What Model Is My Kenmore Refrigerator? (Explained)

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Kenmore is a well-known brand serving homeowners for years with its appliances. However, some people will forget what appliance model number they have.

If you are one of them, this information will help you understand. When you want to know the specifications of your Kenmore refrigerator, the model number is sometimes the best place to start.

The specifications of any home appliance give a clue about its production location, the type of refrigerator, its year of production, and what to expect from its functioning; you may have asked, what model is my Kenmore refrigerator? 

The numbers appear boldly before the serial number is the model number. It is often abbreviated as MOD or a fully spelled model. Usually, the Kenmore refrigerator model number starts with a prefix of 110, 665, or any other country code, a period or dot is present, followed by different numbers. A Kenmore refrigerator model number looks like this, for example, 110. 2315789034

Where is the Kenmore Refrigerator Model Number?

What Model Is My Kenmore Refrigerator

You can find the Kenmore refrigerator model number at the back of the refrigerator, sometimes printed on an aluminum tag; it is also on a silver or white label.

You can find the model number on the pack containing the refrigerator written in bold letters for easy identification. In most cases, the model number resides under a bar code. 

Significant places to check for the refrigerator model are the freezer, the face frame of the fridge, and behind the lower crisper of the last drawer of the refrigerator.

You can also find it behind the lower toe kick plate of the refrigerator; the model number is printed on a silver panel and attached to the places mentioned above. 

You can find other places are; the case under the lid of the refrigerator, the back of the fridge’s timer panel, behind the fridge’s door, especially when it is new, and on the lower front panel.

The payment receipt and the manual guide are other places to find the model number. 

How Do I Read My Kenmore Model Number?            

Identifying the model number of a refrigerator is very easy, but understanding the numbers requires expertise and in-depth interpretation.

When interpreted correctly, the model number gives detailed information about the refrigerator, such as who manufactured it, its location, and its functioning nature. 

How Do I Read My Kenmore Model Number?

Usually, the model number’s first three (3) numbers on the refrigerator, sometimes followed by a period or dot, indicate who manufactured the Kenmore refrigerator.

In contrast, the numbers that follow next often indicate the size of the fridge.

Examples of code numbers for identifying various countries that manufacture Kenmore Refrigerators include the followings that are listed below:

The numbers 110, 106, 562, 665, and 198 indicate that the company made the Kenmore refrigerator in Whirlpool. 

The code number 103 suggests that the Kenmore refrigerator is manufactured in Roper

119 is a code number indicating that the Kenmore refrigerator was manufactured in Frigidaire

362 and 363 are code numbers that usually suggest that the Kenmore refrigerator was manufactured in Georgia. 

How Do I Read My Kenmore Serial Number?

What Model is My Kenmore Refrigerator? 

As for the refrigerator’s model number, you can also use the Kenmore serial number lookup to get information concerning the fridge.

However, it is easier to interpret, unlike the model number, which requires expertise to be understood.

You can identify the Kenmore refrigerator’s date from the serial number. 

Usually, the first number shows the manufacture year from the serial number, and the second and third numbers indicate the month the refrigerator was manufactured.

Apart from the date, you can also find the time of manufacture in the serial number. The numbers on the correct decimal show the time, while those on the left show the date. 

Although one may have difficulty differentiating between the serial number and the model number of the Kenmore refrigerator, there is a striking difference between the serial number and the model number.

The significant way of recognizing the serial number is that the serial number often starts with alphabets, while model numbers are written only in figures. 

For instance, if the serial number on a Kenmore refrigerator appears as ES234567, the first number shows the year of manufacture, and the 2 in the serial number indicates the year 2002. If the first number is 3, then it means that the refrigerator was manufactured in 2003.

The following two numbers indicate the week of manufacture.

How to Determine the Size of a Kenmore Refrigerator?         

There are two things to consider when determining the size of a refrigerator. The first concerns the size of the fridge to buy; the second is determining the size of the fridge available.

In determining the size of a Kenmore refrigerator to buy, the space to keep the fridge is calculated in cubic feet. 

How to Determine the Size of a Kenmore Refrigerator? 

When determining where to keep your refrigerator, you should calculate the available space’s width, length, and height.

You can do this by multiplying the specifications. Also, you will possibly add extra space to avoid keeping the refrigerator in a tight place.

If calculated correctly, you will contain the fridge you will purchase in the area provided. 

When the refrigerator is available, there are two ways of determining the size of the Kenmore refrigerator, either by taking the outward measurements or using the refrigerator’s model number.

Sometimes, in recognizing the size of the fridge, you can check the pack of the refrigerator as the size is often written on the package. 

Most times, the size of the refrigerator comes separately, and other times it is included in the model number, which requires expertise to be determined. 

You can use the model number to determine the Kenmore refrigerator’s size.

Identifying the 3rd or sometimes the 4th digit of the model number is usually the size of the fridge. 

Sometimes, the size of the Kenmore refrigerator is not directly written in the model number. Often, the numbers written mean a different figure.

For example, the 4th code in the model number could be five, but in the original sense, the 5 means 15 cubic inches. 

Another way of determining the size of a Kenmore refrigerator is by taking the outward measurements of the fridge’s width, length, and depth.

After measurement, the numbers obtained are to be multiplied by each other, then the final number derived will show the size of the Kenmore refrigerator. 

How Can I Tell Who Made My Kenmore Refrigerator?            

Finding out the manufacturer of a Kenmore refrigerator by reading the model number. The first three codes that function as a prefix followed by a period often indicate the fridge manufacturer.

For example, if 103.345789 is the refrigerator’s model number, the prefix number 103 suggests that the Kenmore refrigerator was manufactured in Roper. 

The codes used as prefixes in the model numbers of refrigerators show different countries that manufacture the same product.

Knowing the exact location of manufacture of the Kenmore refrigerator is essential, especially when there are faults in functioning or fridge features within the warranty period.

When the manufacturer is known, it is easier to send back the refrigerator in case of faults. 


Knowing your refrigerator model is important in getting details about the refrigerator. As simple as a model number appears, it requires expertise to be adequately understood.

This article has explained the details of a Kenmore refrigerator model number and how to read the model number of a Kenmore refrigerator properly.

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