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Where Are Sony TVs Made? (8 Countries That Does The Job)

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As a new homeowner, you want to get everything correctly, from high-quality technology to seamless furniture and cookware.

You are aware of a few companies, but Sony is the only one that immediately springs to mind. While browsing their televisions online, you start to wonder: Where are Sony televisions made?

The first Sony TVs were created in Japan. Around the world, their company developed several TV manufacturing facilities. However, the company later sold  TV manufacturing facilities to several OEM and ODM firms. These businesses presently manufacture Sony TVs in various nations.

Where Are Sony Televisions Manufactured? 

Where are sony tvs made

The brand name Sony uses for its Sony TV sets is Bravia, an initial for Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture, which Sony Visual Products Inc owns.

WEGA was the last brand name for Bravia televisions until 2005. Currently, Sony has TV manufacturing facilities in Slovakia, Mexico, and Japan, among other nations.

#1. Japan

In 1969, Sony began producing cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions.

And in Japan’s Inazawa, the Sony TV facility finished the first Sony CRT TV. Up until 2004, the factory was making the same TV models.

CRT TV manufacturing had to terminate the LCD TV so production could take priority. Nonetheless, Sony expanded its TV manufacturing facilities in Japan over the years. 

However, the business began selling many of its plants in the nation between 2009 and 2010. Some factories in Japan are still in operation and producing TVs today.

#2. Malaysia

Malaysia is home to the largest Sony TV production facility outside of Japan. And it makes TVs for many other nations, including Australia, Malaysia, Asian nations, and Japan.

The TV factory is located in Penang, Malaysia. The same spot where Sony’s R&D facilities are located.

However, Sony discontinued running its primary TV manufacturing in Penang in September 2020. It also relocated its manufacturing from Penang to Selangor in Malaysia.

According to the corporation, the plant would formally shut down in March 2022. The sole improvement the corporation sought was for its production system.

Sony established its first minimal TV production facility in Malaysia in 2021. Sony TVs will continue to be made at the Selangor facility. But this time, machines and robots will run it.

#3. Mexico

The Sony TV factories in Tijuana, Mexico, supplied the Sony TVs sold throughout the Americas.

Sony TVs have been manufactured at this facility for many years. That business is Hon Hai, also referred to as Foxconn.

Giving Sony’s manufacturing facility in Mexico to Foxconn is a component of that deal. Foxconn has since produced Sony TVs for the Americas market.

Therefore, Foxconn produces every Sony TV you see today in the Americas. As a result, Sony has abandoned the American market. However, there are still Sony TVs in the area.

#4. Slovakia

Slovakia is home to two TV manufacturing facilities. One of them opened its doors in Trnava in 1996.

This factory specializes in producing TV componentry. Also, those parts are transported to additional Sony TV facilities worldwide.

The factory started making LCD TVs in 2006 for the European market. However, Sony TVs’ adventure in Europe is far from over.

In 2007, Sony constructed a new TV facility in Nitra, Slovakia, to accommodate the European demand for LCD TVs.

The next year, the company said they were expanding its manufacture of LCD TVs.

The new Nitra plant received certain production lines from the Trnava plant. This plant was intended to be Sony’s largest LCD TV production facility.

#5. China 

Sony built a co-established facility in China after selling its TV facilities in Slovakia and Mexico.

Sony and Foxconn decided to construct an LCD TV manufacturing facility in Shandong, China, in 2011.

Every year, one facility makes roughly 30 million panels. For this reason, the Shandong plant is the largest LCD TV plant. Foxconn is producing Sony TVs for local Chinese consumers.

#6. India

India used to be the location of Sony’s TV production facility. But the plant shut down as a result of losses. Additionally, Sony’s TV production in India ended after almost ten years.

Sony made a comeback to India in 2015. In producing Sony TVs, the business cooperated with Foxconn once more.

Local Sony TVs thus made a comeback on the Indian market that year. Foxconn makes the TV this time around, though. Furthermore, Sony serves as its brand name.

