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Where Are LG TVs Made? (8 Countries Does The Job)

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We should all be familiar with products from LG as they have continued growing throughout the years. 

Not only in the tv industry, but LG is also well known for its home appliances and gadgets. 

LG companies have also tried when it comes to following up with the latest technology and product upgrades.

Although they have customers worldwide, many customers do not know where these TVs’ production goes. That brings us to the question, where are LG TVs made?

LG TVs are produced worldwide, but skilled engineers make most of these televisions in Korea. The production of LG TVs spread from Korea to America, China, and even Europe, but Engineers manufacture the essential parts before sending them out to other countries. 

Where Are LG TVs Produced?

where are lg tvs made

The LG TV production has its roots in Korea but continuously spreads to other parts of the world. In the year 1966, LG made a move to release their first TV. 

At that time, TVs became a common household item, and LG was the only Korean-manufactured TV in the Korean market. 

With time, flat-screen TVs became popular, and the LG company upgraded its production. Now LG has over 200 factories that produce more than 60 million screens yearly. 

Some other countries that have become a massive part of LG TV production include; 

#1. Korea 

Korea is the central headquarters for producing LG televisions and several other electronics. Two separate factories guide the assembling of TVs in these two countries. 

As time passed, there was a drastic increase in salaries in Korea, reducing profitability and LG had to move to other countries to continue production. 

With all that happened, Korea remains the headquarter for the production of LG TVs, and electronics are still delivered from there to several other countries like Australia, Oceania, Zealand, and America. 

#2. China 

LG also established a few markers in China, where the production of LG TVs, phones, and several other electronics is continued. 

In 2019, LG established its first factory that specifically produced OLED displays. These plants in China are estimated to be able to produce about one million OLED screens every year. 

Already made televisions are assembled in this country and shipped to Africa, America, and other Asian countries. 

#3. India 

An LG plant in India produces televisions for the Indian market. These plants can produce the entire range of LG television except for the super-premium 77-inch model, which is then imported to south Korea. 

#4. Indonesia 

The LG company has a branch in Indonesia that produce LES TVs for Australia and southwest Asia. This plant grows about three million TVs yearly. 

#5. Poland 

LG has several branches in Poland. A unit that sells LED display TVs in the Chinese market was later closed down due to its unprofitability. 

There was a significant increase in salaries in Poland, and the LG TVs had to start competing with the Chinese TVs in the market, which was not very profitable in the first place. 

#6. Mexico 

Mexico is one of the most prominent supporting countries in producing LG TVs. Three powerful companies have appliances for the LG company, although only two of them make TVs. 

The largest producing company for LG TVs is close to Monterrey, while the other two are in Mexicali and Reynosa, respectively. 

Things started moving badly for Mexico’s production with the addition of taxes to the production of household appliances. 

With that, LG thought the best thing to do was restrain further production in the country. Nevertheless, the production of  LG TVs in the country is still going on. 

#7. Russia 

The plant in Ruza, Russia, produces about one million televisions yearly. LG ship some of the TVs in this region to eastern European countries. 

#8. Vietnam 

Another major LG TV manufacturing plant is set up in Vietnam. With higher demand in Vietnam and surrounding countries, the LG factory decided to build up a local branch in the country. 

In 2015, a lot of Vietnamese started work at the Haiphong campus. The Haiphong campus is one of the major LG project locations in Vietnam. 

Apart from TVs, the production of several other LG appliances and electronics are going on there. Since then, till now, LG has seen a potential excellent market in Vietnam. 

Who Manufactures LG TVs?

Manufacturing engineers from LG electronics produce the LG OLED or LED TVs with help from the production affiliates. 

The LD displays help manufacture LCD panels, OLED displays, several flexible displays, and different screen sizes. 

LG electronics is a merger between two producing companies, the “Lak Hui” and the “Goldstar.”

 These are both manufacturing companies that are responsible for the production of the first Korean radio. When it comes to producing televisions, we can trust LV to do a great job. 

