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9 Television Brands That Are Not Made in China!

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China ranks as one of the largest television manufacturers worldwide. And they have different brands which make a variety of television models.

Technological advancements make people more sensitive to the products they consume. As such, people are interested in knowing the makers of a particular product.

There have been debates about the quality of products made in China, and most consumers want to be careful. So which televisions are not in china?

There are many non-Chinese televisions available in the markets with excellent quality. Products like Samsung are one of the highest sellers of televisions globally. Other non-Chinese televisions include LG, Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Kodak, Sanyo, Toshiba, and Kelvin.

Which Televisions Are Not Made In China?

List Of Televisions Not Made In China

China does not make a variety of televisions, and most of them stand out from the appliances produced in China.

Below are televisions not made in China:

#1. Samsung Televisions

Samsung televisions are of excellent quality with features worth experiencing. Samsung is a high-end brand, well known across the globe.

Samsung is a South Korean brand established in 1938. Currently, Samsung ranks as the world’s best television merchant.

Samsung manufactures one of the best sets of televisions. However, over the years, Samsung has prevented an extraordinary scope of televisions with the best elements.

As a leading selling television, you are sure of the quality of Samsung televisions. While there is a model for everyone, Samsung televisions are a high-end brand.

#2. LG Televisions

LG makes one of the best televisions around the world. Moreover, LG televisions are one of the highest non-Chinese television brands.

LG is a South Korean electronic company established in 1945 and has since made waves in producing gadgets and televisions that stand out.

With LG, there is no doubt that you can experience phenomenal picture and sound quality. Without a doubt, the brand has proven that Life’s Good.

The brilliant varieties, exquisite and profound dark tones. Sharp differentiation and an excellent clever webOS platform.

Over the years, LG televisions have stood the test of time and are enhanced with better features as more models are available.

#3. Panasonic Televisions

Panasonic is a Japanese brand and was formerly called Matsushita Electric Modern Co., Ltd. The company was founded in 1918 and later incorporated in 1935.

Through the years, Panasonic has failed to keep up with the production of smartphones. Nevertheless, the brand is still producing televisions.

Panasonic makes inexpensive television models perfect for people looking to experience excellent television elements on a budget.

Panasonic televisions are unique and well known for the monitor with competent cinematic consistency. 

Their televisions come with many elements, comprising the transmission of vibrant HDR DolbyVision and HLG sets.

#4. Sharp Televisions

Sharp is one of the brands that has been around for a long time. Sharp is a Japanese brand that Taiwan-based Foxconn Group currently owns.

Sharp televisions were at some point made by the famous Chinese brand Hisense. But the intelligent enterprise has retrieved licenses and is currently making its televisions.

The strong brand was founded in 1912 and has consistently made good televisions, and the brand recently presented an 8k UHD Android television.

#5. Sony Televisions 

Sony is also a Japanese company that makes excellent television sets with amazing features. For example, their televisions come with nice color precision.

Sony came in 1946. However, the belief is that their budget-friendly televisions are not that great, especially the Bravia series.

But it will interest you to know that Sony mid-range televisions are graded among the best and at the costlier end.

Sony appliances are one of the greatly sought-after brands in the Indian markets. However, the Bravia series is best known for so many models.

#6. Kodak Televisions

Kodak has been around for years, although the company was known for its production of cameras.

Kodak, an American company, has ventured into the production of televisions and is no longer dominant in the production of cameras.

Kodak makes televisions with a restricted setup. Their recent 32-inch HD television is made in India and has hotkeys for Google featured.

#7. Philips Televisions

Philips is a Dutch company established in 1891. The brand is involved in the production of a variety of electrical appliances.

Philips televisions give the best watcher adventure, and the brand provides many features, including new television innovations.

Philips uses an Ambilight innovation which makes it stand out. With the Ambilight innovation, their television shows light on the screen behind the television.

#8. Sanyo Televisions

Sanyo happens to be a Japanese company that is also a subsidiary of Panasonic. Sanyo makes amazing televisions that come with great features.

Sanyo, products are well recognized for their top-notch production of the most decent televisions.

Sanyo televisions are known to give phenomenal entry to play store Android applications giving them an edge over some of the television brands available.

#9. Onida Televisions

Onida is an Indian company established in 1981. Onida has an overall capacity of televisions available.