Foxconn technically oversees the factory and also owns the building. Few people own shares of Sony, which has forced them to take this action due to an importation policy in India. 

The Indian government increased import duties at the beginning of that year.

Sony must either start producing in the nation or start paying huge taxes. Sony needs to make this change since India is its fourth-largest market.

#7. Russia

Since 2009, Sony has had a manufacturing facility in Russia. However, a different outsourcing firm established this one.

It is located in Tver, Russia. Also, it manufactures Sony TVs for the European and Russian markets. Under the Sony name, the manufacturing company creates LCD televisions.

Therefore, Sony TV manufacturers are available on the Russian market. Not Sony at all.

#8. Spain

A Sony factory in Spain is where some of the Sony TVs in Europe are made. In Barcelona, Spain, the company operates a local TV manufacturing facility.

And it produces televisions for European consumers. Europe had a significant demand for LCD TVs in 2005. As a result, the factory started producing LCD TVs instead of CRT TVs.

Until 2010, the Barcelona facility produced Sony TVs of the highest caliber. In 2010, Sony sold its Barcelona factory to two Spanish businesses.

It signaled the end of Sony TV production in Spain. Instead, the two businesses focused on producing goods for the engineering and automotive sectors.

As a result, Sony TV production in Spain was completely stopped.

Who Makes Sony TVs?


Sony Corporation INC. is the main manufacturer of Sony TVs. The Japanese Sony Corporation’s brand Sony is well-known for its high electronics caliber.

They chose to work with a third-party OEM & ODM assembler’s factory to develop TVs and assemble them at Sony. Foxconn is one of the key players in this assembler production chain.

Sony has been able to cut costs and produce TVs in-house thanks to its approach of outsourcing building projects.

Several independent businesses from India, Slovakia, Mexico, China, and Russia offer to assemble whether Malaysia and Japan have factories where Sony TVs are produced.

Sony doesn’t just manufacture television sets. They also have products and services which they run. The table lists them below.

Sony ProductsSony Services
Video games.Network services.
Computer hardware.Advertising agency.
Robots.Financial Services.

Who Owns Sony? 

In 1946, Sony was founded as the Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Corporation. The business was started by Japanese electronics entrepreneur Masaru Ibuka, who soon joined fellow entrepreneur Akio Morita.

The business issued its first stakes in 1955. Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita improved the company’s name to “Sony” in 1958, and it was listed as the first publicly marketed Sony equities later that year.

The American Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange didn’t start recording Sony stocks until 1970.

The company’s ownership has been transferred to investors due to the original proprietors, Ibuka and Morita, offering stock ownership.

Over 714,000 Sony investors owned a portion of the corporation as of March 2012. SNE and SON are the tickers for Sony on the American Stock Exchange and the LSE, respectively.

The top 10 Sony stockholders as of March 2012 were mostly based in Japan and consisted of different trust funds. Japan Trustee Services Bank holds the largest ownership stake in the stocks.

Mellon Bank in North America, the Master Trust Bank of Japan Limited and Companies, Trust Company, and State Sreet bank are some of the company’s top shareholders.

Despite not being the “owner” of the corporation, Japanese entrepreneur Kazuo Hirai served as Sony’s CEO in 2012.

Sir Howard Stringer, a Welsh-American industrialist who left his role as CEO to become Sony’s board chairman, was succeeded as CEO by Hirai.

Despite reporting to shareholders, Stringer, Hirai, and the other board members are in charge of Sony’s corporate strategy.

Is Sony Bravia a Smart TV?

Because it offers content from the internet, Sony Bravia is a smart TV. In the latter part of 2009, Sony Bravia unveiled its first internet-enabled TV.

The internet enablement includes YouTube, Yahoo!, and Sony Video as the streaming media partners.  

Later in 2015, Sony TV also released Android TV. Next, early in 2022, Sony Bravia said it would support Google TV.


The TVs Sony designs and sells have the finest picture quality. There are more factors to consider when picking a great TV than the manufacturer. 

Additionally, Sony’s reputation makes everyone aware of what to expect. Display, Sound, and Internet are all provided by Sony and you. 


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