Where Can I Get Tile Cut? (Local Stores, Tips & More)

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Tile cuts are essential, especially when you want to wrap off your house project. But most homeowners are usually skeptical about getting tile cuts because getting a specific place or store that offers such service is challenging.

Moreover, accuracy and efficiency matter a lot. I can assure you that this article will provide good stores from which you can get tile cut.

Lowe’s store is the first place I recommend if you wish to get a tile cut. But it can be inaccessible sometimes, especially if your purchase isn’t from them. Alternatively, you can contact any tile contractor to help you because they usually have all the necessary tile cutting tools. Moreover, tile contractors have experience. 

Where Can I Get Tiles Cut to Size?

Where Can I Get Tile Cut

You can get tiles cut to your desired size at Lowe’s store. Lowe’s has been in the business for a very long time, and from my experience, they offer very quality services.

But, of course, it would help if you worked with them too. The tile cutting works so that you purchase a tile set from them and contact the store customer representatives for the service.

Not that you can only contact Lowes store and request for tile cutting when you’ve had purchase with them. 

But before you make the purchase, you must prepare your customized or desired measurements, after which you can contact any of the store’s contractors to confirm your measurements.

The contractors will ensure that the measurements are accurate. After the measurements, you’ll purchase the tile and request a tile cutting service.

The store’s contractors will do the job well. They’ll customize everything according to your measurements and ensure smooth edge tiles.

But it’s also good you know that the store only offers straight cuts. So if you want curved cuts, look for another alternative.

Additionally, one may question the kind of tiles that Lowe’s cuts. Well, to your knowledge, Lowe’s cuts all tile types, as long as the purchase is from them.

Glass tiles are no exception; the store will merely need to ascertain that you purchased the tile from them.

One thing that makes Lowes tile cut to size service exciting is that it’s free. You need not pay any fee.

All you need to do is purchase from them and contact their customer service. So, to keep you on the safe side, permanently preserve your receipt of purchase in case the store requests it. Yes. On demanding a tile cut, they can.

Even if you don’t want to request a tile cut but rather do it yourself, Lowes has tile cutting tools available for purchase.

Wet saws, in addition, are available at very affordable prices. But conceding that you don’t have cash at hand, rent the tools.

Note that the renting price increases with time, so if you make any renting request, do well to return the tools in time.

Lowe’s store is a good choice if you want your tiles cut to the desired size. However, it may be hard to find other stores that offer this service because of the high operating cost of some tile cutting tools.

Where Can I Get Ceramic Tile Cut?

There are four essential means through which you can get tile cuts. They include Lowe’s, building supply warehouses, and local hardware stores.

But aside from these three, you can contact any tile contractor. While alternatives will be okay and cost-effective for you, others may not.

#1. Lowe’s 

Just like a few other stores, Lowe’s provides tile cutting services. But don’t just be in haste to make the tile cut.

Instead, your first line of action should be to contact them and know if the tile cutting setup is alright.

Though it’s rare, some tools can sometimes develop faults and may be temporarily unavailable, so be assured that the setup is in good condition.

Aside from contacting the store to ensure the tile cutting tools are good, ensure that your ceramic tile purchase was from them.

If you purchased the ceramic tile from a different store other than Lowe’s, it’s most likely they won’t accept the tile cut request.

And even if you’ve claimed to have purchased with them, they’ll request the transaction receipt. So all these things, keep them in mind. 

It would be best to take the necessary measurements correctly and clearly understand how you want it to be.

Once you’re sure your ceramic tile purchase was from Lowe’s, and you’ve inquired;  the cutting setup is in place, request the tile cut.

You’ll have someone from the store help you for free, which is a plus. Lowe’s is a great place to get your ceramic tile cut.

#2. Local Hardware Stores

Another alternative to getting a ceramic tile cut is a local hardware store. Local hardware stores are generally involved in the merchandise of home improvement products and tools, inclusive of tile cutting tools.

And though they can be small and not as large as stores like Lowes, you can get personalized attention from their customer service.

So if you have any local hardware store and you always shop around you, try contacting them and see if they can help you.

They’ll probably reach out, especially if you frequently shop with that particular store. 

In most cases, if luck comes your way, the store may be sourcing for ways to display the effectiveness of their tile cutting tools.

That’ll be an opportunity for you to complete your project. While they use your ceramic tile for advertising their products, the tiles will get cut.

#3. Building Supply Warehouses

Building supply warehouses are similar to local hardware stores. Just that supply warehouses are specific in the supply of building materials or tools on a colossal scale.

Building supply warehouses, in addition, usually have contractors as employees as their customers may need help fixing one or two things.

So depending on how close you’re to your local building supply warehouse, reach out to them for help.

But also, in such cases, it’s easier when you’ve purchased the ceramic tile from the same warehouse than when the tiles are from a different store. It gives them more trust; they’ll hardly decline.

