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Stop Self-Cleaning Oven Mid Cycle (Must Do This)

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Last updated on September 22nd, 2023 at 04:41 pm

Self-cleaning ovens are lovely appliances and can be very convenient when used correctly.

They remove all the hard work of scrubbing and buffing from the process of cleaning your oven and leave you with an amazingly clean appliance, but it’s not without its problems!

It’s essential to know how to stop your self-cleaning oven mid-cycle if you don’t want your device to break down on you. 

Once your self-cleaning oven has started the self-cleaning cycle, you should never stop it mid-cycle or risk ruining your range!

If you want to know how to safely stop the self-cleaning cycle on your oven and learn why you need to avoid shutting it off before the end of the process, keep reading to discover all about self-cleaning ovens and how to use them safely.

The self-cleaning cycle on your oven may seem like an efficient way to clean your oven, but it has one major flaw: the self-cleaning cycle stops mid-cycle and does not finish! If you have ever wondered how to stop self-cleaning the oven mid-cycle, this guide will help you do just that to move on to more important things.

Can You Stop a Self-Cleaning Oven Mid-Cycle?

Stop Self Cleaning Oven Mid Cycle

Yes, stopping a self-cleaning oven mid-cycle is possible, but doing this can result in the oven emitting a very high temperature, air harmful to human lives, and activating the fire alarm.

So instead, you can press the cancel button to stop the self-cleaning. Also, press the timer button to stop the timer function.

When your oven is in self-cleaning mode, you can’t unlock or interfere with it. However, there are reasons you might want to stop your range in mid-cycle.

For example, a power outage might cause your oven to shut down early, or you may wish to remove an item from your oven before it finishes cleaning.

In both cases, it’s possible to stop your oven mid-cycle and unlock it. The steps you need to take depend on whether you have a gas or electric oven.

If you open your range before all self-cleaning cycles are complete, food residue may remain on your oven door and require additional cleaning when you restart your self-cleaning cycle.

When unlocking your oven mid-cycle, you have two options: using a key or a control code.

If you have a gas oven, use a key to unlock your range mid-cycle. First, turn your oven off and unplug it.

Next, insert a straightened paper clip into the small hole on your control panel just below it says STOP/CLEAN. Push in to release the lock, then turn your oven back on.

You can use a key or control code to unlock your oven mid-cycle if you have an electric oven. First, turn your oven off and unplug it.

Next, enter your four-digit control code, usually found on a sticker inside your oven’s door. You should hear two beeps and see “Clean Light” on your display screen. Then turn your oven back on.

Call your manufacturer to get it if you can’t remember your control code. Keep a copy of your codes if you need them again.

How to Stop Self-Cleaning the Oven?  

If you’ve ever wondered how to stop self-cleaning the oven mid-cycle, you’ll be happy to know that it’s an easy fix.

There are only a few reasons your oven will not complete its self-cleaning cycle, and it could be a result of any of these factors: Is there power to your range?

Check that your circuit breaker is still on. If it isn’t, switch it back on at your breaker box. Is there a power outage?

Turn off your oven’s self-cleaning cycle by holding down a few buttons. The first step is to turn your oven off.

Then, you’ll need to hold down both of these buttons simultaneously: the upper-temperature button and the power button (the one on your oven’s control panel).

Hold both of these buttons for 10 seconds. If you press the cancel button, you may have heard that it will stop your self-cleaning cycle, but that isn’t always true.

If your oven doesn’t shut off, your self-cleaning feature may be disabled, so press and hold all of these buttons on your control panel: upper-temperature button, lower temperature button, power button, and cancel/clean/reheat.

Next, turn off your oven to continue working on a self-cleaning cycle after it has stopped mid-cycle (whether you’ve done it manually or otherwise). Then wait 15-30 minutes before turning it back on again.

If your oven isn’t cooling and resetting, try holding down these buttons again: the cancel/clean/reheat button, the upper-temperature button, the lower temperature button, and the power button.

Hold them all for 10 seconds. You may need to wait a few minutes for your oven to cool down before turning it back on.

What Happens If You Stop the Self-Cleaning Oven? 

If you stop a self-cleaning oven cycle before it ends, you may have locking mechanism errors and electronic controls.

It will also leave you with a self-cleaning oven covered in debris and food because stopping your self-cleaning oven cycle midway can risk locking mechanism errors.

Furthermore, there is always a chance of damage to your heating elements if you shut off power while operating.

In other words, trying to stop a self-cleaning cycle mid-cycle may cause more problems than it solves.

