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TV Died After Power Outage? (Can it be fixed?)

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:28 pm

Usually, when there’s an interruption in the normal flow of power supply,  So many inconveniences are experienced, ranging from personal discomfort to that of our domestic appliances.

Power outages often lead to damage, primarily due to the suddenness which occurs, and because the appliances go off abruptly while functioning, they can get damaged.

TV dying after power outages is usually experienced in areas with poor grid infrastructure and stormy climates.

However, the most intriguing aspect is Can the TV be fixed after dying due to a power outage?

Yes, you can fix your TV after it dies from a power outage. All you need do is follow the proper steps to restore your TV set. One way of restoring is to carry out a default factory resetting, setting your TV back to the way it was when you first purchased it. These guidelines are carefully documented in the TV owner’s manual. And this helps to accurately guide you in restoring your TV set after it dies during a  power outage. You can also check the manufacturer’s website for further guidance and information.

What Happens To A TV During A Power Surge?

A TV can get damaged during a power surge because electricity seems to cut out momentarily and return.

This process causes a short out of your TV set and other electronics plugged onto the wall socket.

And when this happens, you may be unable to switch your TV back on again. This is because your TV, like other connected devices, is exposed to excess current during a power surge, which causes an overload.

It is this sudden overload that degrades and damages your TV temporarily.

It is important to note that when your TV dies after a power surge, it indicates that your appliance is sensitive to power fluctuation, which often leads to the malfunction of your TV set if care is not adequately taken.

Power surge often occurs when there’s a disruption in the normal flow of electric current or when there’s a break in the flow that sends the power supply back to its system.

If you’ve ever checked behind your TV set, you’ll discover a box full of computer chips and other delicate wires and components. These components can function properly under a normal supply of electricity.

However, the moment there’s an abnormal increase in the amount of light supplied into the component.

They’ll immediately short out and other times get fried, which is the primary reason why most TVs stop working or even get damaged entirely during a power surge.

Lightning, thunderstorms, poor grid infrastructure, faulty appliances, tripped circuit breakers, power line over surges, and many more are some causes of power surges which can lead to a malfunction and ultimately cause damage to your TV set.

Do TVs Need A Surge Protector?

Belkin Surge Power Strip Protector

The surest, safest and cheapest way to protect your TV and other expensive electronic appliances with complex microprocessors from any form of power surge and the relative damage it causes is the use of devices such as Surge protectors.

A surge protector, also known as a surge suppressor or surge diver, helps protect your TV and other appliances by diverting the flow of high current to the ground instead of entering into sensitive components of your TV to prevent damage.

Nevertheless, the damage is better prevented than solved. It is better safe than sorry.

The time spent, the money involved, and all the related problems and inconveniences are all best avoided by aiding your TV set with a surge protector.

So, a Surge protector is a must-have for your TV set as it serves as a defense of your TV set against a power surge.

Getting a surge protector is paramount if you desire your appliance to serve you for an extended period without unnecessary repairs and expenses.

Surge protectors also contain monitoring components that help your TV set function properly.

They are equally useful for reducing cable clutter, thereby improving the organization and neatness of your electronic appliances.

A steady light known as the indicator light is displayed when the surge is in operation.

The moment it starts blinking or flickering or even goes off completely, it is a clear indication that your TV surge protector needs replacement as quickly as possible.

With this surge protector in operation, there’s no fear whatsoever, no matter the intensity of the power surge.

TV Power Surge Symptoms

When your TV set experiences a power surge, specific symptoms can be seen as a pointer that indicates your TV set has surged.

 Some of these symptoms are listed below:

#1. The appliance’s clock or light starts flashing as an indication the device is no longer functioning as it should.

This indication helps point the owner’s attention to where the problem is in the appliance.

#2. The TV goes off and stops working. When the voltage flowing into the component exceeds the standard voltage, this could cause the TV to go off.

#3. Sometimes, you may notice a burnt smell under the TV set or its power source on the wall.

#4. Black stains due to burns can be seen on the wires and sockets of the TV.

#5. If a surge protector is present, it may require resetting.

Can A TV Damaged By Power Surge Be Repaired?

Damage to your TV by a power surge is usually an unexpected and sudden inconvenience. It is generally accompanied by dead sights or sounds that leave us disheartened.

Nevertheless, a TV damaged by a power surge can be repaired and made to function correctly again.

So, before you panic or go online to order a new TV set after experiencing surge damage to your TV set.

Consider the following procedures in fixing your TV set:

#1. One method for restoring your TV set involves draining out power lingering in your TV set after the surge. To do this:

#2. Unplug the TV from the source of power, i.e., the outlet.

#3. Next, press down the power button for about 10 to 30 seconds to help drain the excess energy from the TV set.

#4. Reconnect the TV and switch it on.

#5. Repeat these steps if it fails at the first attempt and allow the TV to reset if possible after several attempts.

#6. Another method to fix your TV is to restore the TV to the factory default setting. You can find the procedures for carrying this out in the TV owner’s manual.

Following the set down guidelines can help fix the damaged TV set again.

After trying the above-stated methods,  the TV isn’t still working. You’ll need to seek the help of an electrical engineer for professional assistance to restore your TV set.

But rest assured, if the damage is not extreme as in many cases, you can fix the TV!


Power Outage occurs due to a break in the current flow from the source into household appliances such as TV.

When there’s an alternation in the average voltage supplied into the TV set, it can lead to damage to your TV set.

However, when this happens, it’s not the end of your TV as it can be adequately fixed if the proper procedures are followed as stated in the TV owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website.

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