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(9 Fixes) Sony TV Blinking Red Light 6 Times!

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Did your Sony TV’s light indicator change to red? Is it blinking six times? It is not a good sign. An excellent feature of Sony TVs is that you can identify a problem by looking at the indicator. 

The number of times and the color of the light it displays will tell what is wrong. In this article, you will find easy steps to resolve this issue.

Take a ride with me as I explain why your Sony TV is blinking red six times. I will also give you step-by-step procedures to resolve this issue effectively.

Some reasons your Sony TV is blinking a red light six times are blocked /dirty vents, outdated software, system errors, or a backlight failure. To resolve this issue, restart the TV, do a hard reset, check the surge protector to know if it is faulty, disconnect all external devices, clean the vents, and check for a new update.

Why is My Sony TV Blinking Red Light 6 Times?

Sony TV Blinking Red Light Six Times

Your Sony TV is blinking red six times because the vents are blocked, your software is outdated, there is a system error, and the external devices you connected are faulty. 

#1. Restart Your TV

  •  Press and hold the power button to resolve this.
  • When the restart menu appears, click Restart.

Allow the TV to reboot to see if the problem is still there. You can also carry out this process from the menu.

  • Press home
  • Select Settings
  • Navigate to device preferences
  • Click About
  • Click Restart

#2. Perform a Hard Reset

Your TV may blink red six times because it has overworked itself. Unplug it from its power source if it fails to respond to the remote or TV button.

For a projection Sony TV, leave it for four minutes, and in other models, leave it for a minute. This reset may help resolve this issue.

#3. Disconnect Any External Device

An external device can make your TV blink red six times. Turn your TV off, disconnect any external devices and turn it back on. 

If the red light stops blinking, then one or more devices you connected to the TV are malfunctioning.

#4. Clean the Vents

If the vents are dirty, it may cause blinking. Clean the vents with a clean, dry cloth. Do not use liquids. If the dirt is sticky, get well-squeezed wet wipes and clean the vents.

#5. Check the Power Strips

Surge protectors prevent damage to your TV in cases of power fluctuations. If you plugged your TV using a power strip, remove it and plug it into the outlet directly.

Pay good attention to the TV to see if it blinks red. If it does not blink red, then the power strip or surge protector is the cause of this issue.

#6. Check for Updates

Outdated software can cause other issues aside from blinking red. Outdated software can make your TV run ineffectively.

To check for updates,

  • Press the home button 
  • Move to the TVs settings
  • Click product support 
  • Select update software 
  • Turn on the automatic software update if your TV has internet access.

Once you do this, the TV will download an update when it is available.

#7. Do a Factory Reset

Before doing this, backup your settings

  • Go to the TV menu and select settings
  • Click on storage and reset
  • Select restore factory settings
  • Click erase all data
  • Confirm the reset.

#8. Check the Display and Turner 

Certain models have a Turner and a display. If the cables connecting the Turner and cables are not firm, ensure the cables connecting them are firm.

#9. Seek Professional Help

Contact the Sony TV call service center if these steps do not work.

What to Do If My Sony TV Is Blinking Red Six Times?

#1. Perform a Power Cycle

This procedure is the first troubleshooting option. Your TV may be experiencing a malfunction that is affecting the backlights.

You can perform the power cycle by unplugging,

  • Unplug the power cable from the outlet when the TV is still on.
  • Leave it for a minute and fix the TV plug into the electrical outlet.

#1. Making use of the remote:

  • Push and hold the power button
  • When the power is off, a message comes on the screen. Leave the button
  • Press the power option again to turn on the TV

#2. From the settings menu:

  • Using the remote, push the home button and navigate to settings.
  • Select System and click restart. This option may be in the about menu in some models.

#2. Plug the TV Directly Into the Electrical Outlet

If you use a surge protector, unplug it. Power strips are very beneficial as they prevent power spikes that can damage your device.

However, they can malfunction. Using a faulty one can affect your TV and its backlight. Plug your TV directly into a wall outlet to check if it resolves this issue.

#3. Disconnect All External Devices

External devices can make your TV blink six times. You should disconnect any external device and perform a power cycle. If the blinking stops, then those devices are responsible for it.

#4. Clean the Vents

Dirt will build up in the vents over time. When there is excessive debris, the LED will overheat, affecting the backlights. Wipe the dirt off with a clean cloth.

#5. Tap the Back of Your TV Gently

Tap the back of your TV gently because there may be debris. Then, gently tap the back of your TV to dislodge the dirt several times and plug it back in.

#6. Ensure Proper Spacing Around Your TV

If your TV is in a cramped space, move the other objects around it away. Proper spacing will create room for ventilation, and this ventilation will reduce overheating of the LED.

#7. Move the TV to a Well-lit Room

Recent Sony TVs come with a light sensor. The light sensor detects the lighting of the surroundings and adjusts the backlights. 

For example, the sensor will increase the backlight if the room is dark. If the room is bright, the sensor will decrease the backlight.

When you turn your TV on, change the backlight settings. If these procedures are not effective, take the TV for repairs.

Why Is My Sony TV Blinking Red And Not Turning On?

There is more than one LED light at the front of the TV. The light displays different colors that indicate heat-related problems, software updates, backlight failure, and dirty vents.

RedIt indicates a system error, backlight issues, outdated software, and dirty vents.
OrangeTimer activation.
GreenPower on.
White Power on.

To troubleshoot, follow these steps.

#1. Turn Your TV Off And On

If the TV does not respond to the remote control or this step, unplug the TV. If it is a projection TV, leave it off for some minutes and allow it to cool

If it is not a projection TV, leave it for a minute and plug it in. If you plug it into a power strip, unplug it, and plug it directly into the electrical outlet.

If this method works, the surge protector or power strip is faulty, not the TV. So instead, plug the TV directly into the outlet.

#2. Ensure You Clean the Vents

Excess dirt in the vent can make the TV malfunction. Clean the vents to create room for air to circulate.

#3. Check the Media Box And Display

In some models, there is a media box with a different display. Check the cable to see if the connection is secure and firm.

#4. Check for Updates

TVs with an internet connection have a software update. Check your manual for necessary information regarding your TV model.

Also, turn on automatic software updates. If these procedures do not work, take your TV to a Sony TV service center for repairs.

How Do You Do a Hard Reset on a Sony TV?

To do a hard reset on your Sony TV,

  • Point the remote towards the LED. Long press and hold the power button until the power off displays on the screen.
  • The TV will restart after a minute. If it does not restart, press the power button to turn it on. 

Depending on the model, the cancel or Restart may appear after pressing and holding the power button. Then, click Restart to start the TV.

If you connected an external device to the TV, remove it before doing this hard reset. If the above steps are ineffective,

  • Turn your TV off
  • Unplug the power cord from its source.
  • Leave the TV without power for three minutes
  • Plug the power cord back into its power source.

To do a factory reset:

  • Open the menu
  • Go to settings
  • Move to the settings option and click
  • Select storage and reset and click enter
  • Select restore factory settings
  • Click erase all data
  • Confirm your reset. A message will appear asking you if you want to reset all settings. Select confirm and click enter.

The television will reset and shut down after completing this process. 


A system failure can be why your Sony TV is blinking red six times. It could also result from a faulty surge protector or blocked vents.

It could also be due to backlight issues or a malfunctioning external or internal device. Follow the detailed procedures in this article to solve this problem.

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