Some of these problems include:

  • The risk of a fire breaking out in your apartment is high due to the high temperature of the self-cleaning oven.
  • The air the oven releases during the self-cleaning cycle is dangerous to human health and, if inhaled, can result in a respiratory problem.

How Do You Unlock a Self-Cleaning Oven? 

First, if your oven has a locking mechanism error (there is no way to unlock it), unplug it. If you don’t, you could get an electric shock.

Then use an oven thermometer to ensure no active electronics are in the oven before opening it up. Finally, use a flathead screwdriver to pry open the door latch.

It can get scalding if you try to unlock an oven during self-cleaning.

The heat comes from a vaporization unit located on top of or under your oven’s main heating element and keeps increasing until it reaches a specific temperature.

If you open your range too early, you risk releasing that built-up steam and scalding yourself.

If your oven has a mechanical lock, there will be a little latch on the bottom of your oven door. You can use a flathead screwdriver to push it open.

Make sure you’re turning in the right direction—unlocking it counterclockwise will release any pressure inside your oven.

Then plug back in the oven; if it doesn’t unlock after unplugging and plugging, press the self-clean button for the oven to work; wait for 10 seconds before pressing the clear button to reset the device.

How To Stop Self-Clean Oven Bosch?   

The self-cleaning feature in your oven is one of its most valuable features. So how do you stop your oven mid-cycle?

The consensus is that most manufacturers will have a way to pause or cancel their cleaning functions, though you might have to look for it.

Some brands, like Bosch, even have a marked button on their keypads, while others will require some digging around in menus.

The most common way to stop your oven mid-cleaning cycle is using a keypad. Lots of modern ranges have one, and it’s usually located in an easy-to-spot location near the front of your oven or on top of it. 

For Bosch, the buttons will say “clear or cancel” to access the oven before it ends its self-cleaning cycle.

Then the “Oven Clear On/Off” button stops the self-cleaning cycle. You can use them to prevent accidental cleaning if you so choose.

How To Turn Off Self-Cleaning Oven KitchenAid?

There’s nothing like coming home to find your KitchenAid oven has started cleaning itself, and now you can’t get it to stop.

Unfortunately, you’re not alone: As we explore below, self-cleaning oven controls have a few quirks.

Although most manufacturers design self-cleaning oven models to work in self-cleaning mode, it’s not always as simple as pushing a button.

For example, it’s possible to stop an oven mid-cycle by turning off your model’s breaker or unplugging it from its electrical outlet.

Many models also have a mechanical stop mechanism that you can trip to prevent it from cleaning.

Look for a lever on your control panel marked “clean or cancel,” or consult your owner’s manual for instructions specific to your model.

These controls work differently on different models.

For example, to turn off your oven mid-cycle, you may need to press cancel or wait until the indicator light (such as a countdown timer) turns off – then press the cancel button again.

You may also need to wait for an internal mechanism to stop working (for example, a fan that keeps air circulating during cleaning) before your oven will power down.

Once it does, you can turn it back on by pressing clean or starting a new self-cleaning cycle from scratch.

How to Turn Off the Self-Cleaning Oven Hotpoint?  

If you have an oven with self-cleaning controls, it’s probably beneficial and convenient.

However, there may be a time when you do not want to use self-cleaning, hence the importance of knowing how to turn off its self-cleaning feature.

You must maintain pressure on your Hotpoint oven’s Cancel/Off button and release it after ten seconds.

How To Cancel Self-Cleaning Oven GE?

To cancel self-cleaning on the GE oven electronic model, press the cancel or clear button to stop the self-cleaning feature. 

On GE oven models controlled by mechanical timers, you need to turn the “stop” knob to the current time of day to cancel the self-cleaning cycle.

It should be easy to remove the knob. Then, move the knob that controls the oven’s temperature out of the “Clean” position and turn the knob that controls the oven’s setting to “Off.”

How To Cancel Self-Cleaning Oven Frigidaire?

Depending on the lock position, you can cancel the self-cleaning feature in the Frigidaire oven.

If the door was accidentally left open, you must press the light switch to initiate the self-cleaning cycle and wait for a few moments.

After that, all you have to do is stop the process, wait a couple of seconds, and then you’ll be able to shut the door.

If the door is locked in its closed position, you can easily unlock it by unplugging the Frigidaire oven. That’s how you cancel the self-cleaning feature of your Frigidaire oven.


The self-cleaning feature in an oven, though convenient to use, has its downfalls, and among them is the self-clean cycle stopping midway.

This error can result in damage to the range and also cause harm to the user. So, knowing how to stop this feature in your oven is essential.

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