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Where Are Toshiba TVs Made? Manufacturing Companies & More!

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Big companies now sell their production rights to small companies, which can birth to some changes in the manufacturing process of their products.

As reasonable buyers, it’s important to know the company and the place the products you want to purchase are made, and this leads to the question; where are Toshiba televisions made?

Toshiba televisions are made in over 10 countries around the world. The countries include; Mexico, China, Taiwan, Japan, the United States of America, Indonesia, Egypt, Poland, Turkey, Malaysia, and so on. Unfortunately, though, the production of Toshiba TVs had stopped in some of these countries due to the company’s financial problems some years back.

Where Are Toshiba TVs Manufactured?

where are toshiba tvs made

Toshiba televisions are manufactured in North America and some other countries. However, Toshiba went through some financial challenges in 2015.

Unfortunately, the financial crisis made Toshiba stop manufacturing TVs and sell its production rights to some companies.

The sales of production rights drastically reduced the number of countries that now manufacture Toshiba televisions. 

Below are some of the countries where Toshiba TVs are manufactured.

#1. China

Toshiba used to produce numerous televisions with outstanding features in China. 

The televisions made in China were usually exported to nearby countries such as Russia, Japan, etc. 

However, Toshiba had sold its TV production rights to Hisense. Hisense is one of the reputable electronic device companies in China.

#2. Japan, Indonesia 

Like in China, many Toshiba televisions were also produced in Japan in their factory located in Fukaya.

After the financial crisis in Toshiba, they sold the production rights of their factory in Japan to Hisense.

#3. United States

The United States had the highest production and sales of Toshiba televisions until 2015 when financial problems occurred.

In 2015, Toshiba stopped TV production and licensed their US factory to Compal Electronics, Inc.

#4. Europe

In 2015, the production of Toshiba TVs for Europe stopped like in other countries, and they licensed the factory to Vestel, a subsidiary brand under Zorlu Holding company.

#5. Mexico, Poland 

Toshiba stopped producing TVs and sold its production rights to Compal. Compal bought the factories of Toshiba in Mexico and Poland, and they still sustain the use of Toshiba’s brand name.

So, if you have any Toshiba TVs or want to purchase Toshiba Tv, the production year, model, and serial number of the TV will determine where it’s made from.

In addition, it’s important to note that all Toshiba televisions made after 2016 were produced in Taiwan, China, or Turkey. 

What Company Manufactures Toshiba TVs?


In the year 2015, Toshiba corporation went through a huge financial hardship. The financial problems greatly affected the company.

Toshiba eventually sold its TV production rights to some other companies.

The companies that now produce Toshiba televisions are three, and they are; Compal Electronics, Hisense Group, and Vestel.

#1. Compal Electronics Inc.

Compal Electronics Inc. is a Taiwan-based company founded in 1984, and it’s an Original Design Manufacturer.

Compal designs and produces electronic products such as televisions, computers, laptops, tablets, etc.

Toshiba Corporation announced its decision to stop producing television in 2015 due to severe price competition, resulting in a financial crisis.

Furthermore, Toshiba licensed its USA factory to Compal Electronics Inc. Hence, Compal Electronics now produce Toshiba televisions. 

#2. Hisense Group

Hisense Group is a global company that deals with the manufacturing of quality and affordable electronic appliances. The major product the company produces is television.

Hisense Group was founded in 1969, and its headquarter is in Qingdao, Shandong province, China.

Due to the outstanding reputation of Hisense Group in television production, Toshiba sold its TV production rights to them.

In 2017, Hisense Group offered to purchase Toshiba’s TV production rights, which Toshiba sold to them. 

The TVs business transfer was completed in 2018, and since then, Hisense has been manufacturing Toshiba’s TVs.

#3. Vestel

Vestel is a subsidiary brand under Zorlu Holding company. Vestel was founded in 1984, and the company’s production plant and headquarter is in Manisa, Turkey.

Vestel produces high-quality major appliances, electronic devices, and information technology.

Since 2015, Vestel has been one of the companies to which Toshiba has licensed its television production rights.

Apart from Toshiba, Vestel has the production rights of other companies such as Grundig, Hitachi, Polaroid, Alba, Bush, etc. 

Is Toshiba TV a Chinese Company?

No, Toshiba TV is a Japanese company and not a Chinese company. Toshiba is an international corporation that produces electronic devices, visual technologies, etc. 