Depending on which local building supply warehouse you contact and how lucky you are, you may need to purchase before they can help you.

Then conceding that you’ve made a purchase before, they’ll request the receipt.

#4. Contact Any Tile Contractor

Buying a tile cutter and cutting the ceramic tiles yourself is a good option, but it can be challenging to do on your own.

Hiring someone with the right tile cutting tools and expertise is better.

Though this alternative is more costly than just buying a tile cutter, it will save you time and frustration in the long run.

Tile contractors are individuals that generally specialize in the installation of tiles; they have all the needed tools.

And in most cases, they will help you not just in cutting the ceramic tiles but also in the installation.

But if you want to DIY the installation and need the tile cutting services, the tile contractor will do just that.

The hired contractor will likewise advise you on specific practices and give you safety tips.

Where to Get a Piece of Tile Cut?

It’s challenging to find stores that offer tile-cutting services. And it’s because of the high operation cost of the setup, and the process involves employees.

However, stores like Lowe’s offer tile-cutting services. Others like Menards and home depot merely take part in the merchandise of tiles cutting tools.

So you should reach out to Lowes if you want a piece of tile cut. But the tile cutting service at Lowes is such that you need to or must have purchased your tiles from their store.

This policy might keep you losing, especially if you’ve already gotten a tile piece from a different store. Nevertheless,  Lowe’s service is still recommendable. Moreover, the service is free.

Besides giving you an effective smooth edge tile cut with the right tools, they’re fast and efficient in communication.

They’ll get your tile piece cut in no time. At Lowes’, not just anyone handles tile cutting. Instead, the store has trained employees who have experience.

Other alternatives besides Lowes include contacting a tile contractor or your local building supply warehouse.

Though these alternatives aren’t so effective, they’re also good. I only like Lowe’s because I’ve worked with them; they have an excellent tile cutting service.

Can You Cut Tile at Home Depot?

Unlike Lowes, Home Depot doesn’t provide tile cutting services, and the reason is simple. The service goes against their policies.

As a result, you’ll only find home depot selling and renting their tile cutting tools. You see, the company operates in such a way to promote DIY to homeowners.

So instead, what they should have is a how-to guide on cutting tiles; that’s the aim- to help homeowners reduce costs and be independent.

If you’re in desperate need of getting a tile cut, go to Lowe’s. There you’ll find a tile cutting service.

You can alternatively contact their customer care service. If the store accepts your request, be rest assured of a lovely tile cut with smooth edges.

Home Depot is committed to merchandising tools like manual tile cutters and Wet tile saws.

And what makes it more interesting is that you can rent these tools if you don’t have enough cash at hand to buy them.

The renting service availability mainly depends on your location. Also, there are different prices for stipulated periods.

Thus, below are the prices for different stipulated usage periods.

Stipulated Usage Period(Hours)Price($)

Note that extra charges apply for late return, so even if you make any rent, return it in time.

What’s The Cheapest Way to Cut Tile?

There are many materials and alternative methods utilized in tile cutting. The cheapest method for me depends on what type of tile you’re cutting; efficiency also comes into play.

If the process is cheap but inefficient, it’ll be a waste of time. Nevertheless, a simple manual tile cutter is the cheapest way to cut your tile.

The only problem is that simple manual tile cutters don’t work well in every situation, for instance, porcelain tiles.

So they’re only best for ceramic tiles. But that doesn’t mean you can use them for tile type. Of course, you can, but be rest assured of inefficiency in some scenarios.

So I suggest complex manual tile cutters in situations like porcelain and glass tiles instead of simple ones.

Manual tile cutters are the cheapest, and their price ranges from about $50 upwards. While the simple ones have a $50 price, the complex ones have slightly more pricing.

But still, I prefer them to the simple ones; they’re more effective. I’m not saying that the simple manual tile cutters aren’t good.

Of course, they are. But if you want the process to be more effective, especially when it involves porcelain or glass tiles, use the complex manual tile cutters.

How to Find Tiles Cut Service Nearby?

A reasonable means of locating any nearby tile cut service is searching online.

Many websites provide this service, and you can choose the one closest to your location. You can also ask friends or family for recommendations.

It’s good you want a tile cut service to help you out. However, I don’t advise you to do the tile cut yourself, especially if you don’t have the expertise, because many things come into play.

There are other crucial procedures besides knowing the most efficient tools to save time.

The Average Cost of Getting Tiles Cut

The average cost of getting a tile cut depends; there’s no specific price. Moreover, stores like Lowes offer such services free of charge, provided you’ve made the tile purchase with them.

But if you decide to contact any tiles contractor, you’ll have to pay, depending on what you both have agreed.

The negotiation will favor you in situations where you already have some tile-cutting tools; the pay rate will be less.


Getting a trusted place where you can get an effective tile cut is essential. And that’s why I recommend Lowe’s store, just that the tile purchase needs to be from their store.

Other options include contacting your local building supply warehouse or a tile contractor.

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