Toilet Water Splashed On Me! (Do This ASAP)

Visiting the toilet when there’s a need to is the most natural thing. As it is, the toilet is a place for passing out waste that’s full of harmful microorganisms.

Getting the toilet water on your body is gross, but it happens. An example is when toilet water splashes on your buttocks when you poop. 

However, toilet water might contain little germs when you disinfect regularly. But, it’s pretty different for public toilets- as they contain large amounts of germs.

Toilet water splashes happen to almost everybody, and you can use several methods to prevent them. Nevertheless, the water can cause infections, especially when you have an open wound where it splashes. Thus, it would be best always to carry your antibacterial wipes and sanitizers whenever you visit the washroom.

Is Toilet Water Harmful?

Toilet Water Splashed on Me

Yes, toilet water is harmful. There’s no doubt that the same water runs to your kitchen sink.

However, since the toilet is for passing waste, the water is, most of the time, contaminated.

In addition, different people use public toilets, and you never know what they did before you went into the toilet. 

 On the other hand, if it’s your private toilet, the water in the toilet bowl might not be harmful only if you practice good hygiene by flushing after every toilet visits and disinfecting regularly.

Some pets, however, tend to drink water in the toilet bowl. Is it harmful to them? The water in the toilet bowl can be harmful to pets as it can contain toxic cleaning products and germs. 

Can You Get an Infection from a Toilet Splash?

Yes, you can get an infection from toilet water splashes. The Urinary Tract Infection is a good example.

It’s pretty natural to cringe when your poop splashes toilet water on you. Inadequate disinfection of the toilet leads to the accumulation of microorganisms. 

Thus, the toilet bowl water usually harbors organisms like E-coli. E-coli are bacteria and are primarily present everywhere.

Therefore, you must be careful when using the toilets, especially public toilets. Some people get Urinary tract infections from toilet water splashes.

Other microorganisms in the toilet include streptococcus, staphylococcus, Shigella bacteria, the common cold virus, etc.

Here are the infections caused by these microorganisms.

Furthermore, it’s more likely that you’ll get an infection from toilet water splashing when you have an open wound in the area the water splashed on.

Infections that enter the body via open sore will be the same as toilet water splashing.

 Likewise, you should develop the habit of washing your hands after a visit to the restroom. Use antibacterial soap and wash for at least 20 seconds to prevent the spread of germs.

What Should I Do If Toilet Water Splashes on Me?

You must wash immediately if the toilet water has urine or poop. It would be best if you always had your antibacterial wipes whenever you’re going into the toilet to use them in this situation.

But if you forgot to flush the toilet before using it and the water splashes, you need to use soap, water, and many wipes. 

Then, it would help if you took a hot shower to eliminate the germs. However, if it’s your private toilet and the bowl was clean at the time of use, it might not be contaminated.

Like they say, “Prevention is better than cure,” so always have antibacterial wipes and sanitizer in your bag when using public toilets. 

Likewise, you can get a bottle of Witch hazel for these situations. Witch Hazel contains about 14% pure ethyl alcohol and Hamamelis water, preventing germs from spreading when toilet water splashes.

Put a drop or two of Witch hazel on the toilet paper and gently wipe the area. Apart from when you poop, there are other instances where toilet water splashes on you. 

#1. Toilet Water Splashes While Flushing

In this situation, it’s advisable to close the toilet lid before or while flushing to prevent splashes.

You’ll have to check the rim beneath your toilet bowl if your toilet doesn’t have a lid. Clean the rim, and it should prevent water splashes.

#2. Toilet Water Explodes From the Bowl

A clog usually causes a toilet water explosion. The waste buildup causes the clog; hence the water stays in the bowl for a long time, leading to splashes. It would be best if you used a toilet clog remover to get rid of the clogs.

How Do I Prevent Toilet Water Splash When I Poop?

The typical way of getting toilet water splashes is when you poop because the force the poop use to drop into the toilet bowl causes the water to splash on your body, which is gross.

Thereby, here are several ways to prevent toilet water splashes when you poop, and they include:

#1. Don’t Sit Comfortably on the Toilet Seat

Unless it’s your private toilet, you shouldn’t sit comfortably in the toilet. The toilet surface contains germs and microorganisms you don’t want to come in contact with.

So, you’ll have to position your buttocks forward and center them into the toilet bowl.

You must be careful with how you eject poop and always move away immediately after the poop lands in the toilet bowl.

#2. Stack Toilet Paper in the Bowl Before Pooping

Another way of preventing toilet water from splashing whenever you poop is to use toilet paper. Put the toilet paper into the bowl, and it’ll prevent splashing.

Moreover, you have to use a considerable amount of toilet paper. If your poop is in large quantities, it can push the toilet paper into the water, so you’ll have to use more before continuing.

#3. Poop on the Porcelain Surface

You can also turn sideways in the toilet seat or move forward so the poop falls on the porcelain surface.

It’ll prevent water splashes as you won’t be pooping directly into the toilet bowl. Still, you’ll have to use extra energy to clean the poop stain whenever you’re through.

And if you forget to clean up, the person coming after you will suffer from the mess. A tip for preventing this mess is to flush the porcelain surfaces before pooping.

Then, at least the water will prevent the poop from sticking, thereby eliminating stains.

#4. Catch Your Falling Poop

While this is not the best method, it’s effective at preventing toilet water splashes.

You’ll have to wrap toilet paper around your hand and catch the falling poop so it drops into the water with a lower force. It’s gross, but you’ll remain dry and not worry about infections. 

#5. Drain All the Water in the Toilet Bowl

To prevent toilet water splashes when pooping, you can drain the water in the toilet water.

However, this procedure is technical, and you might need plumbing tools to get it done. Nevertheless, draining the water will eliminate your fear of water splashes and leave you dry.

#6. Get a Toilet with Anti-splash

There are some toilet designs in the market with the Anti-splash guard. You can get them if you can’t stand the thought of toilet water splashing on you.

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But if you can’t get another toilet seat, you can ask your plumbing technician to install an anti-splash in your existing toilet.

Can You Get STDs from Toilet Water Splash?

No, you can’t get STDs from a toilet water splash. There’s no doubt that the toilet is full of germs, but bacteria that cause STDs can’t survive without a host.

They only survive in the body; thus, your chances of getting an STD from toilet water splashes are meager.

However, the fact remains that you can get infections from toilet surfaces, so you must be careful. 

Using paper covers is an excellent way to prevent contact with the toilet seat. Spread the covers on the seat, and you can do your business without worrying about infections.

Similarly, Infections like UTIs are pretty common when the toilet splash – that contains fecal matter reaches your urethra. So you can even use toilet paper to cushion the poop fall to prevent splashes. 

So, although there’s a slim chance of getting STDs from toilet splashes, it’s necessary to take extra care.

Some precautions you should take include:

  • Don’t enter or use the restroom immediately after someone. Instead, wait a few minutes before going in to allow the bacteria, virus, and parasites to die before you use the toilet.
  • Always use the washroom that hasn’t been in use in some hours.
  • Don’t forget to flush the toilet before and after use.
  • Always wash your handles whenever you use the toilet.
  • Avoid touching the toilet door handles, sears, and faucets to stop the spread of microorganisms. 


Toilet splashes are gross and often happen when you don’t consider the splash while using the toilet.

There are several ways toilet water can splash on you and many methods to prevent it. You can even contract infections from the splashes if you aren’t careful.

Fortunately, the article portrays methods of preventing toilet splashes and answers questions surrounding the topic.

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