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This is Why Spotify Deleted Your Account! (Easy Fixes)

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Spotify is one of the topmost platforms for streaming your favorite music and podcasts. However, people sometimes complain that they can’t access their Spotify account.

Spotify is an effective platform, but it has shortcomings once in a while. Most of which are usually a result of your defaulting their terms and conditions.

In this article, we’ll discuss the possible reasons you cannot access your Spotify account and how to fix the issue.

The most common reason your Spotify account gets deleted is suspected fraudulent activities. Such activities include chargebacks, illegal converters, or modifications to use the premium account without paying. Additionally, it can be because the social network, that is, Facebook or Google, you used to open the account got disabled.

Why Did Spotify Log Me Out And Delete My Account?

Spotify Deleted My Account

Spotify’s compatibility with various mobile devices and PCs is one of its top qualities. So naturally, you’re bound to panic if you stream songs and get logged out.

Sometimes Spotify may be undergoing some upgrades. Therefore the entire platform goes on lockdown. In addition, your account may require an update, so you get logged out.

Another confusing situation is trying to log in, and you get a “wrong password or username” notification. Again, you wonder why you didn’t change any of the above information.

Another typical reason for getting your account logged out is that it is logged onto different devices. 

If your account is logged on to different devices, the first thing to consider is that someone changed the password.

The owner may have activated the”sign out everywhere” option if you’re using someone’s account. 

Spotify is very particular about upholding its terms and conditions. Therefore, if you breach any of Spotify’s terms and conditions, they can disable your account.

If you’re a premium user and default on the necessary charges, you risk being logged out.

Another common breach is the use of music converters to download songs illegally. Spotify will easily delete your account if this is the case.

For those using premium accounts, it is important to note that Spotify doesn’t offer refunds. 

Therefore, they can delete your account if you feel unsatisfied with the service and try to get a refund/chargeback. 

Another possible reason is that if you open your Spotify account using Facebook, it’s automatically connected. If you deactivate your Facebook account, it will also disable your Spotify account.

In other situations, you used Google or Apple ID to create the Spotify account. If either account gets deactivated, your Spotify account won’t be active.

However, these conditions, as mentioned earlier, affect the Spotify account when used to create the account. You can disconnect their third-party links if you just linked the accounts after creating them.

Another troublesome reason to get you logged out is using the app duplicate. Spotify considers these duplicates a form of fraud because they result from hacks. 

These duplicates make people use the premium plan without payment. Therefore, if your account is detected as a duplicate, you’ll get logged out, and the account gets deleted. 

These duplicate apps are illegal and will also bring viruses to your device. It is best to open an account with the real platform. 

How Do I Recover My Deleted Spotify Account?

The process of deleting your Spotify account usually takes a lot of time. It’s usually lengthy because you can no longer retrieve it once it gets deleted. 

After deleting your Spotify account, the platform leaves seven days to recover. After these seven days, it’s gone for good.

However, if you’ve deleted your account and decide to recover it within seven days, you can. 

After deleting your account, Spotify sends an account reactivation link to your email. This link is only valid within seven days after deleting your account.

After these stipulated seven days, you can’t do anything again. Except you choose to open a new account with different information. The abovementioned instructions are relevant if you delete the account.

However, if Spotify deleted your account due to breaking their T & C, you must contact the Spotify customer support service.

In the case of a chargeback, customer service will be able to generate a link for you to access your deleted account. 

It’s also possible that your Spotify gets deleted because you deleted your connected social media account. 

You can try to activate the social media account, then activate your Spotify account. Otherwise, you can open a new account with your email instead to prevent further problems.

It would help to contact Spotify’s website whenever you’re experiencing difficulties with your account.

Can I Delete My Spotify Account?

Yes, you can delete your Spotify account. Maybe their services aren’t satisfactory anymore, or you just chose to; Spotify won’t prevent you from deleting your account.

They’re completely connected if you open your Spotify account with your Facebook, Apple ID, or Google. Therefore, once you delete these connected accounts, your Spotify account gets deleted too.

However, premium subscribers must cancel their subscriptions and follow the proper procedure of deleting their accounts.

The procedure of closing your Spotify account is pretty lengthy. First, it would help to cancel the subscription to prevent further charges after deleting your account. 

The correct procedure to delete your Spotify account:

  • Sign in to the account and tap your name in the upper-right corner.
  • Click the option of the available plan and select “cancel premium.”
  • A warning will come up if you’re sure about the downgrade. Select “continue to cancel.”
  • Another page will come up displaying that your premium plan is over. The subscription gets canceled when you select the “yes cancel” option.
  • Spotify will display a survey on why you’re canceling the subscription. It’s your choice to answer or ignore the survey. 
  • If you choose to fill out the form, submit it when you’re done.
  • You can proceed with closing your now free Spotify account. But, first, visit the Spotify website and search for support.
  • Select account settings, then close your account.
  • When you select the close account option, Spotify will direct you to enter your login details.
  • After entering your correct details, you’ll be asked to verify that you want to delete the account.
  • Click the “continue” option. Information will come up to verify that you’re sure you want to close the account. 
  • Once you click the “continue” button, Spotify will send you an email to complete the verification of deleting your account.
  • Once you confirm it by clicking the “close my account” attached to the mail, your Spotify account gets deleted. 
  • You’ll get another mail from Spotify with a reactivation link valid for seven days. If you don’t use the link within seven days, your Spotify account is gone permanently.

Why Can’t I Log Back Into My Spotify?

Various reasons ranging from defaulting Spotify’s terms and conditions to personal defaults, cause getting logged out from Spotify.

Reasons And Solutions to Getting Logged Out From Spotify

App is outdatedUpdate the app on your device,
Platform outage,Wait for Spotify to fix the issue
Sign out everywhere,Ask the owner for the new password
Logged on to multiple devicesPlease create a new password and limit the people that have access to it
Software faultsDelete and reinstall the app
Deactivated connected social account Reactivate the account or open another Spotify account
Insufficient space on your deviceClear out junk files and uninstall unnecessary apps

Contact the Spotify customer support service if you’ve tried the abovementioned solutions, and none seem to work.

Can Spotify Accounts Get Hacked?

Yes! Spotify accounts can get hacked. If your Spotify account isn’t well secured, it risks getting hacked.

People hack accounts to enjoy a premium account for free or sell it to another user.

Generally, Spotify prioritizes the safety of its user information and all. Unfortunately, however, there are incidences of some accounts getting hacked.

Pointers to a hacked account:

  • Password reflecting as incorrect.
  • Unable to access your email address.
  • Seeing strange playlists or noticing that your playlist is lost.
  • Inability to control the music playing.
  • You can’t recognize recently played songs.
  • Getting emails from Spotify about logins.
  • Changed subscription plan.

When you notice these tell-tale signs, you must take precautions to prevent the continuous invasion of your account.

Firstly, selecting the “sign out everywhere” option on your Spotify would be best. This option would ensure that no other device can access your Spotify.

You can then proceed to set a new password. Set a strong password that shouldn’t be easy to guess.

It would help to disconnect other apps or accounts connected to your Spotify. However, If your Spotify was created with Facebook, disconnecting it can disable your Spotify.

Just disconnect Facebook if it was linked after opening your Spotify. Avoid using duplicate apps; they give out your information to hackers who will use it to access your account.


It’s typical for users to experience faults from Spotify. Whenever you experience any of these problems, go through the necessary steps, and you’ll be fine.

If your account gets hacked or deleted and nothing seems to help, visit Spotify’s website for help. 

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