What Is Washing Machine Air Dry? (Must Know This)

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Doing laundry requires much time and attention to get the best results. It is one of the reasons why washing machines are equipped with timers so as not to damage the fabric.

However, after washing your clothes, you still need to ensure they are dry enough before putting them on. Washing machines have a dryer to achieve this.

The dryer can be a spin-drying function or air drying function. The air-dry function is helpful in places with favorable weather conditions or for people who like the sun to warm their clothes.

Air drying your clothes saves you 30 to 40 percent of drying time.

Washing machine air dry is a function that involves removing most of the moisture from wet clothes without using or producing heat. Instead, the air-drying process uses the air generated at room temperature from the surrounding environment and the air from the drum throw to dry clothes.

What Does Air Dry Mean on a Dryer?

What Is Washing Machine Air Dry?

Air drying is a feature that removes most of the moisture from wet clothes, leaving them approximately 90-98% dry.

The mechanism involves the dryer drawing fresh air from the surrounding environment at room temperature as the clothes are tossed and turned in the drum.

The fresh air used to dry clothes is produced by rotating the basket or tub, and there is no added heat.

Additionally, the dryer has tiny vents or vents on the lid that allow air to pass through it into the tub as the clothes toss.

Air inlets or vents open naturally during the drying cycle to allow airflow. The air sucked in from the room and generated by the launch of the drum or tub removes moisture from the fabric.

However, it is essential to know that the air-drying function would not completely dry wet clothes.

It would only reduce the moisture content, and you may have to hang your clothes to dry or put them on the clothes drying rack.

Also, air-drying your clothes helps remove dust, hair, and dirt that may have accumulated on your clothes.

This process draws dirt and dust into the dryer filter screen, where you can clean them later.

Also, you can freshen and remove the musty smell from fabrics that have been stored for a while when you air dry them.

The air-drying function is also helpful in fluttering objects such as blankets, pillows, and coats.

Which Is Better, Air Dry or Spin Dry?

Spin drying your clothes is better than air-drying them. The air-drying function is helpful if you want to save some time on laundry, but nothing beats maintaining the quality of your clothes.

The spin dryer is ideal for this part if you are considering maintaining your fabrics.

However, here are some pros and cons of both methods for choosing the one you prefer.

#1. Air Dry

Helpful in drying garments in all seasons as it reduces drying times. You would only need to hang it for a shorter time.It takes longer to dry out most of the moisture. It may take about an hour or more to complete an air drying cycle.
It saves the energy used to dry clothes because it does not require heat.Fabrics come out wrinkled eventually because heat is not involved in the process.
Removing most of the moisture reduces drying time by 30 to 40 percent.It does not dry your clothes thoroughly, and you need to hang them out or put them on the clothes drying rack to dry them completely.
Removes dirt, lint, and musty odors  from clothesThe fabric colors fade out because you still have it to expose it to the sun’s ultraviolet rays on the laundry line.
Mold and bacteria can build up in your clothes if they stay damp for two or more days due to bad weather.

#2. Spin Dry

Completely dries out moisture from the cloth. You can wear the fabric almost immediately after spin-drying it.It consumes a lot of energy because the spin dryer needs an ample supply of electricity or gas to release heat continuously.
It protects the fabric because of the heat pump technology that keeps the cloth from fading away.The heat may shrink some clothing materials, so it is essential to check cloth labels before taking them to the laundry.
It prevents shrinking in some clothing materials because of the delicate care system in some spin dryers.If you cultivate the heat from your spin dryer to heat the building, mold growth may increase molds and bacteria if there is excess humidity.
You can spin-dry your clothes in any weather since there is no need to sun dry them.
Eradicates dampness that may aid the growth of molds and bacteria harmful to your health.
It reduces wrinkles in clothes due to the reverse tumbling feature. Therefore, you do not have to spend a lot of time ironing.
You can cultivate the heat from your spin dryer to heat the building.

In the end, from the pros and cons of both methods of drying clothes, you should be able to decide which way you prefer or think is better.

Samsung Washing Machine Air Dry Function

The air-drying function of the Samsung washing machine heats the inside to dry clothes and reduces the drying time.

In addition, the Samsung top-loading washing machine also has a turbo air drying system that dries clothes faster.

In addition, the turbo air drying system works by sucking air through double vents, thus increasing the drying power.

As a result, air turbo technology dries clothes 30 to 40 percent faster than regular drying on the laundry line.

It is also helpful for preparing clothes with sufficient humidity for ironing. To activate the air turbo technology, press the air turbo button.

However, you can only select the turbo air drying function if you have already set a spin cycle.

The process also differs in different models. You can choose the normal air drying function through the following steps.

  • Turn on the washing machine.
  • Locate the course selection dial and rotate it to select the desired course.
  • Press the dryness level button and select the desired level.
  • Press the start/pause button to start the drying cycle.

What Does Air Dry Mean on an LG Washing Machine?

This drying function may indicate “air drying” or “air fluff” on an LG washing machine.

However, however it appears on your washing machine, both names mean the same thing and perform the same function.

The washer-dryer draws room temperature air from the surroundings, so it does not use heat to dry clothes.

In addition, the LG washing machine’s air drying function removes dust and softens clothes that may have been in the closet or drawer for a while.

It is ideal to use the air-drying function for garments that may have lost their quality over time due to constant use. Air drying such garments restores their quality and increases durability.

How Do You Air-dry Clothes in the Washing Machine?

Clothes are dried in the washing machine using the air generated by the surrounding environment through the vents.

Air caused by the drum rotation and surrounding air dries the moisture in your clothes.

Washing machines always have a washing and drying function that allows you to do your laundry entirely at once.

However, you can decide to use the drying function separately. The air-drying process removes moisture from the cloth and shortens the drying time.

However, most washing machines have the spin function, which uses hot air to remove water. 

In contrast, the air-drying process does not use heat or generate it. Therefore, you need to use this method to use the air drying feature on your washing machine.

  • Put the clothes inside the washing machine, cover the lid, or close the door.
  • Press the power button to turn on the washing machine.
  • Press the drying button to select a drying cycle.
  • Press the start/pause button to start the drying cycle.

However, the washing machine’s air drying function can reduce the moisture in your clothes.

A few factors determine how long it takes to air dry. Here are some of the determining factors.

#1. The Thickness of the Fabric

Thicker fabrics require more time than lightweight fabrics to dry, so you should sort your materials based on their texture.

#2. Fabric Material

Some fabric materials will dry faster than other types of fabric. Identify these fabrics and set the timer according to the type of material.

The air-drying functions of the washing machine are specially for synthetic fabric materials.

#3. Weight Per Cycle

The washing machine has the maximum weight it can withstand per drying cycle. Therefore, follow the weight requirement for maximum dryness.

The washing machine can support a maximum weight of approximately three kilograms of fabric.


Air drying is a great way to save drying time, but it’s not the best method to use in the laundry.

However, you can rely on it if you don’t live in a place prone to bad weather or if you don’t need to put on your clothes early.

You can always refer to the machine’s user guide for the air-drying function.

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