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Can You Use Staples On A Package? (Read This First)

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:26 pm

It is essential to seal your packages well to protect and keep their content in place.

Sealing can be done manually or automatically with various package sealing methods such as tape sealing, stapling, gluing, etc. 

Meanwhile, not all the sealing methods are favorable in all climates and circumstances. Consequently, this leads to the question: Can you staple a package?

You can use staples on a package. Staples sealing is one of the strongest sealing methods; it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Also, you can quickly detect if your package has been tampered with when you staple it. 

Can You Staple A Package? 

Yes, you can indeed staple a package. However, it isn’t seen as the best method of sealing a package due to some little cons.

But, stapling a package has huge benefits compared to sealing the package with tape or glue.

Additionally, unlike taping, stapling is moisture and tear-resistant, among other benefits. It is important to seal your package with good material to protect it and ensure safe delivery.

In other words, you can staple a package, and it’s also a better package sealing option.

Pros And Cons Of Stapling A Package

Stapling a package is acceptable, and it doesn’t have many side effects. But, it is still important for you to know the pros and cons of stapling a package.

Thus, the points below will shed light on that aspect of stapling a package:


#1. Moisture and Tear Resistant:

Unlike other sealing a package, stapling a package makes water not too easy to penetrate.

This situation implies that it won’t get wet when your package comes in contact with water during the delivery process. 

Also, a package sealed with staples won’t get easily torn, unlike a package with tape. Stapling keep a shipping container strong than gluing and taping, thus preventing it from getting torn.

Hence, stapled packages are safe during all weather conditions because heavy-duty staples remain the same.

Likewise, it is safe to say that your package won’t likely get torn off or wet during the waybill or delivery.

#2. Staples doesn’t have an expiration or drying off date:

One of the significant reasons staples are a better option than other sealing methods is that they don’t expire.

The carton closing staples can remain the same for a long time without drying out. Meanwhile, a sealing tape can dry out and not seal well after exposure to air for a while. 

#3. Fast and time-saving:

Using a carton closing stapler to seal a package is faster than sealing with packing tape dispensers. Also, you get to seal many packages within a short period when stapling.

It happens when you adopt the pneumatic carton closing method of stapling packages.

#4. Environmental Friendly and Recyclable:

It is easy to dispose of staples after opening up a sealed package than with a tape-sealed package. This action makes it environmentally friendly and suitable for reducing environmental pollution.

In addition to that, the staples that you collect from packages you open end up being recycled. Also, the ones that go into the trash can enrich nature with minerals

Meanwhile, staples are gotten from recyclable metals, which by heating them, it turn into liquid steel. Afterward, you can reprocess it into another metal material.

#5. Tamper exposure:

It is easier to detect tampering with your package when you seal it with heavy-duty staples than by taping or gluing. As a result, staples leave a visible sign when taken out.

#6. Best for sealing bigger packages:

Stapling is the most suitable sealing method for bigger packages like bulk cargo boxes. Taping and gluing wouldn’t close up the package well, unlike sealing.

Also, the entire box might subsequently get messy from too much gluing and taping. Thus, using heavy-duty staples to seal it is the better option.


#1. Not suitable for stapling food packages: 

We generally consider staples as being dangerous to use to seal a food package. Bits of staples could fall inside the food when sealing, posing a live threat to the food owner.

Also, staples are harmful to consumers and avoid ingesting staples or their chips.

However, you can prevent staples from falling into foods during sealing by being careful to seal food packages.

Also, you’ll need to cover the main food substance before proceeding to seal again with a heavy-duty stapler.

#2. Not acceptable for some delivery agencies:

Most shipping services do not accept pack ship products sealed with staples. Also, those who accept it mostly request extra postage paid permit charges.


Stapling will let you know if your package has been tampered with. When people remove your package staples,  a visible sign will be on the box for you to detect.

Also, package stapling remains the same in all temperatures ranging from moisture to humid and dry climates.

However, it is important not to staple food packages and always confirm if your shipping or delivery company choice allows it.

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