What Is A Gable In Kitchen Cabinets? (Read This First)

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If you are working on a new kitchen or remodeling your old one, you might get to hear new terminologies.

More often than not, these terms refer to simple parts of the kitchen. The case is similar to the word – gable.

In kitchen cabinetry, a gable means the sides of a cabinet. This definition is different from that used in construction to mean the triangular end of a building. A gable panel in kitchen cabinets is always rectangular. Since there are many cabinets in a kitchen, and they usually fit together, only a few gable panels are exposed.

What Are Gable Ends?

Gable in Kitchen Cabinets

Gable ends refer to the parts of the cabinets that are visible after installation. These sides are usually on both sides of the entire cabinetry.

Gable ends run from the beginning of the carcasses past the back panel. A cabinet carcass refers to the base frame of the cabinet. The cabinet carcass holds the doors and drawers of the cabinet.

 According to standards, the back panel of cabinets is usually 8m. The difference between gable ends and other gable panels is in the exposure of gable ends.

This exposure is why gable ends always have a uniform finishing touch. The essence of this finishing is so that the finished exposed faces match the cabinet doors. 

The material and style of the gable ends are similar to the exposed sides of the cabinet units. Sometimes manufacturers will include a matching finished gable with their cabinet set.

This finished gable gives your kitchen a satisfying and beautiful look. Gable ends are pretty easy to install.

There are three basic gable ends base, wall, and tall gable end. These three gable ends have the same functions. Their differences lie in the placements.

The base gable end is for cabinets that sit on the ground with countertops. Here the countertop extends over the gable end by 35mm to give it clean finishing.

 The wall gable is for top hanging cabinets. Tall gable ends are for tall cabinet units or frames like refrigerator units.

Is a Downturn the Same as a Gable?

While they have the same function, a downturn is different from a gable board. A downturn is a worktop usually placed on the top of the kitchen cabinet made of different materials.

These materials include wood, quartz, granite, or marble. Gables, on the other hand, are usually made from wood. 

Both downturns and gables are for covering the carcasses of the cabinets.

While gables have to match the exposed cabinet face in terms of color and material, this is not the case with downturns. Downturns are not even of the same material as the rest of the cabinet.

So they also do not need to be matched in color, but it helps if the colors are complementary. Downturns are mostly of aesthetic value. 

They give your kitchen a classy and fashionable look.


It is possible to install your kitchen gables yourself. But it would be best if you did not forget the importance of clean finishing.

Always ensure the panels are well placed. Also, trim down any excesses at the edges and corners. If possible, purchase your gable panels from your cabinet unit manufacturer.

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