Does A Terraced House Have Stairs? (Explained)

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A terraced house is a row of similar houses connected by side walls.

When looking out to buy a new house, there are a lot of basic amenities you should watch out for, like the sizes of bedrooms, number of bedrooms, the garden size, and the position of the staircase. 

Most terraced houses come with staircases either in the middle or by the walls. When getting a house or building yours, you can choose to reposition the location of your staircase if you are not satisfied with it. 

Can I Move My Stairs in A Terraced House?

Terraced House Have Stairs

It sounds almost impossible to move your staircase from one position to another, and some people still think it is not possible, but the thing is, moving your staircase from one point to another is possible.

You can decide to change their position when you want a house but cannot afford the bigger ones with stairs that run through. 

It wouldn’t be easy to move a staircase about 90 degrees across the side of your building, but it is possible.

When doing this, you must know that it would also affect the upstairs landing and some bedrooms. Seeing things from a clearer angle, you have to move them towards the front door when you move your staircase. 

On the other hand, move the door towards the stairs; before going into this, you should think it through properly. 

How Do I Move My Staircase in A Terraced House?

Deciding to move your staircase from one location to another is a major task, but if you know what you are doing with proper planning, then it shouldn’t be as big a deal.

Before moving your staircase, the major question should be, “why are you moving your staircase in the first place?” 

Some homeowners might have made this decision for aesthetic purposes.

How better the stairs would’ve looked in another direction, making the property easier to live with, or changing its position to increase the amount of room you have, but for whatever reason, you are doing it, and you have to be very careful and put certain things in place before going into this. 

After that has been done, the next thing for you to do is draft out the necessary course of action.

You must also consider the possibility of legal ramifications because, in some areas, you must consult the city planning commissions before making decisions like this. Failure to do that can attract great repercussions in the long run. 

After successfully going through that whole process, you can move on to the planning phase and find out how exactly you can move these staircases.

Moving your staircase in a terraced house is stressful due to the complicated décor most terraced buildings have. 

Some practical things you should consider are how much headroom you’ll be getting after moving the stairs and how much you would require landing space.

You should ensure that you do not get to struggle your way through the new stairs you’ll be creating.

 Hence, you should ask yourself questions like, will everyone be comfortable with the place? Will it be roomy enough? 

After asking yourself all these and considering being satisfied with the new layout you want to be taking, you can go ahead in repositioning your staircase!

So, in summary, the basic steps you’ll need to reposition your staircase includes; 

  • Picking a new suitable design
  • Decide on your staircase’s new location, and then get permission from the city planning commission to prevent complications later. 
  • Work on the planning and position of your new staircase opening. 
  • Construct a guiding wall
  • Construct the staircase wall
  • Finally, redesign the old staircase space; you leave it that way!

What Type of Staircase Is Best for A Terraced House? 

There are a lot of staircase designs you can choose from depending on your house construction, the amount of space you have in your home, and, most importantly, your budget.

Terraced houses are quite the job because they are larger, so you would need a stronger staircase. 

Another major factor you should consider before getting a design installed in your house is the ages of people moving up and down the stairs.

It is risky to install complicated staircases when you have the elderly and kids in your home. 

Some of the most common staircases you can get include; 

#1. Straight Stairs 

This type is one of the most common and easy-going staircases you can get. It is easy to walk to and from and can accommodate more than one person simultaneously. 

#2. Curved Staircase 

The curved staircase is more complicated than the straight one, but it can come in many fabulous designs.

Each step you take comes with different width, and going up and coming down might be stressful; this stair type produces a lot of unused stairs that you won’t easily find in the curved stairs. 

You can also get a mansion stair with enclosed staircases at both ends of the sitting room. In this setting, you can see these straight staircases at both ends of the room while they meet at the landing.

For a big house where it is sure to have a lot of members, having just one stairway wouldn’t be the best option, 

Another amazing design you can be getting is a spiral staircase that meets at the top of the landing.

In this amazing design idea, just like the straight stairs, this staircase is located at both ends of the room in a spiral manner and meets at the top of your building. 

Before determining the staircase to install, you must be sure about the type of terraced house you live in. Some types of terraced houses include; 

  • Small terraced house. These are terraced houses with at least one attached to two or more. Its floor area is usually less than 70 square meters. 
  •  Medium or large terraced houses. These are houses connected to two or more blocks of houses with a floor area of 70 square meters. 
  • End terraced houses are usually when the end is attached to two or more other houses.
  • Mid terraced houses come in last and are simply a house attached to two or more other houses in a single block. 


Repositioning the location of the staircase in your terraced house might be a big deal for you if you don’t gather the necessary information you would need beforehand.

You might be an inexperienced homeowner when it comes to stuff like this, so if you need guidance, you can call on the city planning commission.

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