Onida has amazing smart LED televisions and has partnered with Amazon to deliver a current television setup, the Fire television version.

Are Televisions Made In China Better Than Ones Not Made In China?

Not all televisions made in china are better than non-Chinese televisions. However, there are a lot of amazing non-Chinese televisions.

There is no doubt that China delivers many of the world’s televisions. But most of these televisions are budget-friendly appliances.

Most people who opt-in for some Chinese televisions are looking for something decent but with great value.

Some of the top brands of televisions from China include Hisense and TCL. Both of which are economic brands of televisions.

Hisense is known to get some of its components from Samsung. It is automatically making them dependent on a non-Chinese products.

Generally, there are different television brands, and all of them are out to impress their customers. As such, they all have unique features that make them stand out.

Samsung and LG televisions, both products from South Korea, are among the most highly rated television brands worldwide.

These products stand out, comprising of the latest technology, and are a high-end brand all over the globe.

In general, numerous non-Chinese televisions have an extraordinary scope of LED and Smart television sets with features that will blow you away.

What Are the Best Smart Televisions Not Made In China?

Smart televisions interface directly to the web and integrate a working framework that permits you to view content on the internet.

And other system-based media content such as Netflix without extra gadgets like the Firestick.

There are different types of smart television not made in China. Most of which are excellent brands with unique elements.

Some of the best smart televisions not made in China include the following.

#1. Samsung Televisions

Samsung makes smart televisions that are at the highest grade. For example, the Neo QLED with quantum dot innovation brings nothing but excellence.

The presence of quantum dots generates colors that remain authentic to life even in radiant scenes. 

The Q series has a double LED network of serious warm and cool LED illuminations, improving contrast conditions.

#2. LG Televisions

LG smart televisions represent excellence, and you could find it difficult to choose from available options.

For example, the LG OLED C1 has delicate features that make them favorable for gaming and general usage.

The good thing is the series is a budget-friendly, high-end product that gives you the biggest value and harmony of operation and cost.

#3. Vizio Televisions 

Vizio smart televisions, especially the V-series, come off as one of the less expensive 4k televisions available.

Vizio smart televisions uphold four High Dynamic Range (HDR). In addition, the television enhances its brightness uniformity with the LED-backlit LCD board.

The V-series offers many unique features that compete with most of the high-end television brands available in the market.

#4. Sony Televisions

Sony smart televisions have excellent elements that make them stand out from the rest of the other brands.

The Bravia series has LED and OLED, making the brand great for movies and gaming. However, there is an argument that OLED provides the nicest image quality. 

Sony has made its products a go-to product over the years, and most of its televisions are affordable.

#5. Toshiba Televisions

Toshiba smart televisions have a high performance and great image quality. When you are on a budget yet desire satisfaction from your money, you can opt-in for a Toshiba smart television.

The C350 series has great features, such as an in-built wifi router. And it allows you to have a practical theatre experience.

Does Japan Make Good Televisions?

Yes, Japan makes amazing television sets. Japan has, over the years, been at the fore of initiating creative ideas in the television industry.

Japanese smart televisions are known for their amazing image quality and color accuracy. Also, they have an optimum color ratio with a desirable cost point.

For example, the Japanese Sony brand is well known for its large range of televisions with many features that satisfy virtually all buyers.

It will interest you that these Japanese television brands have retained a top place globally, from Sharp to Panasonic, Sony to Toshiba.

These brands’ mold, execution, quality, and configuration have successfully placed them on the global blueprint for top-notch appliances.

These brands offer products that are available for every class of people. And you will be sure to get value for your money.

The table below shows some Japanese brands and the special features of their televisions.

Television Brand Special Features 
SharpThey come with a high dynamic range built-in Wi-FiAquamotion.
Panasonic This brand offers Dynamic High ContrastFall Prevention Stand OLED Display.
Hitachi The brand has smart Roku OSMobile App Support120 Backlight Frequency.
Toshiba The brand has a Fire TV Compatible4K UHD Smart with Superior picture quality.


Televisions are essential to our homes, and it is sometimes hard to decide which products to purchase.

While China ranks as one of the highest television producing countries, they are other amazing non-Chinese television brands rated higher than Chinese brands.

You can always make a choice depending on your specs and budget.

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