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6 Causes Your Sound On Sony TV Not Working! (8 Fixes)

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Sound is one of the essential things your TV must have for you to use and enjoy it effectively. Without the sound, you won’t be able to comprehend the videos you watch or use the audio aspect of the TV.

Also, this is primarily a result of little things you should abide by that you probably didn’t know about or pay much attention to.

The sound on Sony TV is not working due to using an old software version, poor cable connections, and poor volume settings. Also, using an a/v input device that is due for discarding could cause sound not to work on Sony TV. However, updating your software version and performing a power reset should be able to restore your sound instantly. 

Why Does My Sony TV Suddenly Have No Sound?

Sound On Sony TV Not Working (6 Causes 8 Fixes)

Your Sony TV tends to suddenly have no sound when you haven’t updated your software version in a while.

Updating your software version should occur automatically but doesn’t sometimes due to changes in settings.

Also, muting of the TV arises from minor issues such as poor TV cable connection or a malfunction in the system.

Below are more reasons why your Sony TV suddenly produces a low sound or has no sound.

  1. Your Sony TV software version is old and needs an update 
  2. There is a high chance of poor cord connection in the TV audio/video input.
  3. The mute function might take effect when Google assistant listening mode is in action.
  4. A disruption in the volume settings of the TV and its speaker
  5. Ineffective cable connection 
  6. Your TV might need a power reset to have it working more effectively.

How Do I Restore the Sound on My Sony TV? (8 Ways to Fix It)

Restoring the sound of your Sony TV to normalcy isn’t a complex task, and you can do it within a few minutes.

The first thing you must do in most cases is to perform a soft power reset on the TV. You can do this by unplugging its wire from electricity-supplying sockets for a full minute.

Then, you’ll have to use 30 seconds from it to hold the TV power button during this minute. Afterward, plug the TV back and on it to observe if you’ve been able to restore the sound.

Consequently, below are more detailed ways to fix and restore the sound on your Sony TV.

#1. Perform a 120 Seconds Power Reset on the Television by Following the Process Above

  • Meanwhile, holding the power button firmly for 30 seconds will make the soft reset easier.
  • After that, check the sound settings of the TV after turning it and make adjustments where necessary. 

#2. Update Your Sony TV Software Version to the Most Current Version

Using an old software version on your TV won’t make it function as effectively as it should. Although, your TV most likely updates its software version automatically if you enable it from the settings.

However, this doesn’t happen when the automatic software update might be turned off.  Therefore, ensure that your software version is always current and up to date.

After updating your software version, we recommend you troubleshoot the TV immediately. Troubleshooting the TV will make the sound restoration process faster and easier.

#3. Examine the TV Speaker Setting and See If There Are Any Wrong Settings

Through this speaker set, you can increase the volume of the TV to your choice of sound level. 

Then, ensure that there’s a proper wire connection to the set-top box in case you’re making use of it. Also, it would be best if you increased the set-top box volume. 

#4. Check Through the TV Sound Options and Remove It from the Mute Option If It’s There Before

  • Assess all input sources and settings for any issue 
  • Do analog broadcast tuning if you make use of an analog broadcast with your TV

#5. Check Through Your TV Settings and Adjust Setting Options Where Necessary

  • Keep your MTS settings in the main or stereo options 
  • Keep menu volume offset volume to a high level
  • Ensure that the TV speakers are working well and turn them on if they’re off.

#6. Adjust the Main Sony TV Sound Settings

Below are some of the setting options to turn off and options to use to replace them.

Settings to Put OnSettings to Put Off
Dolby Digital PlusDolby Digital
Digital Audio Out

Ensure That Cable Connections Are Tight and Correctly Done for the TV Audio and Video Sound Production.

Reset Your TV Back to Factory Settings If the Sound Doesn’t Restore after Trying All the above.

Restoring factory settings will enable your TV to reset to its original settings, restoring the sound.

You can restore your Sony TV to factory settings with or without having access to the remote.

#7. Factory Resetting with a Remote Control

  • Turn the Sony TV on and select the menu button
  • Click on “settings” in the menu bar
  • Click on storage and reset
  • Then, click on “Factory Data Reset.”
  • Choose “Erase Everything”
  • Afterward, restart your television and test if it’s now working perfectly. 

#8. Factory Resetting without a Remote

The process below is suitable for you to reset your TV back to factory settings when you don’t have a remote:

  • Locate your TV buttons on the right or left side depending on its model.
  • Remove the TV plug from the socket and simultaneously press the power and volume buttons. 
  • Then, plug back your Sony television into the socket while still pressing and holding those two buttons.
  • Press those two buttons for 2-30 seconds until the green light or the Sony logo becomes visible. 
  • Factory resetting without a remote will take a few minutes and restore your TV sound.

We recommend you resort to contacting a technician after trying all the above without success.

However, it is best to contact the Sony support team as they offer excellent services, especially if your warranty is still on.

How Do I Unmute My Sony TV?

You can unmute your Sony TV by resetting your Sony television to its factory settings.

Also, another method you can use to unmute your TV is to turn the self-diagnostic feature on.

  • To the self-diagnostic feature, Click on the “help” button in the menu bar. Then, select the self-diagnostic feature. 
  • Muting your TV is also mainly caused by multimedia listening devices connected to your TV. Your TV becomes mute whenever the wake-up command is on Google home assistant.
  • When the wake-up command is on, your TV volume will mute and go to “listening for speech” mode.

Thus, when this occurs, you can enable the “lower volume when listening” instead of the “mute when listening” option.

Where Is Audio out on Sony Bravia?

Audio out on Sony Bravia TV is in the sound or Bravia settings of the TV category. To access the Audio out on Sony Bravia, click the Home or quick settings button using the remote control.

Then, choose settings in the TV category option and click on Bravia or sound display settings. Afterward, click “Audio out/Audio output” to finally access the Audio out on Sony TV.

How Do I Reboot My Sony TV?

Rebooting your Sony TV is the first aid treatment you can give to solve minimal issues before hiring a professional.

You can reboot your Sony TV by firmly pressing the power button on your remote control. The pressing should go on for about a few seconds, and the TV will automatically reboot.

Below are more ways to reboot your Sony TV:

  1. Click/press the quick settings button and then on settings, then select system. Afterward, click Restart and select “Confirm Restart.”
  2. Click on the Home button, then move around and click on settings. Then, select About and click Restart and choose Restart.
  3. Navigate through settings in the Home button and select “Device preferences,” then click on “About.”
  4. Afterward, choose “Restart” before finally clicking on “Confirm Restart” to begin the TV rebooting.

Final Thoughts

You can restore sound on your Sony TV by doing a few things, such as rebooting and updating the software version of your TV.

In addition, adjust some of the volume settings and leave your TV to unmute during the listening mode of Google assistant.

However, contact the Sony TV professional support team if you do everything mentioned above and can’t restore your TV sound.

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