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In every aspect of our daily endeavors, it is also wise to strive to work smart and not hard.

One major development in the fashion/clothing world is the invention of LG dryers with steam technology for effective dry-cleaning.

As you engage your regular laundry, LG dryers promise high efficiency with sanitary steam technology. What is the steam sanitary on LG dryers is the question this article strives to answer.

Steam sanitary is a technology on LG dryers that uses steam during the dry cycle of the laundry process. It helps kill the bacteria that settle on washed cloth, eliminating odors and yielding the best possible laundry. Steam sanitary is a selectable option during the drying process of laundry.

What Does Steam Sanitize Do On LG Dryer?

What Is Steam Sanitary On LG Dryer

As the name implies, steam sanitizing is an innovative feature that largely deals with cloth sanitizing.

The steam sanitize cycle on the LG dryer is for sanitizing clothes by applying hot steam and a high temperature to fabrics.

So, you will have noticed that the steam sanitizer technology doesn’t only dry but also handles the neatness of clothes.

It is a selectable option on LG dryers that you can add to any cleaning cycle to yield the best performance.

Therefore, the steam sanitizer innovation on LG dryers focuses on maintaining your health as you clean.

For this reason, you will have it that the steam gears towards eliminating odors because bacteria stay back. 

Generally, we can say that steam sanitizing offers our clothing the most healthy cleaning experience on cloth dryers.

The impact of the steam sanitizer innovation of LG dryers makes for the common use of LG dryers everywhere.

At this point, it is worth noting that the hot steam that normally comes from the LG dryer isn’t for drying.

As stated earlier, it is a selectable option that you can add to the drying process during laundry.

During the steam release, it helps in removing tough stains and odors. In like manner, the steam helps maintain the freshness of clothes without any lengthy wash cycle.  

Aside from the sanitize option, there is also a steam fresh option that quickly freshens up clothes that don’t need washing.

So, while in a hurry, you can quickly use the steam fresh option to smoothen wrinkles from the clothes.

Yes, it automatically lessens the time you need to iron the clothes immediately after that procedure. 

How Do I Use Steam Sanitize On My LG Dryer?

LG dryers with steam sanitize technology are usually big investments hence the need to know how to use them correctly.

Get to familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the steam sanitizer feature on your LG dryer for the best user experience.

You will observe that the steam sanitizes a selectable option to add to the drying cycles of LG dryers.

Below are a few guides on using the steam sanitizer option during any laundry process.

However, the user instruction manual is the best guide during laundry as it contains every instruction per cloth type. 

  • Of course, you will need to first and foremost turn on the LG dryer.
  • Load the dryer with the laundry clothes.
  • Turn the selector knob in either direction to choose a desired cycle for the laundry process. 
  • Usually, only the Allergens and Tub clean cycles have the steam sanitary as default settings. So, to use the steam sanitizer during the laundry process, you will have to add it.
  • Note that for every cycle that you select, the LG dryer displays default settings for each cycle. Although preset settings exist, you can add other options using the laundry cycle settings. 
  • To add the steam sanitize option, use the laundry cycle setting button to choose over desired settings. For the sake of your clothing, the steam sanitizer option is unavailable for every laundry cycle.

When Should I Use The Steam Cycle On My Dryer?

The steam cycle is primarily for sanitary purposes during any dry-cleaning laundry.

It means that whenever the purpose of the laundry is for sanitizing, you can opt for the steam sanitize cycle.

This sanitary purpose goes beyond common drying to include static washing for stain removal, odor removal, and wash for wrinkle removal. 

Note that the steam cycle depends on the purpose of the laundry and the type of material in question.

It then means that the above conditions must agree upon before you can use the steam cycle for the dry-cleaning.

Don’t use the steam option for clothes made of wool or sink for the safety of the cloth. The steam sanitizing technology is already a default setting for allergen and tub clean laundry cycles.

Once you choose any of the above cycles as the desired laundry cycle, the steam sanitizing process becomes automatic.

A steam fresh cycle refreshes lightly worn clothes without washing them repeatedly. 

Again, another good instance to use the steam cycle on your dryer is for materials considered to be non-washable.

For instance, some throw blankets are generally non-washable; the steam sanitizes and specially handles such clothing.

The steam cycle helps sanitize the material from bacteria, thereby keeping the clothes in their best condition.

What Is Steam Sanitary Temperature On LG Dryer?

The temperature for effective steam sanitary on LG Dryer is between the ranges of 122 – 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now, you will note that the steam isn’t as hot as you expected because the steam isn’t for drying purposes.

The LG dryer needs only a little more steam to finish the drying-cleaning process after the work of a washing machine. 

Just as the name implies, the steam on the LG dryer is basically for sanitary purposes during or after laundry.

While it is possible to kill bacteria with the steam innovation, it also helps remove stubborn stains.

Aside from killing bacteria, the steam temperature is just within the range of softening clothes and removing wrinkles.

The steam fresh feature on the LG dryer helps dry-cleaning lightly-worn clothes without washing them.

Also, not only is it effective on bacteria, but it also helps in the removal of allergens that causes odors on clothes.

With such temperatures, you can steam to clean by killing bacteria that normally stay on wet clothes.

The application is steam in home appliances, including a dryer, which is somewhat a breakthrough that promotes healthy conditions.

The table below shows material types and the varying steam heat sanitary setting from the LG dryer.

Is a Steam Sanitary Dryer Worth It?

With all the features of steam-sanitized dryers, it is for sure worth it. Since they are big investments, they, for one thing, deliver as you’d expect.

The many features of the steam sanitize dryer, in the long run, will make you forget the pain of getting one. 

For some materials considered non-washable materials, the steam sanitizer dryer is the last option to get them clean easily.

If you hate long-time ironing, the steam sanitizer with the new feature is your way out. Not only does it take care of odors, but it will effectively eliminate wrinkles in the shortest time with no wash needed.  

Now, coming to the pros of every LG steam-sanitized dryer, let’s begin with the fact that it saves energy.

Steam sanitized dryers normally have a sensor that senses when laundry is complete, and the cloth is dry. It then saves electricity by automatically reducing the steam sanitize dry cycle. 

Again, the fact that the LG steam-sanitizes dryer normally comes with a larger clean tub is somewhat of value.

It saves you enough time by doing bogus laundry all at once rather than dividing them into batches.

Plus, you don’t need to guess how long it will take for the laundry to complete; the dryer displays an estimated time.

The world is constantly advancing, and things are changing so fast that it is no big deal to look into special features on our appliances.

Therefore, it is worth getting one even for normal regular home use, regardless of its expensive nature.

The LG steam dryer also delivers just as you’d go for the best that will serve you just right.


Wrinkles, creases, and bacteria are enemies of our clothing, whether T-shirts, office wears, or whatsoever.

Always appearing clean and presentable is a priority, hence the need to get a good laundry machine. The LG steam sanitizes dryer does more than just heat-drying your clothes after washing.

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