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Washing Machine Tearing Clothes? (Reasons and Solutions)

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:28 pm

Washing machines have made life very easy for us as they have gone a long way to reduce the strenuous activity of washing clothes manually.

Unfortunately, you may have noticed that your washing machine has been tearing your clothes lately.

So, you may wonder what exactly is the reason for this and the possible solutions.

Your washing machine may be tearing your clothes due to some factors such as overloading, leaving sharp objects in your clothes, and so on. Nevertheless, you can rectify this by loading the clothes your washing machine can wash for a particular cycle and checking your clothes properly before loading them for thorough washing.

Can Washing Machine Destroy Clothes?

Although washing machines save us a lot of stress, they can become problematic and begin to destroy your valuable outfits.

This could be a result of choosing the wrong cycle and overloading.

More often than not, people jump to conclusions and decide to put all the blame on their washing machine as they believe that it is solely responsible for the unfortunate condition of their clothes.

However, the washing machine destroyed the clothes due to some mistakes they often make ignorantly.

For instance, you couldn’t spare time to sort out your dirty clothes appropriately, so you decided to load up everything.

Your washing machine will damage your clothes badly as you exert a lot of pressure on your device.

This especially happens when you set your washing machine to a particular cycle and load up your clothes to run on that cycle; this, in turn, ruins delicate fabrics and costs you more money for repairs.

So, I’d encourage you to follow the proper instructions to avoid such problems.

Why is my Washer Destroying my Clothes?

Your washer could be destroying your clothes due to overheating of water, loading up clothes without thorough search, and so on.

When this happens, you begin to see holes in your shirts, your jeans are torn, and some of your clothes’ colors might fade completely.

Most people tend to misuse appliances without taking their time to read the instructions in the manual.

Your washing machine alleviates your concerns about handwashing clothes but can become troublesome.

And this depends on how you handle your washing machine. For instance, you forgot to remove some sharp objects from your clothes, and you load them up.

The objects might damage the drum of your washing machine when a cycle is running.

Furthermore, it might cause severe damage to your clothes, costing you some money.

In some cases, the problem may not necessarily be from your end but your washing machine, especially when your washing machine is releasing a lot of heat.

This occurs when the thermostat malfunctions and fails to regulate the heating element, increasing the temperature drastically.

Additionally, the drum of your washing machine could also be responsible for the loss you have been incurring.

When sharp objects rip it during a washing cycle, it could also ruin your clothes.

Conversely, selecting the wrong cycle for your clothes can damage them.

You need to know the quality of your clothes and the cycle suitable for running them.

Nonetheless, if you have been experiencing some minor difficulties with your washing machine, then it is best to consult a qualified professional.

That can help you repair the damages and replace any parts if necessary.

Reasons Why your Washing Machine is Destroying your clothes?

The reasons for this can be overloading, selecting the wrong cycle, overheating of water, and drum damage.

Admittedly, it is frustrating when you bring out your clothes from your washing machine only to discover the holes that have been created on them.

And you may begin to fret as some of your best dresses and shirts might tear badly.

You may be pondering over the main reason for these occurrences. Well, I’ll further list some of the causes and explain them vividly.

#1. Overloading

Notably, this is by far one of the primary reasons why your washing machine is damaging your clothes.

When you overload your washing machine with plenty of clothes, it becomes very different to run a cycle properly.

So, during the washing cycle, it might tear most of your clothes.

Overloading comes from piling up a lot of dirty clothes for a long time. This is predominantly done by people who are always busy and have a tight schedule.

Nevertheless, you need to plan and take some time during the weekends or any time available to wash your clothes.

And this will reduce the rate of overloading and keep your washing machine safe from unforeseen destruction.

#2. Selecting the wrong cycle

Many homeowners are guilty of this fact, as they always use a  specific washing cycle for all their clothes, which only causes problems. The cycle you choose for your clothes depends on their material.

For instance, you decided to press the general cycle for your clothes made out of silk instead of selecting the light process.

The general cycle will only ruin your silk clothes as the pressure exerted will be too much.

That established you need to know the fabrics used to make your clothes and choose the proper cycle for them.

#3. Overheating of water

This happens as a result of a faulty thermostat. For example, the thermostat in your washing machine may cease to function, resulting in overheating from your heating element.

This increases the temperature of the water rapidly, and this, in turn, destroys your clothes.

So you need to seek the expertise of a professional for appropriate repairs.

#4. Drum damage

The drum of your washing machine is damaged when you leave some sharp objects in your clothes that can damage your drum, particularly if your washing machine is currently running a washing cycle.

This brings us down to sorting. It is essential to sort out your clothes before every load. You can also mend some of your clothes that are torn to avoid further damage.

Plus, you need to repair the ripped drum and replace it if it’s damaged severely.

Solutions to Fix your Washing Machine from Destroying your Clothes

You can fix and prevent these damages by selecting the proper cycle, avoiding overloading, purchasing quality clothes, and following the instructions in the manual and on your clothes.

It is said that for every problem, there is always a solution, and the same principle is applied to your washing machine.

Well, without further ado, I’ll highlight some of the solutions and break them down explicitly.

#1. Select the right cycle

It is paramount to select the right and best cycle for your clothes. For this to happen, you have to sort out your clothes from the colors to the material of your clothes.

For example, you can separate your white clothes from other dark colors to avoid contamination during a cycle.

You can load your heavy cotton clothes into your washing machine and select the proper cycle. Then you can wash your delicate clothes in a mesh bag.

#2. Avoid overloading

This is one solution that can not simply be overemphasized as it results in dire consequences.

You need to know the capacity of your washing machine and load up only the number of clothes it can wash per cycle.

So I’d advise you to take some time and wash your clothes weekly to avoid too many dirty clothes.

#3. Purchase quality clothes

You need to purchase clothes that have quality. Sometimes, the fault may be coming from the clothes you loaded up.

If the quality of your clothes is poor or average, they will easily tear during a washing cycle.

I’ve always emphasized the need for quality over quantity, which applies to your choice of clothes. You can do yourself some good and settle for quality clothes.

#4. Follow the instructions on the manual.

Many homeowners are guilty of this fact, as they pay little to no attention to the written instructions.

You need to pay more attention to your manual and use the instructions as a guide to take good care of your clothes and your washing machine.


Washing Machines are undoubtedly precious in our homes as they reduce the stress of washing clothes manually.

However, it becomes disheartening when it begins to malfunction due to some internal faults and mishandling by some homeowners.

Nevertheless, you can fix the faults and learn to handle your washing machine appropriately.

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