Washing Machine Air Dry VS Spin Dry? (Pros And Cons)

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In purchasing a washing machine, it is often common to find yourself dangling between the option of going for a device with an air dryer or a spin dryer.

If you have felt this way or are currently feeling this way, know that you are not alone. In this article, follow me closely as I will extensively discuss washing machines with an air dryer and a spin dryer.

The washing machine air drying is successfully carried out with a tab rotation, and air current is generated through the inlets that draw in air. On the other hand, although more minor, the washing machine spin dryer uses centrifugal force rather than heat to clothes. And the spin dryer tends to dry clothes far faster than the machine air dryer.

Advantages of Washing Machine Air Dryer?

There are many reasons why you would want to go for a machine with an air dryer while purchasing a washing machine.

Below are four of these reasons:

#1. Seasonal Change

With the machine dryer at your disposal during the rainy season, you don’t have to worry about drying for more extended hours since it is of widespread concern during such periods.

And most times during the rainy season when you don’t want to dry outside, for fear that clothes that have almost become wholly dried getting wet again from a sudden rainfall.

#2. Consumes Less Energy

Most dryers are known for consuming a lot of energy because of the amount of heat generated in the working process of drying clothes up.

But, in air-drying garments, much energy is saved or conserved because machine air dryers lose heat from the machine.

Although not as efficient as air drying on a laundry line, the air drying machine is by far much better than other forms of drying when it comes to saving energy.

#3. Short Drying Period

When you have an automatic washing machine with an air-dry function, it can speed up your clothes drying time by about 30 to 40 percent when compared to the spin dryer.

However, the wash dry cycle of other dryers takes about an hour to complete, with the clothes being 95 to 98 percent dry. The air saves time by 40 percent.

#4. Saves Your Time 

If you are the type of person who is always busy and finds it difficult to make time to do your laundry, the air drying feature saves you a lot of time.

This means that you can spend fewer hours laundering your clothes with this.

Disadvantages of Washing Machine Air Dryer?

Since heat is used in other cloth dryers, this helps to limit the wrinkles found on clothes after drying has been carried out. Sad to say, it does not use steam to carry out its functions.

Note that you get the wrinkles out of to say, though, this is the only limitation of the air dryer since it dries your clothes by holding the clothes very carefully after all the dry wash cycles have been completed.

You can also get rid of the wrinkles with a pressing iron.

Advantages of Washing Machine Spin Dryer?

Spin dryers continuously carry and heat the air around them. Then the air that has become humid is then disposed of outside to create more room for other air as this will thereby continue the drying.

Below are the advantages of spin dryers to you and the clothes you want to Launder:

#1. Fast Laundering

One of the things that make a spin dryer remarkable is that it can dry your clothes very fast.

For example, putting a single cloth into a spin dryer will be ready and good to wear in about 10 to 15 minutes. 

If you are using the standard wash dry cycle, you may even be able to keep your clothes for about two days without wearing them.

The spin dryer is particularly helpful for parents with minor ones whose clothes are often washed and dried.

#2. Maintains the Color of Clothes

Unlike drying with a laundry line under the sun that completely exposes your clothes to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, spin-drying protects the color of your clothes from fading away.

Note likewise that the Heat Pump Technology designated in the spin dryer keeps your clothes from fading away by 80 percent then air-drying outside can do.

#3. Gentle on Delicate Clothes

Since extra care has to be given to different cloth materials to efficiently maintain their quality for cotton, silk, wool, and so on, some spin dryers have a Delicate Care System that dries the clothes tenderly.

This delicate care system changes each washing machine cycle to avoid shape loss and shrink your clothes instead of maintaining your clothes elegance.

#4. Reliable in All Seasons

When it is the cold and rainy season, relying on factors such as sun air or gravity to dry your clothes is often challenging.

But, with your spin dryer, you can efficiently carry out drying all year round without paying attention to the weather outside.

#5. Clothes Remain Dust and Odor-free

In bad weather, air-dried clothes may stay damp for up to two days. This will undoubtedly foster the growth of mold and bacteria that would become harmful to your health.

Nevertheless, suitable spin dryers have unique features to eliminate any form of dampness that may aid the growth of bacteria and mold.

#6. Less Ironing

With a feature called ‘Reverse Tumbling’ in most spin dryers, the issues of clothes wrinkling can be reduced by 35 percent.

With this, you may even hurry to wherever you are going with minimal or no ironing.

#7. Relatively Cheap

Spin dryers are by far the most attractive to families that are very concerned about their expenses due to their ability to carry many clothes at once while at the same time being relatively cheap.

#8. Improvised use

The heat that is generated from your spin dryer can be cultivated and used for indoor heating of the house.

You can achieve this by using inline venting boxes with an air damper inside of them.

Then the air distribution within the house will be done, and humidity will also be increased.

Disadvantages of Washing Machine Spin Dryer?

Below are the disadvantages of using automatic washing machines with spin dryers as a combo:

#1. Consumes Much Energy

The functional designs of spin dryers are what make them use energy. The continuous release of hot air needs a sturdy supply of electricity or gas to keep functioning.

#2. Shrinking of Clothes

The heat that is usually generated from your spin dryer may shrink or at times even damage your clothes.

This is also why it is boldly written as a caution in some clothes “DO NOT TUMBLE DRY ”. So, you must check the labels of your clothes before spin-drying.

#3. Growth of Mold, Mildew, and Bacteria

In a situation where you improvise using the generated heat for your home, especially during winter, if the humidity becomes excess, it could accelerate the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew in your home.

In addition, this venting within the house may also be against your local regulations.


Automatic washing machines for air-drying function by the rotation of the tub and the air currents generated, whereas those for spin drying use centrifugal force instead of heat to dry clothes.

The pros and cons of both air dryers and spin dryers are based on their consumption time, energy consumed, the appearance of the clothes after drying, and so much more.


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