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I cannot overemphasize the importance of washers as they ease off a lot of work and make life more stress-free.

But many arguments have arisen about their storage location. While some homeowners have insisted that washing machines are in basements or particular rooms, others have suggested cook rooms. 

This suggestion has indeed brought up several chit-chats and idle conversations. But, not to worry, this article will explore reasons for washers in cook rooms.

Washing machines in kitchens result from insufficient home space; you’ll typically find this situation in old houses. Also, some homeowners keep their washing machines in the cook rooms due to inadequate wall outlets. And apart from insufficient space and wall outlets, cook rooms appear to have good plumbing fixtures and options.

Can Washing Machine Be Kept in Kitchen?

Why Washing Machine in Kitchen

You can keep your washing machine in the kitchen, provided there is space and plumbing fixtures.

But if there’s insufficient space in the kitchen, the basement or bathroom can be an alternative.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with keeping your washer in the cook room. The problem is that the plumbings and several fixtures are in place.

Yes. You’ll seldomly find most washing machine plumbing fixtures in the kitchen, but that doesn’t account for anything.

You can install these fixtures if there are not already present in your kitchen.

Subsequently, many so-called professionals tend to recommend specific spots in the kitchen for keeping washing machines.

This action has nursed a lot of perplexity amongst homeowners. The suggestions can be okay, but there’s no specific spot for keeping washing machines in cook rooms.

Instead, it would be best if you took note of particular practices.

Avoid keeping the washing machine far from the mains pressure to avoid issues while connecting other fittings and connections.

Also, always place it where it’s easy to get to its connections; the storage area has to be accommodating

Furthermore, it’ll be helpful if you take into cognizance that washing machine cycles can be uncontrollably noisy at times.

Are you ready to withstand the commotion in line with this circumstance? If yes, keeping the washer in the cook room won’t be an issue.

But if not, kindly consider another location such as the basement or bathroom.

You see, many people buy the idea of washers in kitchens. But the only problem is that they usually want to hide the washing machine and don’t make it visible, especially to visitors.

And if you are in this category, or have such thoughts in mind, don’t worry. But, first, you need to think of a way or look for something to cover up the washer.

Although putting it in the kitchen cupboard could be an alternative, I don’t wholly suggest such an option. Instead, look for a curtain whose appearance fits the kitchen.

Then fix it up and arrange the washer behind. This alternative is the most effective; the cook room will appear normal.

Before you think of any ‘washer in the cook room scenario,‘ please measure the washer and compare it to the cook room size. The measurement should be practical and not just rational or with thoughts.

Why Is Washing Machine Placed in the Kitchen?

The most common reason for washing machines in kitchens is inefficient space in a house. However, inadequate wall outlets could be another factor.

In some countries, specific regulations forbid wall outlets in bathrooms. And this kind of regulation hinders the operation of washing machines since you need a means of power.

So, instead of excessive spending on purchase and installation costs, most house owners see it wise to keep their washers in the kitchen.

Keeping your washing machine in the kitchen or not should not just be an answer to general opinion.

It should depend on your situation; your house’s structure. It’ll be a good fit if your kitchen has good space and plumbing connections.

One thing you should take note of is that various houses in disparate locations are architectured differently.

For example, Americans structure their homes with a particular room for washing and drying machines; this case isn’t identical in every location. 

American houses are likewise usually big, with each room properly spaced, allowing the placement of washers in areas other than the cook rooms.

So, placing your washing machine in your kitchen isn’t bad. Just that everything merely has to be in place-the fixtures and plumbing, and power.

Keeping the washer in the cook room, especially downstairs, will ease repairs or replacement.

In addition, it can help steep the environment neat to avoid food particles or stains on your clothes.

What Country Puts Washing Machine in the Kitchen

Most UK homeowners reserve their washers in their respective cook rooms.

However, with this practice, you may find some washing machine users from Malaysia, China, and a few other countries.

For a better understanding, below is a pictorial estimated percentage of countries that practice the act of putting washing machines in cook rooms.

Contrary to the British, most Americans have washing machines in the bathroom or basement. Some even dedicate a particular room for washing and drying activities. 

The most likely reason for the British having their washers in cook rooms is a regulation by their government.

This regulation discourages and prohibits the presence of wall outlets in bathrooms, making it hard to power your washing machine if you keep it in there.

And aside from that, houses in the UK aren’t so big compared to the ones in the USA.

Washing machines in kitchens aren’t a case of countries or regions. Instead, it largely depends on your situation.

For instance, you’ll find Americans reserving their washers in the bathroom because there’s space, and wall outlets are also present.

And even at that, not all Americans put their washing machines in laundry or bathrooms.

Few with insufficient space in their bathroom or basement are left with the option of their cook rooms if there’s space. Such scenarios occur independently of country or region.

Altogether, Britains put their washers in cook rooms to overcome the barrier of space, power, and even plumbing.

But, of course, washing machine users of a few other countries like Malaysia and China aren’t excluded.

Can We Keep Washing Machine in Kitchen as per Vastu?

You can reserve your washing machine as per Vastu Shastra, that is, in the northwest direction.

Generally, expelling water sources are excellent for such directions, exception of water head tanks.

Overhead tanks in cook rooms shouldn’t face such directions; you should instead place them outside the kitchen.

Placing your washer in the Northwest direction as per Vastu can be helpful. It aids your prosperity in terms of health and wealth.

But, as much as reserving your washer in the kitchen as per Vastu is excellent, there are some downsides.

First, it can affect your daily living and create a border between you and your loved ones.

If you place your washing machine as per Vastu, soaking dirty fabrics in or around the washing machine overnight is dangerous.

Moreover, such an action can give way to various negativities in your home.

Other adverse effects of the Vastu Shastra include sudden ill health of female inhabitants, constant abnormalities in homes, and lack of unity and peace.

Children in such homes may likewise find it difficult to focus while studying. Notwithstanding, placing your washer as per Vastu Shastra is an excellent idea.

Where Is the Best Place to Place Your Washing Machine 

There’s no actual best place, so to say, to reserve your washing machine. It depends on which area or room has enough space, a good wall outlet, and other plumbing fixtures.

Nonetheless, an ideal option is a dedicated laundry room. It’d be nice to get a particular room for your washing machine and dryer.

But if there’s no provision for such, you can place it anywhere, provided there’s space, power, and other needed stuff.

I used to keep it downstairs (under the staircase) when I had no laundry room yet.

The reason behind my reservation area was that the commotion it usually produced while in operation was normally perturbing. 

So keeping it under the staircase was my only option to conserve and prevent the noise, especially when I was resting in my bedroom upstairs.

Also, it made repairs easy because I’ll have to move it from one point to another.

But apart from the kitchen or the base of the staircase, you could keep yours in the bathroom if you see it not perturbing. Other areas include wardrobes, cupboards, and passages or hallways.

Final Thoughts

Confusion among most Americans has come up due to the sudden normality of keeping washing machines in cook rooms.

And the reason is simple; it’s not an everyday practice for them. Placing a washer in a cooking room as usual, especially in Britain, and nothing is wrong.

Factors that contribute to such decisions include inadequate space, power outlets, and plumbing fixtures.

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