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4 Reasons Washing Machines Have Glass Doors?

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:27 pm

Glass doors on washing machines have been popular for some time now; glass doors became popular when people introduced kids to washing machines.

Frankly, it’s pretty interesting to see the things around in the machine, and very few people can pass by a washing machine and not have a quick look. I know I can’t; maybe I can, I just don’t.

However, that is not the only reason washing machines have been equipped with glass doors. Manufacturers put glass doors on washing machines for several reasons.

However, only front load washing machines have glass doors. Top loaders do not.

Washing machines have glass doors because they provide safety and visibility for the washer; it’s also easier to supervise the washing process. Overall, washing machines have glass doors to allow you to follow the washing process visibly.

Reasons Why Washing Machines Have Glass Doors?

Washing machines are equipped with glass doors because of the following:

#1. It’s Easier To Supervise The Process

Apart from the fact that it would be very boring to just sit there through an entire wash session, without being able to see clothes doing their thing would be very frustrating.

There is also the fact that there may be a need to check and make sure all is going well. 

Sometimes, water does not drain properly, or you may need to remove some washing without opening the washing machine door; the glass door makes it easier to see into the machine at a glance. 

#2. It’s Fun To Watch

Many users do not think there is much difference between the front load washing machine and the top load washing machine, except that the top loaders do not have a glass door.

Which means you can’t see what’s going on at all.

Some manufacturers and users have maintained that part of the reason the front load washer is equipped with a glass door is to make sure people can see into the machine.

This is because it’s fun; sitting around waiting for your clothes to get clean without looking at what’s going on can be tedious.

So, washing with a front loader with a glass door is more exciting and makes the process more fun.

#3. Glass Lids Provide Safety And Visibility

Glass doors are programmed to stop the machine from functioning automatically; you should do this to prevent personal injury by entangling moving parts.

Some people like to ensure that the tub fills up, their clothes are distributed evenly, and they have enough detergent to get all the clothes clean.

With glass doors on the washing machines, all of this is possible.

#4. You Can Check To Make Sure The Water Is Properly Drained

Sometimes, the water in a machine does not drain properly. And if you can’t see it and open the lid, you may get utterly wet with wash water.

With a glass door front loader, that is not likely to happen. 

You can quickly check if the water is completely drained at a glance. Before you open the lid, you can find that out to avoid such an accident.

Additionally, the manufacturers have also said that the glass doors on washing machines are much larger than the doors that manufacturers used.

This gives better access to the device and makes it easier and more convenient to load your washing into the machine.

However, if you have a front load washing machine with a glass door, you should be careful doing your washing.

Clothes with metal parts may cause damage to the machine’s glass door.

Also, hard metal items such as belt buckles, coins, iron or metal buttons, and the like can hit the door quickly and cause significant damage.

Such items may;

  • Break the door.
  • Crack the washing machine door.
  • Or scratch the door from the inside.

So, you can take some precautions to avoid such occurrences. 

  • You can put clothing with metal parts in a bag before putting them in the washer. 
  • Do not attempt to wash individual heavy items such as pillows, bathroom mats, heavy blankets, or heavy curtains. 


Not all washing machines have glass doors; however, some appliances, especially front load washers, have glass doors.

Some consumers argue that the glass doors do not serve any purpose; however, it is pretty helpful.

It allows you to check the progress, ensure safety and visibility, and use the glass to see if the water in the washer is adequately drained.

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