When they worked with Goldstar, they went ahead to produce the very first black and white TV in Korea in 1966. 

 A year later, Goldstar has sold about one million televisions already. Fast-forward to 1998, Lg developed the first 60-inch plasma TV and, in 2007, the very first LG smart TV. 

Regarding the latest technology, LG has ensured that they keep up with the adjustments and upgrade and has now earned a name for itself. 

Starting from Korea, LG has now spread worldwide and now carries out production in countries like; 

  • China. 
  • America. 
  • Indonesia. 
  • Mexico. 
  • Vietnam. 
  • Poland. 
  • India. 
  • Russia. 

Where Are LG OLED TVs Manufactured?

Many countries produce LG TVs, but only a few produce OLED TVs. Countries that produce LG OLED TVs include China, Korea, Indonesia, Poland, and Vietnam. 

We all know that OLED TVs are in high demand in the global market and their production in several countries makes them more accessible. 

#1. China 

The Chinese market focused on producing LG OLED TVs and established a new plant in Guangzhou in 2019. 

The Chinese market produces about one million OLED display TVs in the local market. After making these TVs, they ship them to countries like America, Asia, and Africa. 

#2. Indonesia 

Indonesia has become an active partner in the production of LG TVs, and they started with the ultra–HD TVs. 

As time went on, this company started the production of three other television products aside from the ultra, like the LG super UHD TV 4K, LG OLED TV 4K, and the LG smart TVs. 

With these divisions, LG expects that there will be a massive demand and also an increase in sales. Indonesia became one of the most active LG partners in just a few years. 

#3. Poland 

In 2007, the LG company started the production of LED TVs in Wroclaw, Poland. They produced about three million LCD panels yearly, but that was up until 2019. 

In early 2019, the LG company announced that they would be closing down their LCD factory so they could start up an OLED factory. 

The primary reason why this happened was due to the unprofitability of the LED TVs in Poland. 

#4. Vietnam 

Vietnam was actively involved in producing LD electronics but wasn’t interested in creating OLED TVs until 2021. 

In September 2021, LG TV increased the electronic investment to $1.4 billion, so they could start an OLED factory due to the high demand for OLED TVs. 

Where Are LG Smart TVs Made?

LG produces its smart TVs in Indonesia. Indonesia specifies the production of LG OLED TV 4K, LG super UHD TV 4K, and LG smart TVs that come with the WebOS 3.0 operating system. 

Countries Production Location 
Indonesia Bekasi, Indonesia 
India One facility is available in Greater Noida and another in Pune and Ranjangaon.
Poland Kobierzyce, close to southwestern Wroclaw 
Mexico Ramos Arizpe, México 
China Beijing, China 
Vietnam Nhu Quynh town, van lam district 
Australia Two wonderland drive, eastern creek, NSW 2766

Who Owns LG?

The LG brand was formerly known as “Goldstar,” founded by Koo In-Hwoi.

It originates from Busan, Korea, and apart from LG TVs, the LG company has been able to introduce several new goods and appliances with the latest technology. 

The company was set up overseas for the first time in the US in 1982. And in 1994, there was a change in name from “Goldstar” to “LG electronics.” 

LG has been able to solidify its position in worldwide cooperation and is, in doubt, a good brand. Regarding customer appliance satisfaction, LG ranks first on the list. In recent times, the company has grown and expanded its business.

Apart from televisions, some other products that the LG company sells are:

  1. Solar modules. 
  2. Home theatre systems. 
  3. Wearable gadgets. 
  4. Washing machines. 
  5. Refrigerators. 
  6. Monitors. 
  7. Smart appliances. 


LG is undeniably one of the best TVs produced worldwide. Apart from televisions, there are a lot of other products you can get from LG companies, like LG dishwashers. 

You do not have to stress about getting LG products because there are several branches in several parts of the world. 

You don’t have to worry about quality because if you’re getting an actual LG product, quality is already guaranteed.

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