Stacking Mini-Fridge And Freezer? (Must Know Few Things)

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Mini Fridges and freezers are great and compatible, especially if they are stackable. They occupy less space and can carry only small quantities of food and beverages.

Stacking mini-fridges and freezers can be fun and space-efficient, but you might lose a fridge from stacking it wrongly.

Before stacking mini-fridges on each other, ensure you have all the necessary information on each fridge’s weight carriage and how to stack it properly.

You can stack your fridge and freezer on each other by using a stacking kit as spacers. This is to ensure equal distribution of weight on the base fridge. Ensure the base fridge can carry the fridge you plan to place above it. The base fridge should stand directly on the floor and close to the wall for balance.

Can You Stack a Mini Fridge on a Mini Freezer?            

You can stack a mini-fridge on a mini freezer as long as there is proper ventilation and balance between the two appliances.

You can also use spacers, like stacking kits or plastic pieces, strong enough to carry them.

Your mini fridge can only hold lightweight items. Putting heavier items on it can compromise the mini-fridge and cause heat buildup that can damage the compressor.

A mini-fridge can carry only 20 pounds of weight. 

Putting items or appliances on the fridge for a long time can heat the refrigerator. This would cause the compressor to work harder, therefore reducing the fridge’s lifespan.

You could put lightweight items in the freezer if it is not more expansive than the mini-fridge.

How Much Weight Can I Put on a Mini Fridge?

It is okay to put items that weigh about 20 pounds on your mini-fridge. However, manufacturers do not recommend it.

The problem is that storing things on a mini-fridge compromises its ability to cool things down because the space up there is too small.

If you are a student living in a college dorm room, stacking on top your mini freezer and fridge might help you maximize your room space.

However, ensure you make use of spacers or stacking kits.

You could stack other small appliances like the microwave in your mini-fridge if it is less than 20 pounds.

However, placing excessive weight on your mini fridge can reduce the efficiency of your fridge.

Tips and Guidelines To Stack Your Mini Fridges

Electrical fire risk is common in electrical appliances. Unfortunately, mini-fridges are also subject to that risk.

To avoid it, plug your fridge cord directly into the power outlet instead of into an extension adapter.

  • Ensure enough ventilation around the appliance to enable proper airflow and keep the compressor from doing more work than it should. 
  • Constantly clean the fridge area to avoid dirt and debris in the fan compartment. When the dust settles on the fridge vents, it lessens the efficiency of the mini-fridge and increases its energy intake.
  • Make sure you place the fridge on the sturdy ground. Though the fridge is small, its fall could cause harm to pets and small children.
  • The flooring below the stacked fridge should be steady, like tile floors. Take out rugs and carpets under the mini-fridge.
  • Ensure you push the fridge closely against the wall. However, keep enough space for air circulation.
  • You can support the weight of the top unit by adding plywood at the top of the base unit.
  • Use an anti-tip bracket to anchor the top unit to the back wall. Mini fridges are light, so if it is not stable, they can slide off the base unit when you open the top unit door.
  • Ensure the cord is not bent or against a sharp edge.

Is It Safe To Stack Mini Fridges?   

It is safe to stack your fridges if you use spacers like stacking kits to maintain air circulation around the fridges.

However, your mini-fridge could malfunction if you directly place heavy things on it. 

If you store things directly on the fridge for a long time, heat will build up inside.

This causes your mini-fridge to work more, which might affect its lifespan. However, you can place lightweight items like flower vases on them.

What Can I Place on My Mini Fridge?

You might need to place lightweight objects above your mini freezer to save space or easy accessibility.

You can also put decorative items and different appliances on the top of your mini refrigerator to keep things organized.

Here are some things you can place in your mini freezer:

#1. Printer

Printers are relatively lightweight. You can place them on top of a mini-fridge.

However, putting your printer on the top of a mini-fridge is not advisable as it will disable heat from escaping and cover-up all available space.

#2. Microwave

Putting a microwave above a mini fridge will not cause any damage to the appliance. However, the microwave must be light enough. If it is heavy, you should not place it on the mini-fridge.

#3. Food items

You can keep foodstuff like vegetables and fruits in the fridge. However, keep any overweight away from the top of the mini-fridge.

Store any food items in large containers before putting them in the mini freezer.

#4. Toaster oven

To place your toaster oven on top of your mini-fridge, place a mat (preferably a rubber mat) on it before putting the toaster oven above it.

The toaster oven is not heavy, so it should be safe above a mini freezer.

How To Stack Mini Fridge and Freezer?

This step-by-step guide to stacking fridges and freezers using a stacking kit. The type of stacking kit varies by brand and manufacturer.

Ensure to check your manual for more instructions.

Tools needed:

  • Stacking plate
  • Double-sided glue strips

To Stack your fridge:

  • Disconnect both fridge units from the power source. Select the base unit that will stay on the floor. Ensure the base unit is at the location you want it.
  • Clean the top of the base unit and ensure there is no oil stain on the surface. This is where you will place your glue strip. A clean surface will make sure the glue holds. 
  • Mark the points you want to place on the stacking plate with a temporary marker.
  • Pace your stacking plate/top unit and put the glue strips on the opposite side of the stacking plate. 
  • When you are ready to place the stacking plate permanently, remove the protective tape on the other side of the glue strip and place the stackable plate on the surface of the lower unit. Ensure it is in sync with the markings from the marker.
  • Place a heavy object on the stackable plate and leave it for 46 hours. This will strengthen the bond on the base unit surface.
  • Put the upper unit on the base unit. Ensure the fridge leveling leg matches the holes on the stackable plate.

Stacking Kits for Fridge and Freezer

Stacking kits are one of the best options for stacking on top fridges. In addition, some brands make customized stacking kits for their products.

These custom stacking kits are often more expensive than making your own, but the security and quality you get for your money are worth it. 

The stacking kit usually has a metal rail that attaches to the top of your fridge and then covers the bottom of the one you’re putting on top.

After the second appliance is in place, it is held on top of those guides, which keep it securely in place.

However, it can be rather heavy.

To help secure your fridge and freezer, anchor them to the walls of your house. This will avoid falls and any accidents while they are in use.

Stacking Kit Products for Freezers and Fridges

A stacking kit for the washer and dryer is an excellent alternative for stacking the fridge and freezer. You can buy kits designed for your brand of fridge and freezer.

Some stacking kits that assure the safety and functionality of your fridges are:

#1. Heavy Duty Pull-Out Shelf 

This sliding stacking kit shelf is a great way to stack your freezer above the fridge. It’s rigid and can hold your mini freezer in your fridge.

You can easily access the fridge or pull it out if necessary.

#2. Metal Bracket Stacking Kit

This stacking kit consists of high-grade steel brackets. They securely hold the bottom unit to the top.

Best Mini Fridges

Mini fridges are versatile, from office mini-fridges to outing mini-fridges. Here are some best mini fridges for different occasions if you are looking for recommendations:


You can safely stack mini-fridges and freezers on each other with stacking kits or additional spacers.

Stackable kits hold both appliances together, therefore preventing falls or accidents.

You can also place other devices in your mini freezer to economize the room space. Ensure to consult your manufacturer’s manual before stacking your fridges.

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