Can You Turn Off The Red Standby Light On Samsung TV?

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Over the years, Samsung has distinguished itself by merchandising top-notch products, one of which is TVs. 

But the red light that displays when they’re in standby mode has stirred a lot of reaction about their manner of fabrication. 

It’s so frustrating when the red light blinks at night time. Most users wonder if there’s any way one can turn off the light. Well, stick around. This article will provide deep insights.

Although Samsung has not provided any settings adjustment to stop the display, there are certain things you can do. One alternative is detaching the TV power cord from the mains to prevent power supply. Another is shielding the light from your sight using black tape.

Can I Turn off the Red Standby Light on Samsung TV?

Can You Turn off the Red Standby Light on Samsung TV

It’s normal for the red lights to show up when you switch off the TV and the cord is connected to the mains. 

And in such cases, you can do little or nothing to turn off the light. It simply indicates that the TV is on standby and needs reactivation. 

If you must take action, remove the TV cord from the mains or block the light with a translucent material.

On the other hand, if the red light displays and the Samsung TV won’t turn on, you’ll need to figure out the culprit to turn off the light.

But if you want an immediate effect, detach the TV power cord from the mains. 

The reason is that the troubleshooting process can be lengthy and requires many steps since you need to know the specific problem. 

But also note that turning off the TV would sometimes only solve the problem partially. When you reconnect the TV cord, the malfunction may persist.

Another temporary alternative to turning off the led light is placing a shield(translucent material) that will block the rays completely. 

This alternative, in the same way, isn’t so effective as the red light will continue displaying after you remove the shield.

Altogether, the red light display is expected when you turn off the TV using the remote, and its cord is still connected. 

But it’s an entirely different scenario when the light displays and the TV refuses to go on. It indicates something is wrong. 

How Do I Turn off the Red Standby Light on My Samsung TV?

The red standby light is not, in every case, an indication that the Samsung TV is in standby mode.

Sometimes, when the light displays and the TV isn’t on, it means there’s something wrong.

In any case, if the light is displaying because the TV is in standby mode, turning it off will be difficult. But if you insist, one helpful tip is to place black tape to cover the light.

Also, you can utilize your smart remote to do some modulation. Kindly navigate to the settings and turn off the light effect. 

Note that this option isn’t 100% effective and doesn’t work in every scenario, so it may not work for you.

Furthermore, as I said earlier, the standby red light can also indicate a malfunction. Thus, in such cases, you’ll need to troubleshoot the problem to get rid of the light.

One good troubleshooting option is carrying out a power cycle. You can do this by disconnecting the TV from the mains and pushing the power knob on the TV for about 15 seconds. 

After a couple of moments, reconnect the TV and turn it on. Besides power cycling, you should reset the launch configurations. This process will reset everything back to factory settings.

Why Does My Samsung TV Have a Red Light When Off?

If your Samsung TV is off and showing a red light, it’s most likely the TV is in standby mode. By implication, the TV is not entirely off but rather awaiting reactivation with its remote. 

The standby mode is a clue that the TV is still connected to your home network and can be turned on with the remote or by voice commands.

To your knowledge, Standby modes don’t only occur with Samsung TVs. It’s also pretty normal with brands like LG and Sony.

They are usually a way for devices to save power when not used. This mode functions by turning off the device’s display and reducing the number of processes running.

Additionally, the standby mode can be activated manually or automatically. When activated manually, the device will only turn on when a user interacts with it. 

This is why the red light will show up, and you’ll need to reactivate the TV with the remote.

When automatic standby mode is activated, the device will go into standby mode after a set amount of time has passed without any interaction from a user.

How Do I Turn off Standby Mode on My Samsung TV Without a Remote?

If you’re having trouble turning off the standby mode on your Samsung TV without the remote, don’t worry! There’s a way out. 

You’ll have to substitute the remote control with the knob at the back of the TV. This button usually plays the same role as the remote and will help you navigate some settings. 

The deactivation process when using this knob is the same as when using a remote. Additionally, you can navigate different options and submenus by pressing and holding the button. 

Subsequently, to turn off the standby mode with the knob, follow the procedure below.

  • Push the knob. A menu allowing you to adjust other settings, including turning off standby mode, will appear on the screen.
  • Navigate to General
  • Choose system management
  • Navigate to time and choose sleep timer
  • You’ll see the adjusted setting displayed. Kindly disable the sleep timer.

The standby mode is designed to conserve power, making the TV less likely to consume electricity when idle.

However, it can be perturbing for some users because the mode causes discomfort. You’ll have to use the small TV controller knob without the remote control, usually at the back of the TV.

Where Is the Standby Light on Samsung TV?

Samsung TVs are one of the most popular brands in the market. However, not all buyers know the standby button’s location.

The standby light is located at the lower end, specifically on the right side of the TV. It is typically an indicator light that lights up when the TV is in standby mode. 

It’s a clue that the TV has not been turned off and is still drawing electricity. The light will turn off when the TV is turned on.

Usually, the TV will automatically switch to standby mode after some minutes of inactivity. 

But if you wish to activate it manually, press the power button on the remote control. The screen will go blank, and the red light will display, indicating that the TV is in standby mode. 

Press the power knob on the remote control to deactivate the standby mode. The TV will come on, and the red light will disappear.

Subsequently, other TV brands also have their standby light on the front panel. There’s not much disparity compared to the Samsung TV.

Why Won’t My Samsung TV Turn on, but Red Light Is on?

Usually, the red light indicates that the Samsung TV is in standby mode. But if it displays and the TV won’t turn, there’s something wrong.

The possible reasons for such an occurrence include an inadequate power supply, a faulty Launch Configuration,  a loose connection, and faulty circuit boards.

#1. Inefficient Power Supply

A compromised power supply is one reason the red light will display and the TV won’t turn.

The standard electric current voltage is 5v. Thus if the present current has anything less than that, the TV system will find it difficult to come on.

Subsequently, if you notice the present voltage being less the 5v, disconnect the TV. Afterward, check if the voltage from the socket is the same. 

If the voltage is similar, the power supply unit is the problem. Therefore, the power supply unit board probably needs retrofitting.

#2. A Faulty Launch Configuration

The launch configuration typically starts up the TV, so it won’t come on if the configuration is faulty. In such cases, you’ll need to reset the configuration

You should consult your user manual for the reset procedures cause it differs depending on the brand. 

After resetting, the Samsung TV should turn on if the launch configuration is corrupted.

#3. A loose Connection

It is common for a loose connection to occur around the TV; this might be the problem. Therefore, you should check and ensure that all connected cables are fastened.

Also, ensure that the wires are in good condition. The reason is that pests can chop off some parts, rendering them useless.

#4. Faulty Circuit Boards

Especially in power surges, TV components like the circuit boards can get disabled

This disability will result in various malfunctions, including the inability of the TV to turn on with a red light display. You’ll have to replace the circuit board if this is the case.

Subsequently, other possible culprits and their solutions are highlighted below.

Culprit Solution 
A faulty capacitorReplacement
A faulty surge protectorReplacement
Impaired cablesReplacement


Unfortunately, there are no alternatives to turning off the red standby light on your Samsung TV doesn’t systematically. You should place a translucent material to block Its effect if it’s too perturbing.

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