What Model is My Kenmore Refrigerator? (Explained)

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Figuring out your Kenmore refrigerator’s model is simple! In this guide, we’ll learn how to identify your fridge’s model number.

This is key for repairs, parts, or just to know more about your appliance. Let’s find out together!

The Kenmore Refrigerator Model Number is typically found on a label inside the fridge, such as in the freezer compartment, face frame, or behind the lower crisper. It can also be on the back or at the base of the fridge. This number starts with a three-digit prefix indicating the manufacturer (e.g., 106 for Whirlpool, 103 for Roper). Understanding this model number is essential for identifying the right parts and services for your fridge.

What Model Is My Kenmore Refrigerator

Where is the Kenmore Refrigerator Model Number?

Locating your Kenmore refrigerator model number is straightforward. Generally, it’s affixed to the back of your fridge, often on an aluminum tag. This number can also be present on a silver or white label inside your refrigerator.

Check the packaging if your fridge is new; the model number is usually marked in bold letters.

Inside your fridge, look in these areas:

  • Freezer compartment
  • Face frame
  • Behind the lower crisper

At the base of your fridge, the model number might be hidden:

  • Behind the lower toe kick plate

Don’t forget to check less obvious places as well:

  • Under the lid of the fridge compartment
  • The backside of the timer panel
  • Behind the door gaskets
  • Front panel at the bottom

Lastly, if you’ve kept them, the payment receipt or manual guide often lists the model number.

How Do I Read My Kenmore Model Number?

To understand your Kenmore refrigerator model number, start by locating it on the appliance.

Typically, you’ll find it on a label inside your refrigerator, and it looks like a long series of numbers and sometimes letters.

A boy looking inside the fridge

The construction of a Kenmore model number is designed to provide specific information about your fridge.

  • First Three Numbers: These digits reveal the manufacturer. For example, if the model number starts with 106, your refrigerator is made by Whirlpool.

Below is a quick guide to what some prefixes mean:

362Georgia (location)
363Georgia (location)

After the prefix, you might see a period, followed by more numbers. These give you further details about your model, like its size or specific features.

  • User Manual: Consulting the user manual for your specific model, like Kenmore refrigerator model 253, can provide additional insights. Manuals often explain what different numbers and suffixes signify.

Remember that a suffix in a model number usually indicates a certain feature or version of a model.

For instance, a specific model might have a feature unique from other fridges with similar numbers but different suffixes. Keep these details in mind when searching for parts or services.

How Do I Read My Kenmore Serial Number?

Your Kenmore refrigerator’s serial number is a key identifier for your appliance. It provides important details regarding the manufacture date and time.

To understand your serial number, look for the beginning section which often starts with letters.

What Model is My Kenmore Refrigerator? 

Unlike numeric model numbers, serial numbers will include alphabets at the start. For example, a serial number like ES234567 contains hidden information.

The initial letter is not directly related to the date, but the letters often indicate different plant codes or series. The key to the date is hidden in the numbers.

The first number is the one you need to pay attention to as it tells you the year when your fridge was made.

  • If the first number is 1, the manufacture year is 2001.
  • If it’s 2, the year is 2002, and so on.

The next two digits will tell you the week of that year it was made. So using the number 234567, the ’23’ tells us it was manufactured in the 23rd week.

Remember, the remaining digits don’t relate to the date. They can often indicate a specific line or product variation.

Don’t confuse this with the time of manufacture which is not typically included in the serial number.

When you’re looking up parts or need service for your Kenmore appliance, have your serial number handy. You can easily find this number Kenmore serial number lookup.

This information ensures that you get the correct parts and information specific to your fridge’s model and manufacture date.

How to Determine the Size of a Kenmore Refrigerator?

A girl measuring fridge size

When choosing a Kenmore refrigerator, it’s important to know the size.

You need to measure the space where you want to place it; measure the width, depth, and height in inches. Then, you’ll convert those measurements to cubic feet for the fridge.

To ensure a good fit, add some extra inches around the refrigerator. This extra space helps with ventilation and ease of installation.

Here’s a simple process to follow:

  • Measure the height, width, and depth of your space.
  • Convert the measurements from inches to cubic feet.

Kenmore offers various types of refrigerators like French door, side-by-side, and top freezer models.

But how do you find out your existing refrigerator size? If you already have a Kenmore fridge, use the model number to determine the size.

Look at the 3rd or 4th digit of the model number – this often represents the capacity.

Model Number Tip:

  • The 3rd or 4th digit might indicate the size.
  • Remember, the number could be a code; for example, a ‘5’ might stand for 15 cubic feet.

To measure your refrigerator’s size, here’s what you do:

  1. Measure the external dimensions of your fridge.
  2. Multiply the width, depth, and height together.
  3. This calculation gives you the volume in cubic inches.

Finally, divide the cubic inches by 1,728 to convert to cubic feet. Here’s a quick conversion table for common fridge types:

Fridge TypeAverage Capacity in Cubic Feet
Mini Fridge4 – 5
Top Freezer14 – 24
Bottom Freezer19 – 24
Side-by-Side22 – 31
French Door25 – 32
Freezerless16 – 17

Remember to check for any specific Kenmore guidelines for measuring your refrigerator. They can vary by model and type, so refer to your fridge’s manual for precise instructions.

How Can I Tell Who Made My Kenmore Refrigerator?

To identify who made your Kenmore refrigerator, check the model number. The first three numbers, followed by a dot, tell you the manufacturer.

  • Kenmore 106 or Kenmore Refrigerator Model 795 likely means Whirlpool or LG crafted your fridge.
  • A prefix of 363 in the model number indicates a General Electric build.
  • The model number 596 connects to an Amana-produced refrigerator.

If you spot a 103 as the beginning number, Roper is the maker.

This information is critical for service and warranty issues. Knowing the maker allows for straightforward assistance and repairs. Your fridge’s manufacturer is key in the event of a product recall or service alert.

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