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Whenever you install towel bars, it requires a lot of patience and precision. In addition, it is necessary to understand the bathroom layout to carry out the procedure correctly.

Most bathrooms can have multiple towel racks, which don’t disturb accessibility. This is especially in shared bathrooms, which require everyone to hang their towels.

However, some bathroom designs don’t support having more than one towel bar simultaneously.

Therefore, it would be best if you innovative ideas to accommodate more than one towel bar in such bathrooms.

The most innovative way to do this is to use the limited space in the bathroom to install multiple towel rails. Therefore, it may be on the same available side of the wall.

The bottom towel bar would be 48 inches above the floor for two towel bars on top of each other. The top bar would have a gap of two inches plus the length of the towel on it. Whereas for side-by-side towel rails, both towel rails should be 48 inches off the ground.

Can You Hang Two Towel Bars on the Same Wall?

Two Towel Bars on Same Wall Height  

You can hang two towel bars on the same wall. You can set the two bars on top of each other or side by side.

It is best to install the two bars side by side for more ventilation. However, your bathroom layout and size greatly determine where you install both towel bars.

Therefore, it is best to install them in a way that does not affect the decorations and design.

Also, to hang two towel bars on the same wall, you need to hang towel bars that can comfortably accommodate each towel without disturbing each other.

Also, you have to choose the length of the towel rail that your bathroom can accommodate.

The width and length of your bathroom would determine where and how to install both bars.

Here are the appropriate lengths of the towel rail for different bathroom sizes.

Length of the Towel BarBathroom Size
18 and 24 inchesAverage of 40 square feet
30 inches45 square feet or more

Another factor determining whether you can hang two towel racks on the same wall is the towel size.

You may stack both towels too tightly if you choose too small towel bars. Whereas, if you choose too wide towel bars, bath towels could easily slip and keep falling out of place.

The correct towel bars and towel sizes are;

Size of TowelsDimensions of the Towel Bar
27 to 30 inches wide across the entire length18 to 24 inches for each towel
16 to 18 inches wide across the entire length18 inches for each towel
13 inches wide across the entire length18 inches

How Far Apart Should Two Towel Bars Be?

There should be a space of two and nine inches between the two towel bars. It is enough space to allow accessibility and sufficient ventilation to dry the moisture.

Check the edges of the towel after hanging them. If both edges of the towel touch, you should increase the clearance gap between them.

It would be best to ensure that the edges do not touch the floor or countertop.

The first towel bar should have enough space from the second bar so that the towels don’t get in the way of each other.

You should hang one towel rail first and install it as a base for the other towel rail if you are hanging double towel rails. It is best to install both towel rails side by side for easy accessibility.

Also, hanging the towel bars on top of each other can obstruct the one below, making it difficult to get the towels.

Another disadvantage of placing both bars on top of each other is that the towel underneath would not have enough space to dry.

As a result, the upper towel would continue to drip on the lower one.

Where Should Towel Bars Be Placed on the Same Wall Height?

The first thing you should consider when considering a place to install the towel bars is the location of the sink and bathtub.

Towel bars should be close enough to the sink and bathtub for easy accessibility. If it is difficult to have the towel bars at this point, you should find a spot in the center of the tub and sink.

It should be a spot that won’t require you to walk through the bathroom to get towels.

When installing the towel rings, you must consider the height of the towel ring before installation.

Towel rings are usually eight inches in diameter, which is not large enough to fit a bath towel.

In addition, they can only contain towels you can use when washing your face or hands in the sink. Therefore, the towel rings should be close to the sink.

Also, it would be best if you always left a four-inch gap between electrical outlets and towel bars.

Some GFCI outlets may be on top of the cabinet shelves, although the electrical outlets should be 16 inches off the ground.

In any case, electrical outlets could disturb the installation of towel bars at standard height.

Therefore, the towel bar should be allowed four inches of space under the bottom of the socket.

However, you should never install towel bars above electrical outlets as water could seep into the outlet from a wet towel.

It could cause a short circuit or electric shock, which could cause serious injury.

How High To Hang Two Towel Bars?

The towel bar holders should hang in the center to be 48 inches above the floor.

It is an easily accessible medium height for anyone. In addition, the 48-inch height allows you to fold both medium and large towels in half without touching the floor.

The two bars should be 32 inches above the floor if you intend to place them under the counter.

Additionally, the Americans with Disabilities Act states a height of 15 to 48 inches above the floor for people with limited movement.

If the towel bars are above the cabinet shelf, the height should be 44 inches above the floor.

The distance between the front of the cabinet and the towel bar should be 20 inches. It would allow wheelchair users to reach towels easily.

Hotel room towel bars should hang 48 inches above the floor while 70 inches above the floor for the height of the towel hooks.

Two towel rings should have a minimum height of 20 inches above the countertop. In addition, the two towel bars should have a nine-inch gap.

Also, the minimum height of the towel bars for children is 36 inches above the floor.

When installing towel bars in a child’s bathroom, you should consider their age and height. The towel bar height should allow children to reach the towels unsupported or on tiptoe easily.

Here are the recommended towel bar heights for children based on age.

Height From the FloorAge (Years)
36 inchesThree to four
40 inchesFive to eight
44 inchesNine to 12

Typically, the standard height for installing towel bars is 42 to 48 inches above the bathroom floor.

It is a height that most people can reach easily and offers enough ventilation space for the towels.

However, the heights of the towel bar vary depending on the type of location and settings. So, first, you need to understand the different principles of hanging towels.

Also, there are some basic measurements and guidelines to follow to install two towel bars on the same wall.

Finally, you should follow these steps to install the towel bars.

  • Fold the larger of the two bath towels and measure the length of the folded width.
  • Add two inches of free space to the measurement, then use the result to measure the height of the towel from floor to wall.
  • Mark the spot and install the lower towel bar.
  • If your largest towel is 60 inches long, you would fold it in half and measure the length (60 ÷ 2 = 30).
  • The half length would be 30 inches. Add two inches to the half-length measurement (30 + 2 = 32).
  • The height of the towel bar from the floor would be 32 inches.

You should note that the two-inch free space is to prevent the towel from touching the floor.

  • To install the top towel bar, you need to add the bottom bar height to two inches.
  • Then add it to the folded length of the towel you would hang at the top.
  • It means if half the length of the towel in the top bar is 28 inches. Add it to the height of the bottom bar (32 + 28 = 60).
  • Then add a two-inch distance between the two bars (60 + 2 = 62).
  • Install the top towel bar 62 inches above the floor and 30 inches above the bottom towel bar.

A two-inch distance is mandatory between the two towel bars so they do not connect or disturb each other.

As for the heights of the towel rings, the stands should be 48 inches taller above the floor.

First, measure the distance from the holder’s center to the towel ring’s base. Then add the resulting figure to 48 inches.

Finally, measure the total result on the wall starting from the floor. Mark the spot and mount the towel ring.


Ultimately, the motive behind installing two towel bars is to increase convenience and fully manage the space.

However, you shouldn’t ignore the look of your bathroom when placing towel bars on the same wall. You don’t want to spoil the bathroom design.

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