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Does Stadia Work On Apple TV? (Read This First)

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If you have an Apple TV and Stadia, you might be curious about how to connect your Apple TV and Stadia membership so you can stream Stadia game content to your preferred Apple TV.

If you have access to a Google Stadia account, you might be eager to link it to your Apple TV and bright devices as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to make Stadia run on Apple TV, given the condition of the device and its development at this time. However, for individuals who prefer to play games with a controller rather than a computer’s keyboard and mouse, Stadia is also compatible with its controller.

Is Google Stadia Available On Apple TV?

Does Stadia Work on Apple TV

Unfortunately, it is impossible to make Stadia run on Apple TV, given the condition of the device and its development at this time.

As of right now, Apple TV doesn’t provide any support for outside gaming streaming services like Google Stadia.

For individuals who prefer to play games with a controller rather than a computer’s keyboard and mouse, Stadia is also compatible with its controller.

Because Apple and Google are in direct competition, the Stadia controller is incompatible with Apple TV. 

Additionally, there is no assurance that Apple TV will soon open its store to Stadia and the Stadia controller.

What Devices Can You Play Stadia On?

Most recent Android phones, iPhones and iPads, any computer running Google Chrome, and televisions with a Chromecast Ultra can support Stadia. 

Additionally, you possibly won’t need a new game controller if you’re using a phone or PC

Here is a list of the gaming hardware requirements for Stadia so you can immediately start streaming your games.

#1. Playing Stadia On an Android Phone

Most new Samsung S phones, Google Pixel phones, most OnePlus phones, and more are supported by Stadia. 

To begin playing, you’ll need to install the Stadia app on the most recent Android smartphones, version 6.0 and up. The Stadia app is available in the Google Play Store for no cost. 

A pop-up link to your Google account with a “Create your Stadia profile” will appear when you first open it. You may also log in if you already have a Stadia profile.

You won’t need to worry about deleting images to create a place for Stadia because, like all policies, you won’t need to install any games since they will be streaming online.

You can utilize a physical gamepad in addition to touchscreen controls in all Stadia games on Android.

#2. Playing Stadia On an iPhone Or iPad

The Stadia app for iPhones can only let you sign up for Stadia and configure your controller through it. It’s because Google and Apple have had a protracted conflict.

Instead, you will require an internet browser if you want to use Stadia on your iPad or iPhone. In this case, we’ll utilize Safari, which comes pre-installed on all Apple devices.

Remember that you’ll need to be using iPadOS 14.3 or iOS 14.3. Older versions are incompatible with Stadia.

  • On your iPhone or iPad, open Safari, then navigate to the Stadia website. 
  • When you are there, you can login in with your Stadia account or click on “Try now” to open a new account. 
  • A pop-up will display when you log in. There’ll be information you can play in your browser but warning you that the iOS version is still in beta. 
  • Your games will display after you tap “Got It.”
  • To begin playing any game, tap the red play button beneath its image. You can also tap “Store” at the top to search for additional titles.

You may add the Stadia website to your iPhone’s home screen as a shortcut that looks like any other app, even if you can’t play from the official Stadia app.

Scroll up and hit the sharing symbol located in the center of the toolbar at the bottom of Safari to do this. Then select “Add to Home Screen” from the menu that opens.

#3. Playing Stadia On a Computer

Google Chrome may run Stadia on Mac, PC, and Linux systems. Use your Google account details to create a new Stadia account or sign in to an existing one with the Google Chrome web browser.

After logging in, you may begin playing games right in your browser.

Just keep in mind that you’ll play most games on Stadia in fullscreen mode, and others require you to have access to your computer’s microphone.

By clicking the controller image on the top-right side of your browser, choose the controller you want to use, and follow the on-screen instructions.

With this, you can connect a controller from within your browser.

#4. Playing Stadia On a TV With a Chromecast Ultra

This setup is perfect if you enjoy playing video games on your home’s big screen.

You’ll need a Google Chromecast Ultra gadget, a Stadia Controller, and a TV with an HDMI connector to play Stadia on your television. Configure the Chromecast Ultra by first plugging it into your TV. 

The Chromecast Ultra has an Ethernet connector; for the most excellent Stadia experience, connect the Chromecast using an Ethernet cable and this port.

Press the Stadia logo on your controller to input the Linking Mode after you’ve finished.

Your TV screen should display a code that looks like your controller’s arbitrary arrangement of buttons.

