Turn Off The Sound On LG Dryer: All You Need To Know

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Many home appliances feature sounds as notifications for the different functions they perform. 

For dryers, chimes and other alarms signal the end of drying cycles and pressure on their buttons.

LG dryers feature a melody loosely based on the “Lincolnshire Poacher” to signal the completion of cycles. These little jingles also affect people’s feelings about their work and the appliances.

However, you can deactivate this factory default setting if your preference is to do without sound.

The primary way of turning off the sound on an LG dryer is by adjusting the melody volume to OFF. You can do this by simply toggling on the Signal button of the dryer. Some dryer models possess Signal ON/OFF or alternative ways of turning off their sounds.

This article will teach you how to turn off the signal sound on LG dryers. I will also show you how to adjust the sound volume on these appliances.

By the end, you’d have learned why your LG dryer turns on without sound and how to troubleshoot the issue.

Can You Turn Off the Sound on an LG Dryer?

Turn Off Sound on LG Dryer

You can turn off the sound on an LG dryer if you want the appliance to be silent. Silencing the dryer will deactivate the chimes notification melody and the button tone.

There are different ways of turning off the sound for the various LG dryers. However, the prevalent method of silencing the appliance is the Signal button.

For some models of LG dryers, you have to toggle between volume adjustments to turn off their sounds. 

The steps below will help you do so:

  • First, press the dryer’s power button to turn it on.
  • Then, select any cycle by turning the program dial to it.
  • Press the signal button to toggle between the melody and tone volumes. Since you want to turn off the sound, leave the setting OFF.

Some models, like the WM3488H washer/dryer combo, don’t have volume adjustment features. For such builds, pressing the Signal button turns the sound on or off.

LG dryer cycle modifiers cannot work if you don’t select a cycle. Therefore, choose a program to enable this function before pressing the signal volume to turn off the sound.

Alternative Ways To Turn Off the Sound on Your LG Dryer

Some dryer models, especially washer/dryer combinations, don’t have a primary Signal button.

Hence, they have alternatives to simply pressing the Signal button to turn the sound off. Adjusting these appliances’ melody and button tone volume could be tricky.

You can turn off the sound on such models using the following alternatives:

#1. Secondary Signal Functions

Some LG dryers possess the Signal regulator as a secondary function under the main button. 

Upon close observation, you will notice a Signal in small prints under the primary label of the button. The main button under which the Signal option appears differs according to models. 

The following are some of these primary functions:

  • Water Plus button
  • COLD WASH button
  • Pre-Wash button
  • Dry Level button

For some models, you will see Signal; for others, you’ll see Signal on/off as the secondary option.

To turn off the sound for these dryers, press and hold any of these buttons for at least three seconds. Then, press any other button or turn the program dial to check if the sound is gone.

If it isn’t, press and hold the button for a while. Always remember to select a cycle before turning the sound off.

#2. Muffling the Dryer Sound

Unconventionally, you can muffle your LG dryer sound if you don’t want it. This method doesn’t turn off the sound entirely but makes it quiet and unnoticeable.

Follow the steps below to deaden your LG Dryer sound without using the conventional Signal button

  • First, get transparent office tape.
  • Find the dryer speaker.
  • Tape it over. You can put the tape in two or more layers if one layer doesn’t do the job.

#3. Disconnecting the Dryer Speaker

This method is a drastic but effective way of permanently disabling your LG dryer sound. It keeps the appliance silent until you decide to have sound from it again.

To disconnect the speaker, take off the dryer’s lid using a Phillips screwdriver. Then open up the control board, look for the wire connecting the speaker and disable it.

You must exercise caution during the process to avoid shocks and damage to the appliance. Taking apart the dryer can also void its warranty.

How to Turn On the Sound on Your LG Dryer?

Turning on the sound on an LG dryer is a straightforward task to carry out. It is the reverse of turning off the audio notification you’ve just learned.

You can use the methods below to turn on the sound on your LG dryer:

#1. Using the Signal Button

If your dryer model possesses the Signal button, you can turn its sound on using these steps:

  • Press the power button.
  • Select a cycle to enable cycle modifiers.
  • Finally, press the signal button to toggle between the sound volumes of the dryer.

