Ultra Ice Mean Kenmore Refrigerator: Cool Secret!

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Your fridge has a cool feature called “ultra ice.” It makes ice really fast. Do you have guests coming over? Or maybe you’re making homemade ice cream?

Some fridges, like the Kenmore Elite, have a special trick for this. Just press the “ultra ice” button. You’ll get more ice quickly and won’t need to buy it from the store.

Ultra ice

How the Ultra Ice Feature Works

When you use ultra-ice, your freezer gets colder than usual. This makes water freeze faster and makes more ice.

Need a lot of ice for a big event? Just start the ultra-ice feature a few days before. You’ll have plenty of ice when you need it.

Easy-Peasy Ultra Ice Button

The ultra-ice button is right on your fridge’s control panel. Touch it, and your fridge starts making more ice.

A message that says “Processing Ultra-Ice …” will pop up. This means your fridge is working on making extra ice. Remember, keep the control panel dry for it to work best.

Automatic Shutoff for Ultra Ice

The ultra-ice feature turns off after 24 hours. But if you need more ice, just press the button again.

Your ice maker will reset and start making normal ice. Or press the button again after 24 hours to keep making lots of ice.

Ultra Ice and Saving Energy

The ultra-ice feature uses more energy because it’s working hard to make ice fast. But it’s super helpful when you need lots of ice quickly.

Just remember, it’s good to use ultra-ice only when you really need lots of ice. This way, you save energy too.

Another Tip for the Ultra Ice Button

Got a new fridge and the ice maker isn’t working? It might be in “demo mode.” This mode is for stores to save energy.

To fix this, open a door and press two buttons at once: Refrigerator Temp and Ultra-Ice. Hold them for five seconds. The fridge will beep, and you’ll see the temperature settings. Now it’s ready to cool!

Got a New Fridge? Check for Demo Mode

Is your new Kenmore fridge not cooling? It might be in Demo Mode. This mode is used in stores and stops the fridge from cooling.

To turn off Demo Mode, press the Ultra-Ice and Refrigerator Temp buttons together for 5 seconds. Then, your fridge will start cooling like normal.


  • Change the water filter every 6 months for clean ice.
  • Watch the ice container. When it’s full, store the ice in bags or in an extra ice bin.

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