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When you purchase a bed, there are several things you need to look out for. Though it is not commonly used, many people prefer to use footboards for their beds.

The question now is, can you use this footboard with other components of your bed, like your bedskirt?

You can use your bedskirt with your footboard. However, this depends on the style of bedskirt you are using and the style and size of the footboard. Therefore, before you choose a bedskirt, you need to consider the type of footboard you use so that they don’t end up being incompatible. 

Do You Use a Bedskirt with a Footboard?

You can use a bedskirt with a footboard. Note that there are different kinds of bedskirts to use with varying styles of the footboard.

The make of the bed is often also crucial as the footboard makes part of the bed.

When you are using your bedskirt, you need to ensure that the foot-sized legs of the footboard can give way for the bedskirts to go through.

Thus, I advise you to obtain a split concerned bedskirt to get this feature. 

Also, you cannot use a regular bedskirt with an adjustable bed and footboard. If you do so, you will experience the following consequences:

  • First, your bedskirt could get unnecessarily stretched, damaging the fabric.
  • The bedskirt could get stuck in a gap when you are lowering, raising, or tilting the bed.

I recommend using the following types of bedskirts for an adjustable bed.

They include adjustable bedskirts, velcro strip bedskirts, commercial Warp around bedskirts, and bedskirts with hook and loop taped closures. 

Note that there is a clear distinction between a bedskirt, bedsheet, and bedspread.

The bedspread served as a becomes, having sides that go down to the floor, serving decorative purposes mainly.

The bedsheets also serve as bedcovers, laying below the bedspread and serving functional purposes.

Finally, the bedskirts also serve a decorative purpose, covering the mattress’s box spring and the legs of the bed.

How Do You Use a Bedskirt With a Footboard?

There are various steps you can take to use your bedskirt with a footboard. These steps are:

  • If you are using bedskirts with your sleigh bed, fix the bedskirt with it hanging behind and below the footboard and side rails.
  • Use a bedskirt with split corners if rails conceal the top of your mattress’s box spring.
  • Ensure you use an attached deck that rests on the box spring.

If the steps above are not working out for you, then you can try out the following alternative steps:

#1. Obtain an Affordable Bedskirt

The first step you have to take in this case is obtaining a cost-reduced bedskirt. Then, if you do not have enough money to purchase the bedskirts from the store, you don’t have to panic.

This is because there is a cost-reduced way of obtaining a bedskirt. In this method, you move to a store and purchase some sheets.

While buying the sheets, you need to note that white sheets are generally inexpensive, coming off for as low as three dollars each. Also, you need to note that flat sheers are the best fit.

Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry if you purchase fitted sheets. To rid yourself of the issue at hand, get rid of the corner streams and elastic of the sheets.

Next, you cut the fabric edges and make sure they are straightened.

#2. Prepare your Bedskirt

You do not require this process if you purchase bedskirts directly from the store. However, if you bought bedsheets intending to make bedskirts, this step becomes crucial.

In this step the first step you take is laying out the first sheet on the bed. This is to allow the sheet to anchor the skirts.

Next, you accept the following steps:

  • First, fold the sheet in half along its length.
  • Using a marker, mark the sheets in the middle. After that, you cut the sheets down the middle. I advise you to use scissors of the Fiskars model. Click here to purchase Fiskar modeled scissors.
  • Two halves are facing the good side now. Place them together and sew them along the short seam. Next, you need to finish up the top of the strip with commercial hemming.
  • Holdover half an inch of the materials and hem them together. 
  • Sew the sheets in place.
  • Create a hem: you do this by turning the material over half an inch and three inches. 
  • Ensure you press the materials well.
  • Ensure you sew along the edge of the hem. I advise you to use the Singer 9960 Sewing Machine for this process. 
  • Place the hem lace, ensuring that it hangs half an inch from the bottom of the hem. 
  • Attach the ribbon to your material, sewing along the top of the ribbon.
  • Repeat the steps above for the second long side.
  • With all four straps sewn, thread a strip at the top of the finished product and gather the material. 
  • Your bedskirt is finished.

#3. Attach your Bedskirt to your Footboard 

To attach your bedskirt to your footboard, you need to divide the bedskirt into two halves. This is important because the footboard has a central brace for holding the mattress.

Next, hem the edges of your bedskirt and attach the lace as a long piece. 

#4. Ensure your Flat sheet is well attached to your bedskirt 

  • From the center of the foot end, ensure that foot stip curls around the corner of the fabric. 
  • After taking that step, make sure you spread out the gathers with a use. Again, use safety pins for the exercise, most preferably the Hemline safety pins.
  • Next, repeat the process for the other half of the foot end.
  • Fit the long strip into the edge of the flat sheet.
  • Ensure the bed corners are well covered by curling the end of the strip.
  • Gather and spread the skirts until you like their physical appearance.
  • You have successfully used your bedskirt with your footboard. 


Undoubtedly, you can use your bedskirt with your footboard.

However, you must consider before choosing your bedskirt is the style of your footboard, and not every type of the footboard is not compatible with every style of bedskirt.

However, note that bedskirts are becoming obsolete. But if you are a lover of vintage styles, then the bedskirts are just for you.

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