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Why Are Washing Machines So Expensive? (Let’s Find Out)

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Last updated on August 14th, 2022 at 01:27 pm

Undoubtedly, the world has become a better place since the invention of washing machines. Of course, this has dramatically improved the lifestyle in homes and even industries.

However, the cost is the major issue with purchasing a washing machine.

These gadgets are pretty expensive, hence, the need for the answer to why washing machines are mostly unaffordable.

Washing Machines are so expensive due to the increased cost of imports by manufacturing companies in foreign countries. However, the increase in the tariff for foreign exchange in the United States during Trump’s tenure was the final straw. Since they are very efficient and reliable, a higher demand is placed on them, leading to their outrageous prices.

Why Do You Need a Washing machine?

It would help if you had a washing machine because it helps you wash many clothes in a shorter time than hand washing.

One of the most valuable and helpful home appliances has got to be the washing machine.

You purchase the front load washer or the top load washer depending on preference. Although, they both have unique features that physically distinguish them. 

The Top load washing machines are opened and loaded at the top of the washing machine.

Contrarily, the Front-load washing machine has its opening directly in front of it.

However, the loader’s position does not in any way reduce or increase the quality of the cleaning appliance.

So, three reasons why you need a washing machine are as follows:

#1. Allows for Multitasking

The most important reason you need to have a washing machine is that it saves time.

For instance, if you have a pile of laundry but need to get some groceries simultaneously, hand washing might take the whole day.

Therefore, you might have to forfeit the shopping for laundry. 

Notwithstanding, with the help of the washing machine, you can concurrently wash your clothes while you step out to get groceries.

You can also decide to visit the salon, knowing that your laundry takes care of itself.

#2. Washing Machines are User Friendly

Washing Machines are usually relatively easy to use. Despite their appearance and a few buttons, you can easily understand the interface.

Granted that you study the manual guide and follow instructions carefully, it shouldn’t be difficult.

Specifically, the buttons on the control panel are to set it to the particular wash cycle of your choice.

Each cycle duration is dependent on the automated setting according to the gadget’s programming.

#3. Consumes Less Power

Irrespective of the capacity per cubic foot, the size of the washing machine does not entirely affect the performance. Therefore, they do not require so much power to run.

In addition, they function to optimize a particular amount of current, hence, conserving energy.

Consequently, this is advantageous to you, seeing that there are lots of bills to foot.

Hence, the satisfaction that comes with knowing that one more gadget won’t dent your pocket.

Why Are Washing Machines So Expensive in The USA?

In the United States Of America, the cost of washing machines is particularly outrageous.

This is due to the increase in tariffs to 20% during President Donald Trump’s tenure.

But, of course, most home appliances are not manufactured in the states but come from countries like China and South Korea. 

These countries invest a large chunk of their economy in foreign exchange and generate 

revenue from it. Therefore, when the tariff in the US skyrocketed, importation became an issue.

As a result of the spike, American manufacturing companies like Whirlpool and Kenmore, amongst others, had to increase their prices accordingly.

Before this event, there had been a decline in the prices of American manufactured washing machines because the citizens’ preferences for imported appliances were dependent on cost.

Notwithstanding, these companies had to pay taxes to thrive. For this reason, washing machines are pretty expensive in the US.

Do Expensive Washing Machines Wash Better?

No, the more expensive a washing machine does not necessarily mean it is as efficient.

While this may be true, a washer could also be costly due to the high quality, which means it is of greater efficiency.

For each model of a particular brand, there is an essential build quality that the company is known by. This could either be the way it appears or a unique operating feature.

However, each brand is equipped with a peculiar program to perform its special function. 

Indeed, front load washers are more expensive than their opposing brand; top load washers. This is because they are more effective.

However, some brand manufacturers play on their customers’ gullibility despite being costly.

They do this by promising that a new model is improved and works better, with more features.

However, it might not be the case in every situation.

Contrarily, this does not rule out the fact that some other brands that are not cheap have those supposed features.

Hence, before you decide to purchase a washing machine, ensure it’s from a reputable brand.

For example, you can shop online from trusted sites like; Amazon. Here, you’ll be able to choose from an acceptable range of options without doubting the quality.

How Much Should I Pay for a Washing Machine?

Buying a standard washing machine should cost more than 200 USD.

Although, the price is dependent on the brand, type, and size. Hence, for a washing machine with a front-load top, the cost on Amazon ranges from 400-2,000 USD. 

Furthermore, the size of the appliance also determines the capacity. Thus, it is a good indicator of its carrying load.

If you’re working with a budget, you can always purchase something you can afford. Of course, there is a long list of reliable brands that you can choose from that work effectively.

As soon as you’ve discovered your needs, the price shouldn’t be a problem regarding the amount of laundry.

This means that, whatever you buy in the end, solely depends on your needs no matter the cost.

So, first of all, itemize all you need the washing machine to do for you before you choose. Then, granted that it suits all of your requirements, you can take home your equipment.

How Long Do Washing Machines Last?

Washing machines can last as long as ten or eleven years. Even though it depends on some factors;

#1. The Brand Type Or Model

Each type of washing machine has unique features that allow for different operations. Hence, they will have different life spans.

For example, a Kenmore washing machine cannot last as long as a Whirlpool and likewise.

Although, all these depend on how well the appliance was maintained or repaired when necessary.

No matter the brand, proper maintenance, cleaning, and repairs help your devices serve you better.

#2. The Usage

Because the lifespan of a washing machine is ten years does not mean you do not change it until every ten years.

Consequently, it might develop faults as it gets older, especially if you have overused it.

Therefore, you have to make sure you do not overload or overuse the washing machine for it to last longer.

So, setting the wash cycle duration to the longest for long hours every day is bad for the washing machine. 

In addition, you can decide to upgrade the model each time a new one is available. This is possible by installing the new program to access newer features.

However, this feature might not be available for all brands. Moreso, a cleaner machine will last longer than a dirty one.

Ensure to always clean up the washing machine from time to time, checking the water pipes and drains if it is clogged.

A clogged drain will lead to unnecessary long cycles and slower output. 

#3. Warranty

Every home appliance has a nominal warranty period in which you’d expect it to work without malfunctioning.

However, it could malfunction once you use it outside that period without proper maintenance.

This may be because no machine is a hundred percent efficient and cannot last forever. 

In this regard, choose the best washing machine with a more extended warranty period.

Do not worry, even though the one with a shorter warranty period promises to be of higher quality since you don’t want to buy a new one after every five years.


To acquire quality, we can say that you have to be willing to sacrifice. And when it comes to washing machines, quality is more appreciated than shiny features with fruitless results.

Thus, an efficient washing machine with a small cubic feet capacity is far better than an inefficient one.

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