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Do Washing Machines Have A Reset Button? (Explained)

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:27 pm

Like other electrical appliances, washing machines sometimes develop issues that you would have to fix before you can use them further.

In some instances, error codes indicating specific problems pop up on these machines causing them to lose their functionality.

However, most of these issues do not pose a threat and go down after a simple machine reset.

Recently, most appliances have been designed with specific instructions and features, including reset buttons which simplify the resetting process.

So, many washing machine users have enquired if these machines carry dedicated buttons that play the reset role.

Several modern washing machines have reset buttons; these buttons help reset them with one punch of the key. Therefore, these reset buttons make dealing with error codes that appear on these machines relatively easy. However, though most modern washers carry reset features, not all of them have a designated button for resetting. 

Do Washing Machines Have A Reset Button, And What Is The Need For A Reset Button?

Most manufacturers are now designing their washing machines with dedicated reset buttons.

However, not all of these appliances have this feature, so the others have various modes of reset, which can include holding several functional keys simultaneously. 

Nonetheless, the washing machines with the feature allow you to quickly start them all again after they’ve experienced a fault that generates an error code.

Problems such as power outages, power surges, and overloading cause these error codes, and most of these error codes go away after a reset.

Nonetheless, you can still reset washing machines with reset buttons. You can achieve this through several ways, such as a hard reset that involves cutting off the power.

Also, several washing machines allow you to reset them by using key combinations on the main control board.

You can find these instructions on the user manual of your washing machine; you can also find them on the website of your washing machine’s brand.

Well, the reset button creates a whole lot of convenience and saves a lot of time. Now, customers are more inclined to purchase washers and electronics with clear-cut reset buttons.

So, instead of looking for key combos to reset your device, you would click a button, and your machine is good to go.

How Do You Reset A Washing Machine?

When looking to reset a washing machine, you should never forget that most of these appliances possess different features.

And while you may punch a key to reset one, others require more than that. 

So, you should always check the user manual for instructions on how to go about this activity.

However, if you cannot find the manual for your washing machine, you can surf the internet for information on achieving your aim.

You can also get user manuals online for specific brands of appliances, but always ensure to use the manual for your exact washing machine model.

So, here are some ways of resetting washing machines:

#1. The Hard Reset

To reset your washing machine this way, you have to cut the power supply to the device. So, you can easily do this by disconnecting it from the power outlet and plugging it back. 

In other models of washing machines, you would have to open and lock the washer door about six times. Again, this serves as a reset signal to other parts of the appliance.

#2. Using the Reset Button

If your washing machine has a reset button, of course, you’d have to use it for resetting your device when you need to.

Well, newer washing machines carry this convenient feature; it permits you to reset your washing machine without entirely wiping the saved information. 

#3. Using Key Combinations

For some washing machines, you can carry out resets by punching several separate function keys.

This way of resetting washing machines is highly variable in different devices and depends on the general functionalities of those washing machines.

While some washing machines would require separate buttons for resetting, others would require completely different ones.

Does A Whirlpool Washing Machine Have A Reset Button?

Whirlpool is one of the most popular brands of washing machines. Nonetheless, it sometimes gives out error codes, so a reset is a much-needed activity.

Unfortunately, however, a Whirlpool washing machine does not have a reset button, so the best way to carry out a reset here is by executing a hard reset.

Switching off the circuit or removing the electrical cord from the outlet is the most convenient way to do a hard reset. After doing this, hold on for two minutes before turning the switch back on.

At this point, your washing machine would be fit for use after a few seconds.

It is always a great idea to study the user manual to get a hold of the error code plaguing your appliance. This would help you avoid the same in the future.

So, error codes such as F7 E1,  F8 E1, F5 E2, and others are typical error codes that pop up on Whirlpool washing machines.

In some instances, punching the ‘Pause’ or ‘Cancel’ key twice, followed by the punch of the power key, is enough to reset your Whirlpool device.

However, always know that these reset functions do not function any less than the reset button.

Does A Roper Washing Machine Have A Reset Button?

A Roper washing machine does not carry an outright reset button. So, to execute this function, you would have to use the hard reset.

Here, you should turn off the machine and unplug it from the power outlet completely. 

After the electrical power seeps from the Roper washing machine, you can reconnect the power and continue using your device.

The whole aim is to make the components inactive so that they’d go off and completely restart; once you achieve this, your washer comes back to normalcy. 

Despite the absence of a reset button, you can always reset your Roper washing machine when the need arises.

Does A GE Washing Machine Have A Reset Button?

A GE washing machine does not have a dedicated reset button; however, several commands trigger the reset function differently.

For instance, the ‘Cancel’ key deals with error messages between the cycle control switch and the main control panel.

Also, the ‘Pause’ and ‘Stop’ keys restart the cycle function.

On the other hand, if you’d like to reset your machine thoroughly, a hard reset is the right option for you.

Also, a particular function on the GE washing machine allows you to successfully reset it by lifting the cover and placing it back six times in 12 seconds.

So, while some of these reset options affect the cycle of the washing machine, others affect the control board. 

Consequently, it is always great to check the user manual to be sure of the correct method to use in each peculiar circumstance.

In addition, the machine’s manual also gives you ways which reset your washing machine to factory settings if that’s what you need.

Well, the absence of a reset button on this device does not diminish its value in any way.

Does A Samsung Washing Machine Have A Reset Button?

There isn’t any reset button on your Samsung washing machine.

However, you can always reset your Samsung device using the good old-fashioned way: disconnecting the power source and reconnecting again after a few minutes.

The hard reset is white effective on this appliance and works perfectly if the electrical charge dissipates for about five minutes.

Subsequently, powering on the machine after this waiting time creates the effect you need and solves the problem that previously haunted the device. 

This reset method is the only one that works with Samsung washing machines. Understandably, Samsung washers do not have an automatic reset method or key.

So, to disconnect the power, you may have to go to the source or disconnect on the machine itself; other versions present better options than others.

But, in the end, it is pretty straightforward going for the circuit breaker and switching it back on once the process is complete.

Although you may have the urge to use this power cycle method for every issue, it doesn’t exactly solve all the problems on your Samsung washer.

Sometimes, you may have to use the manual or several online help centers to get to the root of your appliance’s issue.

Contacting customer service is also an option when you’ve tried all you can. Generally, skilled personnel can help in a lot of complicated circumstances.


Only a few modern washing machines carry separate buttons for reset. However, you can always reset your devices when needed; a hard reset is feasible for most appliances.

Otherwise, you can reset your washing machine by simultaneously holding several keys on the main control board.

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