#2. Using the Signal On/Off

To turn on the sound on a model with the Signal on/off button, use the steps below:

  • Turn on the dryer.
  • Select a cycle.
  • Press the Signal on/off button to activate the sound.

#3. Using the Secondary Signal Option

As you already know, some LG dryer models don’t have the main signal button. 

These builds possess the following buttons under which there is a secondary Signal option.

Dryer ModelButton with Secondary Signal Function
LG WM3488HWater Plus
WM3400CWCold Wash
LG DLE7000WDry Level

Use these steps to turn on the dryer sound in such a model:

  • Power on the system.
  • Enable the cycle modifier by selecting a cycle.
  • Press the button with the secondary signal function button and hold for three seconds. 

Alternatively, you can hold the button until you hear a chime indicating a chime.

How to Adjust Sound Volume on LG Dryer

LG dryer models with the Signal button allow for adjusting their sound volumes. You can toggle between low, medium, and high audio volumes on such makes. 

Follow the steps below to adjust the sound volume on your LG dryer:

  • Power on the appliance.
  • Select a cycle.
  • Press the Signal button repeatedly to toggle between low, medium, and high sound volumes.

Unfortunately, there are some models on which you can’t adjust the sound volume. However, you can reduce the sound by tapping over the speaker for such appliances.

Why Your LG Dryer Turns On Without a Sound and How to Fix It

Sounds are the factory default settings of LG dryers. Therefore, if your dryer turns on without an audio notification, there should be reasons for it.

The following are the possible reasons why your dryer will turn on without a sound and troubleshooting steps for them:

#1. You Deactivated the Sound

The most common reason for a dryer turning on without sound is the deactivation of the audio feature. You might have turned off the sound mistakenly or even intentionally.

Follow the steps for turning on the dryer sound to resolve the issue. Refer to your appliance’s user manual if you are still trying to figure out how to turn it on.

If the sound still doesn’t come on, another reason is responsible for the problem.

#2. The Panel Control Board Is Damaged

A damaged panel control board is another reason your dryer will turn on without sound. If other board functions are working, the problem could be from the speaker connection.

The steps below will help you verify if a damaged control panel is responsible for the issue:

  • Turn off the dryer and cut off its power supply.
  • Pull the dryer from its position to enable you to work on it.
  • Use a Phillips screwdriver to unthread the dryer screw and remove the bracket.
  • Remove the lid by sliding and lifting it.
  • Pull off the program dial knob.
  • Unthread the screws of the control panel.
  • Pry the panel tabs and pull them back to remove them.
  • Examine the panel control board for damage or disconnected cables.

If there is a disconnected cable, reconnect it. It may be futile to try to repair other damages. 

Therefore, if there’s an issue with the control board, buy a new one and proceed with these steps.

  • Unplug the PCB wire harness and unthread its screws.
  • Unhook the damaged board from the control panel and disconnect the cables.
  • Connect the new board to the cables and the control panel
  • Plug the wire harness and screw the board.
  • Go on and assemble the dryer.

Fixing a damaged dryer control board may be technical, and an amateur may damage other parts while attempting it. Therefore, take the appliance to a professional for repair if you can’t do it.

Also, taking apart the dryer can void its warranty. Hence, ensure that your appliance is not under this security guarantee before attempting to fix it.

Sometimes too, dirt can accumulate in a dryer and interfere with its normal functions. Ensure you clean your dryer when it’s dirty. Check here to see how to clean this appliance.


#1. What Tune Do LG Dryers Play?

The LG dryer tune is a melody loosely based on Benjamin Britten’s “The Lincolnshire Poacher.”

#2. Can You Change the LG Dryer’s Notification Melody?

No. There is no option for changing the LG dryer chimes notification melody.

#3. What Other Sounds Do LG Dryers Make?

Dryers make a humming or buzzing sound during their operations. These sounds result from the blower motor pulling out the dryer’s air.

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