Sub Zero Vs Jenn Air Refrigerator (In-Depth Comparison)

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Luxury refrigerators from The Sub-Zero have become increasingly sought after in Australian households since they appeared in the “greatest kitchen ever” on a well-known television show.

The refrigerators in question are among the priciest on the market, but are they worth the money? Absolutely. You won’t be disappointed if you can afford one. 

Jenn-air also competes with the greatest brands in terms of features. Some unique features include the three-zone cooling, improved bins, and nanotechnology shelving.

You rarely pick up any old built-in fridge for your kitchen. You’ll probably stick with the same brand because of the discounts and the similarity in appearance.

Sub Zero and Jenn air refrigerators are vastly different. If you’ve spent time researching quality appliances, you would already know about this huge difference. Sub-Zero is in a class all its own, and so is a Jenn air refrigerator. There is no doubt that the attributes of this brand are outstanding.

Major Distinctions Between Sub-Zero and Jenn Air Refrigerators

Sub Zero Vs. Jenn Air Refrigerator

#1. Refrigerant Drawer And Cooler Combination Storage

Sub-Zero refrigerators include integrated refrigeration, distinguishing them from standard Jenn air refrigerator models.

Individual refrigeration modules may easily be placed everywhere in the house – from a cooler drawer in the rooms to a wine cooler – and work seamlessly together.

The possibilities are infinite with multiple and individual drawers and refrigerator cabinet locations.

#2. Innovative Technology From Sub-Zero

While Jenn Air and Sub-Zero refrigerator models are quite similar, Sub-Zero refrigerators learn your habits and adjust to keep your food fresher for longer.

You’ll never have to stress whether your refrigerator can keep up with the demands of your large family or the one kid who insists on having cold snacks at all hours of the day.

Sub-Zero refrigerators increase the value of your property and enhance your daily kitchen experience.

#3. Dual Refrigeration For Food Preservation

Here’s where things start to get intense and interesting. True refrigeration is required for fresh food. The Sub-Zero design is based on cutting-edge technology and engineering concepts.

Excellent seals, insulation, and strong cooling systems keep temperatures within one degree of their target point.

Refrigerators and freezers from Sub-Zero have separate evaporators and compressors. As a result, no air is exchanged between the two machines.

However, moist, cool air is regulated for Jenn air refrigerators, especially when the freezer is locked. 

You won’t have to worry about your ice cream smelling like a tri-tip since no co-mingling air preserves food better and inhibits the transmission of odors between units.

#4. Refrigerators with Stainless Steel and Custom Panel

Sub-Zero, a pioneer in non-intrusive kitchen equipment, lets you customize every element of the stainless steel panel refrigerator’s appearance and functionality.

Stainless steel with a glass door or seamless cabinets to complement your decor are viable options.

Sub-Zero and Jenn-Air refrigerators differ greatly in features, styling, and functionality. Refrigeration cannot be designed more appealingly.

Tabular Differences And Similarities Between Sub-zero And Jenn Air Refrigerators

FeaturesSub-ZeroJenn Air
Thermostat ControlIntuitive controls for accurate temperature control through a touchscreenYes, with the Specific Preservation
Wi-Fi Connectivity NoYes
BinsMagnetic CrispersSteel and Aluminium Vs. Plastic
Sealed/ Closed DoorVacuum SealedMagnetic Sealed
Air ScrubberYesNo
Pust to open door outletNoNo
Touchscreen ControlsYesYes
Nano ShelvingYesYes

Features, Prices, And Sizes Of Sub-zero Refrigerator

  • In the refrigeration sector, Sub-Zero is arguably the most well-known brand.
  • The performance of some of the units has been questioned since they are very loud.
  • There are built-in units 80 inches high, which is a stunning sight for your visitors to see when they enter your kitchen.
  • You may be able to boost the value of your property by introducing Sub-Zero appliances in your kitchen.
  • One of the most surprising things about owning a Sub-Zero is how long food stays fresh there.
  • It is impossible to get a “freezer burn” with a freezer unit since it contains no moisture.
  • It would be best to utilize an authorized service provider to keep your warranty intact.
  • Two compressors ensure that moist air is kept in the fridge and dry air is kept in the freezer. This is unmatched by anybody else.
  • Sub-Zero appliances are made to last. Some individuals maintain them for up to two decades, while others replace them with newer ones after only a few years.

#1. Built-In Sub-Zero Refrigerator/Freezer Sets

  • $8,850 for  IT-36CI model
  • $9,180 for IT-36CIID model
  • $8,390 for IT30CI model
  • $8,730 for IT30CIID (with Water Dispenser).
  • $7,200 for IC-24CI

Features, Prices, And Sizes Of Jenn Air Refrigerator

#1. Nanotechnology Shelves:

The shelves have a special coating that absorbs stains and prevents them from spreading. You’ll like this setup because refrigerator spills are nearly tough to clean completely.

Additionally, Sub-Zero has nanotechnology shelving.

#2. Temperature Control:

There are three presets for the refrigerator and two settings for the freezer. The main container and each crisper can be kept at various temperatures.

In a nutshell, you can preserve your fruits, meats, and vegetables in various settings. It’s the only built-in refrigerator with such a feature.

#3. Integrated Wi-Fi:

Samsung and Dacor refrigerators have built-in Wi-Fi, but Jenn-Air models also come with Amazon’s Alexa voice-activated automation.

#4. Easy Reach Control Board:

Having this will save you a lot of time and money if you ever require maintenance.

#5. Aluminum Bins:

These bins outperform the standard industry plastic bins in strength and can hold any heavy object.

#6. Lighting:

The Jenn-Air refrigerator’s LED recessed overhead lights are more powerful, so your new kitchen has lots of light.

#7. Sizes And Prices

  • $4,599 for Jenn-Air 18-inch  Column Refrigerator.
  • $6,199  for Jenn-Air 24-Inch  Column Refrigerator.
  • $6,699 for  Jenn-Air 30-inch Column Refrigerator.
  • $ 7,099 for a Jenn-Air 36-inch column refrigerator.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What Is The Price of A Sub-Zero Refrigerator?

If you’re looking for one of the priciest refrigerators on the market, Sub-Zero is your best choice.

While it may not be the best choice for people on a tight budget, the models in this line provide a lot of amenities and storage space for those who want to go all out in their kitchen.

#2. Can Any Refrigerator Be Integrated?

No, most refrigerators have a depth of 32-36 inches. You may make your cabinet from scratch if you’d like a comparable style.

#3. What Exactly Is A Column Refrigerator, And How Does It Work?

Columns are stand-alone refrigerators or freezers for your kitchen. Typically, you’d purchase one or more of each type of item.

#4. What Exactly Is A Built-in Refrigerator?

A 24-inch cabinet may house an inbuilt refrigerator, totally concealed within the cabinet.

#5. What’s The Distinction Between Jenn Air And Shallow Depth Refrigerators?

The total depth of the door and handle is 24 inches. Despite the unit’s concealment, the entrance will still be visible. Integrated may be contained inside space of no more than 24 inches.

However, Jenn air refrigerators will blend well with the cabinetry because they have a very small depth.


All refrigerators, including Sub-Zero and Jenn-Air, suffer from a lack of supply.

However, because of its air scrubber, vacuum seal, and magnetic crisper, Sub-Zero is still the finest and most dependable built-in refrigerator for keeping food fresher.

You may wish to purchase the brand that provides the greatest service in the region.

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