Trane Error Code 184.07 And 184.08 (Causes, Solution, & More)

If you notice that your thermostat starts showing an error code, you should refer to your error code troubleshooting guide to be able to fix this.

In that guide, you would be able to discover the issue and hopefully fix it yourself, saving you from paying a lot of money for a service fee. 

If your Trane device shows the error code 184. 08 indicates that your thermostat shut down, maybe because it is running low on refrigerant or there are restrictions in the refrigerating systems. 

What Is Error Code 184.07 On a Trane Device?

Trane Error Code 184.07 And 184.08

Does your device keep showing Trane error 184.07 and says it can only be by a power cycle? Not to worry, you can be able to fix this without having to stress.

Your device keeps showing the Trane error code 184.07 because of a heating or cooling problem from several factors, including dirty heating, bad flow sensors, and a dirty blower motor. 

A simple way to clear this error is by turning the breaker in your outdoor unit off and doing the same for the indoor unit.

After waiting for about a minute, you should now turn the breakers back on; that should clear the code.

But, of course, by doing that, you would be changing the target temperature so the compressor can kick back on. 

If, after trying this out, the ergot code doesn’t clear, then you’re dealing with a more severe case, and if not fixed, the error code can last for many months and even cause you more to pay.

So, if you want to get it fixed by a technician, ensure that you get it fixed by a licensed technician to avoid more complicated issues in the future. 

It would help if you knew that Trane Index prides itself on reliability and are responsible for producing the best.

How to Fix a Trane Error Code 184. 07?

The first step in troubleshooting the Trane error code is troubleshooting it. Ensure that you figure out what is causing the problem by checking out for dust, dirt, leaves, and even snow droplets.

The steps to fixing this error code include; 

  • I checked the thermostat and ensured you set it at the correct temperature. 
  • I was checking around to ensure there are no water leaks; if you find any, fix them properly. 
  • You are checking your cooling and heating system for any clogs. 
  • They are checking the coils of your heating and cooling system and ensuring they are not with any dirt. 
  • They check the flow sensors to ensure they are clean and working correctly. 

If you find dirt on any of these areas, ensure that you use a vacuum cleaner to clean your blower motor and any other compartments, ensuring that they are free from dirt and snow. 

What Is Error Code 184.08 On a Trane Device?

The primary cause of this error Is a bad compressor. This code is more likely to indicate that your gas leaked, and the reason why the gas leak is due to a faulty compressor.

Without the error code, a significant indication of a bad compressor is a whistling sound from the fan running in the reverse direction, a clear indication of overheating. There are several other reasons for the Trane error code 184.08.

For instance, the comfort link II thermostat indicates that the controller cannot communicate with the com therm suite 9000, and when you come across this, you shouldn’t worry too much because you can fix this error with a few tips. 

However, before you begin, ensure that you unplug the thermostat for about one minute and plug it back again to check if the Trane controller firmware needs updating. 

So, when you receive a Trane error code 184.08, your system detects a problem with the indoor air handler, which needs to be repaired.

You should call on a professional to clear this error code for you because it would be very complex if you decide to clear it yourself, and you might even end up worsening things. 

How Do You Clear a Trane Error Code?

There are several Trane error codes and ways you can fix these codes. I will provide you with a list of Trane error codes and their possible fixes below

#1. Thermostat Error Code 26 

What this error code entails is that there is a high chance that your unit might be heating because the furnace exceeds the set temperature limit.

Most times, this is from the clogged air vent, a dirty air conditioning coil, and a blocked air duct, so the best remedy would be for you to clean up all these areas thoroughly. 

#2. Thermostat Error Code 79 

Hard lockout due to an open pressure switch is a problem. The remedy to this fault is resetting the unit so that the switch-off power for the inner and outer units has the exact system reset.

 However, if the problem persists after doing this, you should check the low-pressure switch to see if it is not very accurate; this is the primary cause of most hard-to-fix 79 codes. 

#3. Thermostat Error Code 89 

This error is due to the state’s inability to find the cooling or heating equipment. Since there are two major causes of this issue, a tripped breaker or a wiring problem, you can fix this in two significant ways; ensure that you call on a professional. 

#4. Thermostat Error Code 91 

This error code might indicate an issue with a low-voltage power line. The only way you can handle this is by inspecting the whole furnace to know which part is causing this issue; If the issue seems to be above you, ensure that you call on a professional. 

#5. Thermostat Error Code 126 

This error code signals a communication malfunction between the t stat and your furnace or AC unit.

The best thing you can try at home is switching off both the furnace and the ac and switching it back on after some minutes; the error should be clear by then. 

#6. Trane 184.08 Error Code 

This error code usually signifies why your system shuts down, either because it’s running low on refrigerants or certain restrictions in the refrigerating system.

The best thing you can do to remedy this at home is to power off and reboot your system. 

#7. Trane Thermostat Error Code 67.06 

you can use this thermostat error code to signify that the suction temperature sensor is experiencing a cooling problem. If you check and realize that the censor is damaged, you should replace it. 

#8. Trane Comfort link II Error Code 

many reasons result in this error code, including clogged air filters, iced evaporation coils, defective or low-pressure switches, and a low refrigerant. 

This error code 79 says, “low-pressure switches open,” You can remedy it by resetting the system, and the error is supposed to be clear by now.

If that does not work, you should check the cooler and air filter to see if it has clogs, dirt, or a break. 

You can fix general error code problems by power cycling; if it doesn’t work, you should know the exact issue before you carry out the specific method of clearing the fault. 

How Do You Reset a Trane Thermostat?

You’re having issues with your thermostat and wish to reset it, but you don’t know how to? Don’t worry; in this segment of the article, we are going to be guiding you on how you can reset your thermostat.

To reset your thermostat back to its factory configuration, follow the steps below; 

#1. Switch Your Thermostat off 

Go to the air conditioning unit of your thermostat and switch it off to start the process; that is the first step you should take because you cannot be working on your thermostat while it is on. 

#2. Locate Your Circuit Breaker

After you have switched your air conditioning unit off, locate your circuit breaker and then entirely turn off your air conditioner from the circuit breaker. You have to be very careful while doing this to avoid issues with electricity. 

#3. Remove Your Thermostat from the Wall

Remove your thermostat from the wall to ensure that you deactivate the electrical connection before placing it back on again. It would be best to wait 30 seconds to a minute before fixing the thermostat. 

#4. Switch the Units Back on

After you have re-fixed the thermostat, you can now switch on your air conditioning unit and circuit breaker back on, and after that, it should be in the factory setting. Again, you can get a re-check to confirm.


Now that you have gained knowledge of the error codes and how to fix them, you can troubleshoot the errors on your thermostat and fix them by yourself without needing to contact a professional in most cases.

However, if you feel like an error code is too complicated for you to handle, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a professional.

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