Wait for the Chromecast to recognize your Stadia Controller after inputting the code. Your TV will start playing Stadia if the link is successful.

You’ll have to re-enter the code if it doesn’t work. The absence of a connecting code on your TV could indicate that your Chromecast is not in “Ambient Mode.”

To fix this, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Google Home app on Android or IOS and select the Chromecast Ultra icon.
  • Tap “Settings” in the top-right corner. It might also resemble an icon for a gear. Click “Ambient Mode” under “Device Info.”
  • A new screen will emerge. Find “Stadia Controller connecting code” by scrolling down and clicking “Show” next to it. On your TV, the connecting code will show up.
  • The Google Home app can assist if you have trouble connecting your Chromecast-Fi. 
  • You can use the Stadia app if the controller cannot connect to Wi-Fi.
  • You may cast Stadia on your TV using the Chrome browser on your PC or the Stadia app on your mobile device.
  • The least flexible controller compatibility is available when using the Chromecast Ultra. 

How Much is Stadia Monthly?

There are two membership tiers: ordinary Stadia, which is a free access plan, and Stadia Pro, which is a premium tier.

The monthly fee of a Stadia Pro membership is £8.99 in the UK, $9.99 in the US, and €9.99 in other European nations.

The monthly fee allows for 5.1 surround sound and gameplay up to 4K HDR. The majority of games, meanwhile, still have to be purchased separately.

A Stadia Premiere Edition package, which costs £69.99 ($79.99), is a rudimentary starter set. It has a Chromecast Ultra that can stream 4K HDR gameplay to your TV and a White Stadia controller.

You no longer receive a promo code for Stadia Pro membership as a cost-saving measure (it is now far more expensive than before), but all new customers still receive a free trial.

Whether you buy the Premiere Edition or not, it is free for a month. After the trial, it will return to £8.99/ $9.99 /€9.99. However, you can easily opt out before that.

After your free trial of Stadia Pro expires, you can return to the standard Stadia subscription.

Both membership tiers allow you to play the games you’ve bought as often as you’d like because they’re permanently linked to your account.

Can you Play Stadia on a Smart TV?

The Stadia controller, your mobile device’s touch screen, or a third-party controller that is compatible with Stadia can all be used to play games on a compatible smart TV after installation.

What is required to use a smart TV for gaming? You’ll need:

  • a Stadia profile and a Smart TV that works with Stadia.
  • a Link to the internet. Verify the necessary network speed.
  • a Mobile device, a suitable third-party controller, or a Stadia Controller.

You can use the Quick Start Guide to get assistance with creating a new Stadia account.

You must create an account, connect a controller to your screen, and add a game to your library before you can play games on your smart TV.

Does Stadia Work in 4K?

Using the company’s various data centers, Stadia can stream video games to gamers at up to 4K resolution at 60Fp with support for HDR.

The maximum frame rate and resolution may change depending on the game and your connection speed.

The fact that Stadia games support 4K gaming does not exclude playing them at a lower resolution. From 1080p to 4K, the resolution will be available for your selection.

You require a connection with 35Mbps or more speed to play 4K quality games at 60 frames per second. Additionally, you will want at least 20Mbps for 1080p.

It provides the choice of playing several free-to-play games or buying games from its shop to stream them.

The service supports several non-Stadia controllers and Google’s exclusive Stadia game controller via USB and Bluetooth connections.

Consider disabling HDR if you’re one of the users experiencing hazy images when using Chromecast Ultra to play Stadia.

It boosts the resolution significantly in several games. Open the Stadia app on your Android phone and follow these instructions to disable HDR.

  • On an Android device, open the Stadia app and tap your profile image in the upper right corner.
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap “Display.” Move the High Dynamic Range (HDR) slider to the left.
  • By doing this, HDR will be disabled on all upcoming games you launch. To turn off HDR, if you currently have a game open, you must quit that game and begin a new one.

However, there are advantages and disadvantages to adopting Stadia for gaming.

The table below differentiates them.

You can stream the available games from anywhere using your preferred devices.Its uncertainty of the playback of games.
Access to new games solely to specific streaming platforms. It lacks variety in a wide range of games.
You can try out new games before making a purchase.You can’t easily save your game’s progress on your hard drive.


In conclusion, Stadia functions like a cloud-based console. Games must be purchased expressly for the platform to be streamed from a data center close to you.

In addition to the games you already purchased on the platform, you may access a library of games and unlock 4K videos without paying an additional monthly fee.

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