Toshiba produces some of the best televisions around the world. The company’s TVs are well-known in the market for their incredible qualities and affordable prices.

However, it’s important to know that Toshiba stopped producing TVs in 2015 and sold its TV production rights to some companies such as Hisense, Compal, and Vestel.

Hisense is located in China, and it’s safe to say that a part of Toshiba TVs company is Chinese. Check out the table below for more clarifications.

Toshiba Corporation Hisense 
Toshiba Corporation is a Japanese company Hisense is a Chinese company.
Toshiba corporation stopped TV production in 2015.Hisense bought Toshiba’s TV production rights in 2017.
Toshiba TVs is originally a Japanese company in partnership with others.A division of Toshiba TVs now belongs to a Chinese company, Hisense.

Does Toshiba Make Good TVs?

Toshiba is a multinational company, and it’s one of the companies that produce the best TVs in the world.

Toshiba Tv brand is famous in the visual technology market for its reputation for producing smart televisions that give the best viewing experiences.

Over the years, Toshiba TV has been maintaining its status on Amazon as one of the brands people purchase their TVs the most worldwide.

The constant demand for Toshiba TVs for years explains how incredible their televisions are and how much people trust the brand.

Among the smart features that Toshiba TVs have is:

#1. Dolby Vision 

Dolby Vision technology regulates the brightness of your video. It also improves the image quality of your video. 

When purchasing a television, the vision of the tv should be one of your major concerns. Therefore, Dolby vision is one of the features you should look out for in TVs. 

This is because it gives you the best viewing experience you could ask for. This feature is well available in numerous models of Toshiba TVs.

#2. 4k HDR Resolution

 This resolution technology also ensures that your TV delivers dynamic images. 

If your TV has a 4k HDR resolution feature, you will have a cinematic experience while watching the TV in your house.

#3. Gaming experience

 Most Toshiba TVs give you the best video game experience. 

#4. Voice and Easy Remote Control

 These two are other wonderful features of some Toshiba televisions. You can easily control your TV’s operations with a remote or voice.

 Using voice is made possible through the built-in Alexa available on the TVs. You can achieve this by simply speaking to the TV. 

For instance, if you wish to change your TV channel, command the TV to change it to any channel of your choice. You can also adjust your TV’s volume by speaking to it, and so on.

Why Are Toshiba TVs So Cheap? 

It’s surprising that as notable as Toshiba TVs are worldwide, the brand sells one of the cheapest TVs in the world, and people won’t stop asking why Toshiba TVs are so cheap.

Well, the reason is so obvious. Toshiba has existed for over 10 decades, and its TVs have been thriving well in the visual technologies market.

As a successful TV production company, it’s easy for them to make smart televisions, with smart features available at affordable prices for their consumers.

Toshiba no longer solely produces TVs and partnered with other companies.

Amazingly, as cheap as Toshiba TVs are among their peers, you will still get great value for your money. Is it their fantastic features? Or their durability? 

Generally, Toshiba TVs can last for almost a decade. All you need to do is to give your television proper maintenance.

Below are some ways to maintain your televisions so they can last long;

#1. Frequent Cleaning

One of the best ways to maintain the quality of your television is by cleaning it from time to time.

Ensure that you dust the area where you place your TV well. Also, get the cleaning products that are produced mainly for TV cleaning.

Avoid using harsh chemicals and water while cleaning your TV as they can affect its screen. 

#2. Place TV In a Ventilated Area

It avoids placing your TV in areas with either low or extremely high temperatures.

TVs generate a lot of heat because of the electricity it uses. So, place your television in an area where there’s mild air.

#3. Turn Off TV Regularly 

Another best way to maintain your TV is by turning it off regularly. Leaving your TV to work for a long time decreases its lifespan.

Cultivate the habit of turning off your TV while doing something else, which helps elongate its lifespan.

#4. Moderate Contrast Levels And Brightness 

Avoid setting its contrast and brightness to their maximum levels when using your television, as it decreases lifespan and can cause eye problems.

Instead, set them to their optimal levels, this will help in maintaining the quality of your TV, and also, it will elongate its lifespan.


Toshiba televisions are one of the top-selling TVs in the world. They’re super affordable, durable, and have smart features that give you the best viewing experience. 

This article explains important things you need to know about the Toshiba brand, and it’s no doubt that you will find it very helpful.

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