Can I Spray Raid Under Fridge? (Things You Must Know)

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Pests are common in households, and roaches are the most rampant insect pests. They are often in food storage like cabinets and fridges.

It can be irritating and off-putting when you open your fridge and find insects like cockroaches crawling around. Knowing how to get rid of these insect pests is necessary.

For refrigerators, you can spray the surrounding area of the appliance with a raid. But can you spray under it? 

You can spray raid in the area under your fridge, but small shots. You can effectively do this if your spray bottle has a thin nozzle. Make sure your refrigerator is tightly closed before spraying. If your fridge is in the kitchen, ensure you store all foods in tightly secured containers.

Where Should I Spray My Raid in My Kitchen?            

You can spray your raid insecticide in your kitchen drawers, the dishwasher, sink, and nooks and corners in your kitchen.

Before application, ensure you store all food and liquids in closed and tight containers to prevent food poisoning.

Roaches do not specifically go after your kitchen. They can thrive in any location where they satisfy the following needs: a need for adequate moisture and food supply, with shelter.

Cockroaches are pests you want to remove from your property.

You can find them in different places, but when they invade the appliances in your home, it becomes exponentially more important to eradicate them before they breed.

How Do I Get Rid of Roaches in The Back of My Refrigerator? 

Roach pest control is essential in your home because roaches can live in almost any appliances and create unsanitary living conditions.

It’s necessary to address this infestation as soon as possible because it’s unlikely that the problem will disappear.

Refrigerators are often the hiding places for these insects. They usually hide under, behind, and sometimes inside the fridge.

Here are some tips to get rid of insects behind the refrigerator:

  • To kill bugs, fill a hand below with boric acid powder or diatomaceous earth, then pour the dust into crevices behind the fridge.
    Next, scatter a layer of the boric dust on the surface areas of the entry points. Roaches dehydrate when you expose them to substances such as diatomaceous earth or boric acid powder.
  • Repeat this process once every week for a month. These will rid your fridge of roach infestation.
  • You can also put a piece of food that will attract them in old glass and pour water into it. Leave the water glass behind the fridge.
    Once the roaches enter the glass of water, they will drown in it and die. This method is slow but effective.
  • Place sticky traps behind the fridge, corners, and other hard-to-reach places. Then, constantly check these corners to locate roach hiding and entry points.
  • Use a syringe to spread gel baits in cracks behind the refrigerator. Apply it for three days for significant eradication.
  • Stick bait stations behind the fridge. Refill these stations when they get empty. Ensure to keep food substances away from these stations, so the bait is the only food. These will kill the roaches in a month.
  • You can also make use of insecticide spray behind the appliance. The best close-up insecticide spray is the Raid insecticide. Ensure to wear a nose mask during application.

How to Prevent Roaches Infestation?

Roaches can slip inside fridges through door gaps and crevices. If the door rubber seal has holes, it can be an entry point. They can also get in through cracks behind or under the fridge.

One thing to note is that food attracts roaches. If they are yet to settle in your refrigerator, then you should clean it and securely store food items to avoid roach infestation:

  • Take out all the food inside the fridge. If you have not removed old canned goods, do it now. Check the expiry dates and get rid of the spoiled foodstuff.
  • Spoiled food also attracts cockroaches, so ensure to throw expired food away. Also, clean out the freezer if you have one. Finally, wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly.
  • Disconnect your fridge from its power source. This will allow the freezer to defrost and make it easier for you to clean. Remove the fridge shelves and keep them aside.
  • Get rid of the ice on the wall and thoroughly clean the fridge walls. Ensure you have a bucket close by to put the ice and clean leaks on the floor.
  • After cleaning the fridge, wash the drawers with soap and clean water. Then, dry it with a clean towel and place it back in the refrigerator.
  • Place the food items back in their positions in the fridge and freezer. Do not spray insecticides in your fridge as it could cause health issues.

Tips for Cockroach Elimination and Prevention

  • Try to seal all the wall voids, crevices, and damaged parts of your appliance. The lesser the wall voids, the quicker they are to eliminate.
  • Repair all pipes and leakages, broken cabinets, or open nail fissures.
  • Tightly seal all open food cartons like cereals and pet food. Clean up spillages immediately and keep sinks and dishwashers dry.
  • Do not smoke or eat while spraying insecticides. You could poison yourself when eating.
    Wash your hands thoroughly before eating. Insecticides are flammable, so avoid smoking or cooking when applying the insecticide. 
  • Follow label directions carefully before applying it
  • Using insecticides in large quantities will not rid your home of the same amount of pest insects. Instead, use the pesticide according to the instructions given. 
  • When you want to use a mixture of chemicals, mix it in an area with ventilation. Follow the label directions carefully and mix the amount you would be using.
    The pesticides will become ineffective if you keep them for a long time.
  • If you have kids or pets, keep them away from the locations where you apply insecticides for some time.
  • If you contaminated your clothes during the application, throw them away or thoroughly wash them if it is not a harsh pesticide. 
  • Consult pest control companies if the roach infestation is too much to handle.

Insecticides for Eliminating Roaches in Refrigerators

There are many insecticides you could use to rid your fridge of roaches. However, you can only use it outside the refrigerator and not inside.

Some repellents that you can apply inside the fridge include:

#1. Sugar and Boric acid

Borax or boric acid powder helps kill the roaches by dehydration. You could also use baking powder instead of borax.

The sugar acts as the bait food. To apply, mix the boric acid and sugar in a three to one ratio. However, ensure to protect your hands with gloves before mixing.

Next, use the mixture to the crevices inside your fridge. Repeat this procedure until you have eliminated all the roaches in the refrigerator. 

#2. Neem Oil

This is a safe and old method, so it is not dangerous to use in your fridge. You can use neem in its oil or powdered form. However, it is hazardous for cockroaches.

To apply, mix a spoon of neem oil in a spray bottle of water. Then, spray the neem mixture on the cockroach entry points. 

#3. White Vinegar

White vinegar is a standard home liquid. It is not messy or has an odor. To use this method to kill roaches, mix a cup each of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle.

Shake the mixture and spray it in the infested area. Repeat this process until it is unnecessary. 

#4. Silica aerogel

Silica aerogel increases water loss in insects and brings about dehydration. It is effective in getting rid of roaches.

Create a mixture of silica aerogel with sugar in a three to one ratio. The sugar baits the cockroaches.

Apply the mixture to the roach-infested areas.


You can spray raid below your fridge effectively if your raid canisters have a thin nozzle. Ensure your fridge is correctly closed before applying insecticides.

Various methods can help kill roaches in your fridge. These do not include insecticides as it’s hazardous to your health.

Consult professional pest control companies if the infestation has gotten out of control.

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