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Can You Use Staples On MC Cable? (Let’s Find Out)

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:26 pm

Cables come in different types and sizes. Each type is designed to be used for various purposes. Therefore, each cable has the perfect staples that You can use on it.

However, choosing the suitable staple for your cables can be challenging, especially if you do not know it. This article will guide you in selecting the suitable staples for your cables.

Yes, you can use staples on MC cables. However, staples can damage your cables if care is not taken. So, you must be extremely cautious when working with them. The evidence in 330.30 of the National Electrical Code says, “MC cable must be supported and secured by staples, cable ties, e.t.c.”

What’s MC Cable?

Woods 68579223 100' 14/2 MC Alum Cable, 100 Foot

MC is an acronym that stands for “Metal Clads.” Therefore, a metal-clad cable combines one or more insulated circuits assembled within an armor of a metallic sheath or metal tape.

It’s also known as metallic sheath cables, armored cables, or BX cables.

Metal clads cable is one of the cables commonly used in residential buildings. However, it’s also used in commercial and industrial buildings. 

MC cables vary in size, but the most common are ten gauge wire, 12 gauge wire, and 14 gauge wire.

The way to identify metal-clad cables is through the gauge of their wires and not through the diameter of the metallic sheath.

Types Of MC Cables

MC cables have different types; below are some of them:

  • MC Glide lite Aluminium clad cable
  • MC Glide Tuff Steel clad cable solid or stranded, capable of easy pulling and fast installation.
  • MC intermediate and feeder cable with interlocking aluminum sheath and stranded conduits.
  • MC-plus lite neutral per phase cable with galvanized interlocking steel and aluminum sheath.
  • MC steel metal-clad cable. This is designed with galvanized interlocking steel sheath.
  • MC AWG-2 through 1 AWG-4 aluminum armored cable. Intermediate feeder size MC cable comes with galvanized steel armor, and it also comprises galvanized interlocking steel strip.
  • MC lite metal-clad aluminum armored cable. This is designed with an interlocking aluminum strip sheath and lacks color spec striping.
  • MC lite aluminum armored cable. This is designed with an aluminum interlocking sheath. It has color-trak identification system options.
  • MC tuff lightweight steel cable. This type of MC cable comprises lightweight galvanized steel armor that has a color spec, and also, it has incredible strength.
  • MC tuff IG-isolated ground steel cable. It is constructed with a lightweight interlocking steel armored isolated ground cable with a blue color.
  • MC lite AG-isolated ground aluminum cable. This is an isolated metal-clad lite aluminum cable with incredible strength, lightweight, and RoHS compliant aluminum armor for isolated grounding.
  • MC luminary tuff steel-clad cable solid or stranded cable. This also enables easier pulling and faster installation.
  • MC luminary metal-clad cable. This cable is suitable for LED and fluorescent dimming and smart buildings. One armor of this cable manages power and control circuits effectively.
  • MC glide luminary lite aluminum-clad solid or stranded cable suitable for easier pulling and quick installation.
  • Home run cable: This is a multipurpose multi-conductor cable designed from a galvanized steel armor and comprises phase identification by color code.

What Kind Of Staples Are Used On Mc Cables?

As mentioned above, electrical cables vary in purposes, and so are the types of staples that can be used.

The staples that are used on cables are different from ordinary cables. Below are the kind of staples that are used on MC cables:

  • BPS 2-5, which is a plastic insulated cable staple. 
  • Gardner Bender MSI-150 electrical metal staple. 
  • DRS 18100 is a 1-inch insulated cable staple suitable for NM-B and MC cables.
  • Gardner Bender MSI-200JT, an ½ inch insulated metal staple. 
  • BX staples. 
  • Cordless cable stapler. 

Advantages Of Using MC Cables

Metal clad cables have numerous advantages, and these are some of them;

  • You can use them in both the interior and exterior of your buildings.
  • You can use MC cables in damp environments because of their ability to resist corrosion.
  • They are durable.
  • They provide optimum mechanical protection.
  • They have lighter weight, and it’s pretty easy and super fast to work with them.
  • You don’t need any special bending equipment when working with them.
  • Their armor, that is, their aluminum sheath provides utmost protection for the internal components of the cable.
  • It’s easier to work with them than with rigid conduits.
  • The wires of MC cables are flexible, and you can cut them effortlessly.

Disadvantages Of MC Cables

Metal clad cables have a few disadvantages, which go as follows:

  • First, they lack standard conduit color options. They are primarily available in blue, red, green, and black colors.
  • They have limited labeling options.
  • Their manufacturing process is somehow risky.


You can use staples on MC cable. All you need to do is be very careful when working with it to avoid damage. Moreover, do ensure to use suitable staples for your metal-clad cables.

Such staples have been mentioned above. I assure you of an effective result if you appropriately follow the instructions mentioned in this article

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