Do I Tip Lowes Appliance Delivery Guys? (Must Read)

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When you make a purchase with Lowes and need them to deliver it, it’s handled with careful attention to detail.

At Lowes, workers are expected to work with great competency. So, most delivery guys will perform satisfactorily. Getting this kind of service may move you to tip them.

Leaving a tip for a well-done job isn’t out of place. But with companies having different policies, should you also tip Lowes appliance delivery guys? 

You don’t have to give tips to Lowes appliance delivery guys. The Lowes company’s policy prohibits tipping for their employees. However, you may choose to tip them if you’re very impressed with their delivery. But, it would help if you offered tips in cash and not electronically.

Should I Tip Lowes Appliance Delivery Guys?

Do I Tip Lowes Appliance Delivery Guys?

No, it would be best if you didn’t tip Lowes appliance delivery guys. First, Lowes expects its workers to do their jobs with diligence and professionalism, including delivery.

So, it isn’t unusual to be impressed after a delivery job and be moved to leave tips for the delivery guy. However, the company’s policy doesn’t permit workers to accept tips.

Tipping is a kind and thoughtful gesture. Generally, some people are usually moved to leave their change with someone they’re impressed with.

For instance, people don’t hesitate to leave tips for waitpersons who provide good service. Some even offer tips to people who haven’t done anything special.

But, many companies prohibit their workers from receiving tips, leaving many unsure if they should offer them or not. However, you can always ask when in doubt.

If you’re moved to offer tips because of the kind of service you received, here are a few guidelines to follow:

#1. The Kind of Service You Received

Did the delivery guy go overboard to satisfy you? Did you notice the efficiency in which he delivered your appliance? In this case, leaving a small tip for the delivery guy isn’t a bad idea.

#2. The Condition in Which They Worked

Some appliance delivery guys may work in difficult conditions, convincing you that a tip is necessary.

Did he drive through heavy rain to bring your delivery? Did he drive a long distance? Did he maneuver through stairs in your homes to keep the equipment? 

#3. How Large and Heavy Is the Appliance?

If the appliance you purchased is very large and heavy, you’ll notice the difficulty in delivering it. In this case, the action may move you to offer tips. Don’t hesitate to.

#4. Is the Delivery Free?

Lowes offers free delivery for major appliances. So, consider offering tips if your delivery is free. However, it isn’t a must.

How Much Should You Tip Lowes Appliance Delivery Guys?

There are no lay down rules on how much your tip should be. Lowes delivery guys are not expecting tips, so you shouldn’t be bothered about what to offer.

However, you’ve to be careful so as not to go overboard or offer something too small that will create awkwardness.

Generally, people tip between $5-$20 cash, so you can offer whatever you can afford, keeping that price range in mind.

You can show that you love their service by leaving a good review for the delivery guy on their website. Don’t forget to mention you’ll do so to them.

Also, you should mention to them that you love the services rendered, followed by a simple thank you.

For certain reasons, tipping may not be advisable in different situations. Tipping is an act of kindness and gratitude, but you may choose not to leave a tip in certain circumstances.

Below are some reasons you may consider not tipping Lowes delivery guys.

#1. Companys’ Policies

Since Lowes company’s policy doesn’t allow tipping for their workers, you can settle for a simple thank you. Also, you can leave a good review on the company’s website for their workers.

Not sticking to the company’s rules may put a delivery guy in trouble if he accepts tips. So, you can help them stay out of trouble.

#2. They May Reject Your Tip

If you go ahead and offer tips, don’t be surprised it’s met with rejection. Some workers are very keen on sticking to rules. And this may create an awkward situation for you both.

#3. Undertipping and Overtipping

If you’ve no idea how much to tip your appliance delivery guy, you may offer something too large or too small. Either way can also create awkwardness.

#4. It Might Encourage Workers to Relax on Their Job

Some people believe tipping would encourage bad service from some workers. For instance, they may become relaxed since they know they’ll receive tips.

How Much Does Lowes Charge to Deliver an Appliance?

Lowes offer free local delivery for most of the appliances purchased with them. However, this company has different delivery offers for items purchased with them.

The delivery charge will vary depending on several factors ranging from the distance, item cost, and means of delivery.

Usually, customers are accessible to two delivery options: standard parcel delivery and Lowes home delivery for large items and appliances.

Standard delivery for qualifying purchases up to $45 and above is free. Delivery may arrive between 1-4 working days.

Also, Lowes offers truck delivery to customers at a scheduled date. Truck delivery attracts a fee of $79. However, items above $400 attract free delivery.

However, for large appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, gas dryers, electric dryers, e.t.c, Lowes offers free local delivery.

They also offer free installation, inspection, and testing of certain appliances under certain conditions. Read terms and conditions.

Curbside pickup delivery is available for free. After purchasing online, you can head to the curbside pickup location to get your items. Go with your ID card or the confirmation email to collect your goods.

Below are factors that affect the delivery of appliances:

  • Distance should be within 100km from Lowe’s store
  • The appliance should be above $400 for free delivery
  • Multiple locations will attract a delivery fee

Should I Tip Lowes Appliance Installer?

No, it would be best if you didn’t tip Lowes appliance installers. These workmen are expected to work efficiently without expecting tips. Moreover, the company’s policies prohibit receiving tips.

However, rules aren’t set in stone, and you may consider tipping them if they render an impressive service.

So, if you choose to tip, you can offer cash between $5-$10. Also, you can leave the installers a bottle of cold water or drink.

Below is a table showing factors to consider before offering tips:

Nature of InstallationIf the work was more complex than you’d thought, you can offer a tip
Quality of the WorkIf you’re impressed with the installation, a small tip isn’t out of place
Working ConditionIf the installer worked in extreme heat or cold, you could offer tips
Free InstallationSome appliances come with free installation alongside free delivery if you meet the conditions. So, you can tip here.
TimingIf the installer worked within a short time frame and did a very nice job, you can offer tips.
Good MannersIf the installer was particularly friendly and approachable, you could tip them.

Sometimes, you do not have to tip Lowes appliance installers. For instance,  in these cases:

  • Messy work: if the installer leaves the worksite dirty, then you shouldn’t tip him
  • Impolite behavior: if the installer is bad-mannered or wouldn’t give replies to your questions, you shouldn’t tip him.
  • Bar Installation: if the Lowes appliance installer doesn’t do the job properly, you don’t have to tip him afterward
  • You’re paying for the installation: if the appliance you bought attracts an installation fee, you don’t have to tip the Lowes appliance installer.

Do You Tip Lowes Curbside Pickup?

No, you don’t have to tip Lowes curbside pickup. Lowe’s curbside pickup is a nice way to evade the crowd at Lowe’s stores and avoid delivery expenses.

However, you don’t have to tip them for their services. But, if you’re impressed with how they handled your order, you can offer a small change.

Nonetheless, tipping has several advantages:

  • It shows you’re satisfied with the service: tipping the Lowes curbside pickup or any of their workers is a way to show you love the job they did.

This action can make them happy, knowing you’re satisfied with their installation.

  • It’s an act of kindness: tipping is a kind gesture they’ll appreciate. You never can tell how much your small change will help the worker.
  • It encourages better service: tipping Lowes curbside pickup can guarantee you a better service from them in the future.

Final Thoughts

Lowes policies prohibit their workers from receiving tips. So, you don’t have to tip the appliance delivery guys, installers, or curbside pickup.

However, if you’re impressed with any of their services, you can offer a cash tip of $5-$20. Also, leaving positive feedback on their website is encouraged in place of tips.

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