What Soap To Use To Mop The Floor? (Must Know It)

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Achieving clean floors requires a little more than sweeping or vacuuming. You might need to mop the floor at least once a week in most cases.

However, it would help to clean rooms like the kitchen and bathroom more frequently, say once every three days.

When mopping, it’s advisable to use some detergent or soap for effective cleaning.

However, various soaps have different uses according to their concentration and specific requirements. Hence, it is essential to know the soap for mopping the floor.

The best soap to mop the floor is any mild soap that cleans appropriately. It might be in liquid or powdered forms; nature doesn’t matter as long as it dissolves in water. In some cases, you can decide to use dish soap or regular mopping liquid that you can purchase from the store.

Can You Use Dish Soap To Mop The Floor?

What Soap To Use To Mop The Floor

Yes, dish soap is mild enough to be used as a surface floor cleaner. Although people use dish soap to wash dishes, it can be added to the mopping water as a substitute.

Before cleaning the floor, you must first sweep to remove dirt particles that would spread in contact with water.

One of the significant reasons you need to use soapy water for mopping is that the soap acts as a disinfectant.

Germs thrive in an unclean environment, and without disinfection, the results are hazardous to one’s health.

In addition, there are different flooring types, such as; laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, ceramic tiles, and wood flooring.

 But, of course, each of them has different cleaning and maintenance methods to last longer. For instance, when laminate flooring gets exposed to excessive moisture, it is damaged in the long run.

So, it’s best not to mop laminate flooring with or without dish soap and water.

Another thing to note is that warm water cleans surfaces better than cold or lukewarm water.

This is because it forms lather easily with the dish soap and breaks the bonds between dirt molecules. Consequently, it’s best to mix your dish soap with warm water before mopping is best.

Aside from the dish soap, there are other things you can add to the warm water to make the right floor cleaning solution.

#1. Vinegar

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Vinegar is originally a food condiment, but it’s a great cleaning agent because of its high acidic pH. Take two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and add them to a gallon of warm water.

If you don’t have apple cider vinegar, you can use white vinegar or any other at your disposal.

The vinegar increases the rate of chemical breakdown of dirt and grease stains on the flooring.

#2. Perfume

Although most dish liquids have pleasant fragrances because of some perfume added to the mixture, if you want additional scent, you could add some perfume to the floor cleaning solution.

Afterward, you’ll be left with the sweet fragrance alongside a shiny surface.

#3. Lemon

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Lemon is a natural bleaching agent that leaves a fresh citric-like scent behind. Most dishwashing liquids are laced with lemon as a significant or minor ingredient in the cleaning solution.

Citric acid is best for bleaching surfaces while eliminating germs and grease; it’s a great additive to mopping water.

What Is The Cleanest Way To Mop The Floor?

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You must take specific steps to ensure that the floor is spotless and germ-free. Earlier, I stated how important it is to sweep or vacuum the floor before proceeding to mop.

Consequently, it would help if you knew how to mop the floor effectively.

Mop In Three Stages

To further explain the three stages of mopping, below are the details of each process.

#1. Stage One

First, you must have;

Next, measure two gallons of previously heated water, say around 50°F and turn it into two buckets. If you have only one mop bucket, you can take the steps one at a time.

In small measures,  add the dish soap/detergent, perfume ( if available), and vinegar (optional) to one of the buckets. 

You don’t need to add dish soap or mild detergent into the second bucket because it’s for rinsing the floor afterward.

So, place the mop stick in the water and let it soak for some minutes before wringing excess water. Most mop buckets come with wringers, and you can purchase one of them.

Next, move the wet mop in back and forth motions until you clean the floor’s surface thoroughly while occasionally soaking it in the bucket.

#2. Stage Two

This stage involves using the non-soapy water to rinse the floor after using the soapy water. Now, it’s best to squeeze as much moisture from the mop as possible before placing it on the floor.

This process rinses any excess soapy water on the surface and round things. 

Many folks stop this process and do not want to go further or think the third step is unnecessary. But, it wouldn’t hurt to go in the third time, especially if you’ll reach the spots you may have missed previously.

#3. Stage Three

This final stage involves using warm water, two tablespoons of vinegar, and lemon(optional).

Place the mop in the bucket of water, wring it as much as possible, and wipe the floor from start to finish.

Although you don’t need to do this, I don’t see why you shouldn’t. After all, it doesn’t cost you anything if you do.

Best Floor Cleaner Liquid For Mopping

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The best floor cleaning solution is regular dish soap. However, you can use any other mild detergent if you dilute it with water in a bucket.

Please do not add the cleaning solution directly to the floor’s surface; it makes it hard to wipe off afterward. 

Consequently, it leads to sticky floors, especially when water spills on the surface. It’s dangerous because it may lead to falls and hence injuries.

Homemade Floor Cleaner For Mopping

It’s better to produce your homemade floor cleaning solution because of the liberty to maximize ingredients.

However, there are certain ingredients you’ll need to make homemade floor cleaning solutions.

  • Two tbsp vinegar
  • One tbsp Lemon
  • Two tbsp dish soap or detergent
  • One tbsp of fragrance(perfume of your choice)
  • Bleach (optional)
  • One cup of warm water
  • Bowl for mixing
  • Bottle for storage

Take note of the required quantity to avoid having difficulty battling with too much lather during mopping. Next, mix all the ingredients in the bowl and stir until everything blends perfectly.

Then you allow it to stand for ten minutes before turning it into the bottle and the homemade cleaner is ready for use.

You could use or improvise with other ingredients to achieve the mopping liquid. For example, you can use bleach in lemon or a mild detergent instead of dish soap.

There is no problem if you get the perfect floor cleaning solution with the right consistency.

Final Thoughts

The best soap for mopping the floor must be mild and gentle to the hands. As long as it wipes dirt from the flooring boards easily, it’s a great option.

However, it’s best to use warm water instead of cold water for mopping. Finally, understand your floor type’s requirements as some flooring is not water-resistant.

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