What Size Are Kitchen Curtains? (Things You Must Know)

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Interior decoration and adornment are important aspects of a proper house setup. But, what comes to mind easily when the word ‘interior decoration’ is mentioned?

Probably furniture, fittings, special lightings and gadgets such as Television sets and other related items pop up. Yet, we tend to overlook the great importance of curtains!

They add spice and color to all the great setups in a house. 

Standard curtain lengths available on the market include 63 inches, 84 inches, 95 inches, 108 inches, and those 120 inches. Aside from these standard curtain lengths, there is another custom-made kitchen window curtain set. A typical example is the tier curtain. They are also known as cafe curtains or kitchen tiers. 

What Is the Standard Size of Kitchen Curtains?

What Size are Kitchen Curtains

We all like to design things to our taste which is one significant flexibility you get when building your house yourself.

Which, of course, can only be accomplished through the help of professional builders. Some things, however, remain at the standard level despite heavy customizations in other parts of the building. 

One such thing is the window dimensions. Yet, more often than not, it remains at the standard measurement.

It would be easier to shop for suitable curtains and drapes and order tasteful finishes.

Since there are many windows in a house, the next question to ask is this – what is the standard curtain size for windows on distinct parts of a home.

In this article, we are answering one of the many possible questions. What is the standard size of kitchen curtains?

As we mentioned earlier, standard curtain lengths range as follows: 63 inches, 84 inches, 95 inches, 108 inches, and 120 inches.

The choice of length for your kitchen curtain is highly dependent on the length of your windows. Hence, you have to correctly measure your window length before going to the market to purchase.

Apart from the standard curtain widths and standard curtain lengths, you could get several curtain length options and customized curtain lengths for your unique windows whose lengths might not be available in the market.

One of such is the cafe tier curtains. These are specially designed for smaller window sizes than the usual or standard window length and width.

So, this custom width achieves proper coverage of such unique window dimensions. The standard curtain lengths would not be suitable in this case

What Size Curtains Do I Need for a Kitchen Window?

Curtains are essential tools in making your kitchen look very beautiful. When carefully and appropriately chosen, they make your kitchen come to life.

Make careful l thought and accurate choice of material and measurement to achieve an excellent touch. 

While there are standard curtain length options, making custom kitchen window curtains will not be out of place. However, sometimes, standards kill or dampen creativity.

Hence, the need to make a custom window curtain set for your kitchen.

Apart from the standard lengths and curtain length options we mentioned earlier, all you can get is a customized kitchen window curtain.

If your kitchen window is not of the standard or usual dimension, you might not be able to use the standard curtain lengths.

It applies when your window dimensions are much bigger than the standard curtain lengths. In this case, you will need to measure the dimensions carefully: your kitchen window’s length, breadth, and width.

Then, record it carefully and use it to purchase your kitchen window curtain material. 

Give the material you purchase to a tailor or professional curtain maker to design a suitable kitchen curtain set customized to the length, breadth, and width of the specific windows that fit your kitchen.

How Are Kitchen Curtains Measured?

Any accurate design lies in obtaining an accurate measurement of the material to be reproduced.

This step in any design is crucial, as any error in measurement would eventually lead to the production of erroneous material. 

Such a material would not be useful. It would either be oversize or undersized; either is not an option for an excellent outlook. Hence, the need to understand the art and science of measurement.

You can follow the steps below to make accurate measurements for your curtains.

#1. Measure the length

Now, you need to carefully measure from the top of the rod holding or suspending the curtain down to the point where you want the curtain to fall.

The ultimate length of the curtain is your choice. However, some curtains have standard designs, e.g., Tier curtains or Cafe curtains.

They usually end at the sill, covering the lower half of the attached window.

#2. Measure the width

Here, the fullness of your curtain is essential. By fullness, we mean how well the curtain covers the window.

By principle, standard curtain widths should be designed to cover at least one and a half to two times the size of the window’s width.

Can You Put Long Curtains in a Kitchen?

Yes, you can. However, make some considerations before such installation is made. Among such considerations is the closeness of the window to the cooking area

Considering the nature of activities carried out in the kitchen, one must be very careful with long curtains.

While they may be very appealing and aesthetic, they might be dangerous when the wind blows towards the cooking area.

Remember, curtains can be made of flammable materials. Hence, they might pose a risk to safety in the kitchen.

However, install long curtains in reasonably large kitchens, where the cooking area is safely away from the curtain’s radius.

Therefore, assess your kitchen”s space and position of the cooking area relative to the window area.

Once the kitchen is well ventilated and the windows are reasonably far from the cooking area, you can install long curtains.

Your curtains can go as far as touching the floor! It all depends on your taste.

Best Kitchen Curtains

There is no absolute best kitchen! Consider various factors before one comes up with the best curtain for a kitchen.

The best curtain for a kitchen is dependent on the nature of the kitchen itself.

If you look forward to having a clean, crisp, and modern feeling in your kitchen, the best curtain would be a grounding material or fabric with neutral touch.

Furthermore, light, cool-colored materials would make an otherwise small kitchen look brighter and more prominent.

While a skilled combination of warm colors can make a huge kitchen look inviting and balanced.

Again, when privacy is of prime importance to you, the best kitchen curtain would be those capable of allowing some light to enter the kitchen while obscuring vision from outside.

Furthermore, asymmetrical styles or geometric patterns can evoke an incredible visual impact.

In this case, typical curtains you should consider are Cafe curtains, fabric roller shades made from translucent materials or woven materials, rod pocket curtains, and Roman shades.

In cases where your privacy is not an issue, then simple swag curtains would do.

For example, if your kitchen windows are large or odd shapes in the kitchen design, curtains touching the floor would make a lot of sense.


Although there are standard curtain lengths, there is still room for customized curtains. The best curtain for any kitchen suitably serves the purpose.

It should be reasonably appealing and safe to use in the kitchen. Based on preferences and taste, one can install a wide variety of curtains in a kitchen.

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