubic feet of clothing. It uses up to 120 volts of AC power to operate and 70 watts or more of energy per a load of laundry.

The washing machine is lightweight and weighs just over 40 pounds.

A standard appliance socket is not required.It cannot bear a high load due to its small size.
It doesn’t take up much space, and you can easily install it wherever you want.
It only uses two amps of power to operate.

#2. Giantex Portable Mini Solar-powered Washing Machine

Giantex’s portable solar-powered washing machine has a total capacity of 16 lbs for washing and drying, which is nine pounds for washing clothes and seven pounds for drying.

Several controls exist for the wash, spin, and wash-type options. In addition, the washing machine has a washing power of 150 watts and a spin power of 135 watts for the dryer.

It is rechargeable, and the battery lasts a long time.

It is inexpensive.It may wobble if the loaded fabric exceeds the maximum capacity.
It has good power handling ability.
There have been good customer reviews on the product.

#3. Whirligig Solar-powered Dryer

The solar-powered dryer has a solar panel and a 12-volt transformer connected to the battery.

The equipment contains a foldable umbrella structured hanger, weight frame, and clamp that helps keep it stable.

Solar panels can stand up to 12 feet from the kit. The pros and cons of the equipment are.

You can quickly build and install the equipment.The engine makes too much noise
It does not require a lot of space to install
It does not require large amounts of electricity.
Produced from good and quality materials

#4. Beko Bwm7200x Washer

This washing machine offers about 15 cleaning modes to wash different fabrics. It uses 120 Volt AC to operate and uses a solar system and an inverter.

You must install pressurized plumbing and drain connections before using the machine. It uses about 15 gallons of water per load.

It features an automatic washing and spinning function and has a load capacity of 15.43 lbs of clothing.

It consumes less energy than a standard washing machine.It is more expensive than other solar-powered washing machines.
It is easy to clean.It takes up a lot of space
It offers a traditional laundry experience.It required a standard AC power outlet.

#5. Best Choice Product Portable Compact Machine

The machine contains a double tub washing machine and a solar-powered drying cycle.

You can connect the portable washer and dryer to the solar system to use it. It can hold a total capacity of approximately 13 pounds of clothing. 

The ability is eight pounds of washing powder and five pounds of drying power.

In addition, this portable solar-powered machine has a capacity of 300 Watts and a revolution of 1300 revolutions per minute (RPM).

Therefore, it would take approximately 15 minutes to complete a wash cycle and five minutes to complete a spin cycle. Here are the pros and cons of this equipment.

It doesn’t make too much noise.It may not work if you intend to use it for large amounts of laundry.
It has an excellent holding capacity.
It is ETL certified and completely secure.
There have been good customer reviews.

Can You Run a Clothes Dryer on Solar Power?

Yes, you can run the dryer on solar energy. The solar dryer can help reduce electricity consumption and the cost of using an electric dryer.

Some essential things to consider if you intend to use a solar-powered dryer are.

Save on the costs you spend on energy.It is pretty expensive to install a solar-powered appliance.
It is long-lasting because it uses a renewable energy source.You would need to install solar panels that can power your dryer.
The power source is environmentally friendly. It is not dangerous to health or the environment.You may need to have spare batteries in bad weather.
You would have to dry your clothes on a clothesline on days when the sun is not coming on.

How Much Solar Do I Need for Washer and Dryer?

A standard solar-powered dryer and washing machine use 1500 to 5000 watts of solar energy.

The average solar power required is equivalent to 1.8-5 kilowatts of electricity.

A solar panel system generates an average of 27 kilowatts per day, enough to power a dryer for up to five hours daily.

However, the amount of solar energy the washer and dryer needs depends on the load, cycle configuration, and type of dryer.

Typically, the washing machine consumes 400 to 500 watts of solar energy per load.

Although the smaller ones consume 150 watts, the advanced models can use up to 1500 watts of power per load.

Also, solar-powered washing machines are not for large quantities of clothes or constant use.

You could easily damage the battery if you use the device more times than recommended. Therefore, you should ensure that you reduce the size and time of your linen.

An average of four to six solar panels is needed to run a dryer. However, a solar tumble dryer doesn’t require a lot of energy, and you can run it on a single solar panel.

Dryers designed to withstand heavy loads would require more solar energy. 

You should avoid running the dryer directly from the solar panel as it can damage it. You would need an inverter to convert solar energy to power your dryer.


At the end of it all, a solar-powered clothes dryer is a big step toward preserving the environment.

It comes with the advantage of easy mobility and small size. However expensive it might be, it is a great way to start saving money on energy bills.

In addition, you can look on the internet for stores that sell solar-powered dryers.

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