Does Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Have A Filter?

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Top-loading machines like the Whirlpool Cabrio washers can handle double and heavy loads daily, making them efficient for a large household.

However, this design makes them susceptible to detergent or fabric softener residue accumulation. For example, clothes fibers, water, and dirt can fill the machine’s inside.

 So how, then, does this top-loading machine manage these materials? Well, you may wonder if it has a filter.

Yes, the Whirlpool Cabrio washer has a filter. The Whirlpool brand designs these top-loading machines with filters and drain pumps to prevent blockages in the washer or household plumbing system. The filtering device is usually beneath the right corner of the machine. The location will differ based on the Cabrio model.

Do Whirlpool Cabrio Washers Have Filters?

Does Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Have a Filter

Whirlpool Cabrio Washers have filters. These filters are essential in handling everyday materials from loads, keeping your machine clean, and working efficiently.

The Cabrio is a high-efficiency household washer that performs on a high frequency due to its 6th Sense engineering. 

This technology has more advantages, especially for larger households where they’ve to deal with daily and heavy loads.

However, this design also makes the filter trap and quickly accumulate spillages and dirt from loads.

Filters are a high-efficient invention that helps the Cabrio machine deal with biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials from soiled clothes.

This device is necessary for preventing these non-decomposing materials from getting into your septic system.

These filters are pretty important because of the following reasons:

#1. They Prevent Obstructions

Filters are necessary to trap and remove foreign materials from clothes and prevent them from getting into the drain pump.

Water from the machine usually passes through the drain pump and from there into the household plumbing system.

Without this device, these materials will build up and cause obstructions in your washer or plumbing system. 

#2. They Prolong The Lifespan Of Your Machine

A device that constantly traps and removes debris from washing machines’ draining system will ensure the smooth running of your machine.

If you constantly have to deal with clogs blocking the drain pump, it will cause the machine to break down. So, the filter makes your Cabrio washer last longer.

#3. They Lengthen The Lifespan Of Your Septic Tank

We all know how vital the septic system is in the home. But unfortunately, non-biodegradable materials like coins, fibers from polyester, and nylons, including sand, can disrupt the functioning of your septic system.

But, a filter traps these materials from the machine, preventing them from getting into the septic system, thereby preventing septic failure.

#4. They Prevent Unnecessary Expenses

Dealing with a malfunctioning Cabrio washer or septic system can be frustrating.

You’ll spend more time, energy, and money on repairs.  But with a filter, these expenses are prevented, saving cost and energy.

Where is the Filter On the Whirlpool Cabrio?

The location of the filter may differ based on the design of the Cabrio washer. Usually, you can find this device underneath the washer.

The valve of the drain pump usually contains this filtering device. The filter prevents dirt and foreign objects, such as coins, pins, labels, e.t.c, from causing damage to the drain pump.

To access the filter under the washer, do the following:

  • First, remove the Cabrio washer power cord from the socket and let the washer stand a few meters from the wall. Then, turn the two water controls on the wall counterclockwise.
  • Unfasten the water hoses behind the washer with pliers. You can get your pliers here- Amazon. Next, dislodge the drainage hose from the pipe.
  • Use duct tape to keep the top-loading door and the front of your washer from swinging open. Then lie the washer on the floor.
  • Unfasten the nuts on the back panel using a screwdriver. Get the screwdriver here- Amazon. Take away the panel. You will find the drain pump located on the left side.
  • Remove the plastic cover on the plug attached to the drain pump’s circuit. Next, remove the plug from the socket.
  • Use pliers to tighten the clamps on the drain pump to release the hoses. Remove the hoses.
  • Unscrew the nuts holding the pump to the washer interior. You will find the filter on the pump’s valve.

How Do I Clean the Filter On My Whirlpool Cabrio Washer?

The Cabrio washer filter serves as the dustbin for materials and dirt from the machine, and it’s essential to clean this drain regularly.

Regularly cleaning your filter will prevent clogs from blocking your machine and household draining system.

Below are the procedures for cleaning your filter:

#1. Unplug Your System

The first step is turning off your washing machine and unplugging the system before trying to find the filter.

  • Begin by moving all buttons to an inactive position or pressing the ‘off’ button on the machine.
  • Then switch off the power from the socket and unplug the machine before pulling it away from the wall. 
  • Ensure you place the plug at a safe distance where water won’t get to it during cleaning.

#2. Find the Filter

You have to locate the filter next.

  • First, use a plier to remove the water hoses at the back of the Cabrio washer. Then pull out the drain hose. 
  • Use tape to hold your washer’s door in place to prevent it from swinging open. 
  • Then lie your washer down to find the filter underneath it. You can consult the user’s manual if you can’t find it.

#3. Clean Thoroughly

First, place a thick towel, washcloth, or a flat container under the filter to prevent leaks from creating a mess before pulling out the filter. 

  • Use a clean thin cloth or paper towel to remove every trace of dirt and particles.
  • Use a toothbrush to clean areas you can’t get to with your hands.
  • Remove the filter screen and place it in a bowl of hot water. You can as well place the whole filter and leave it to soak for 10-20 minutes. Soaking will remove any lingering hair, lint, remnants of detergent, and fabric softener.

#4. Clean the Inside

Before fixing the filters into the washer, check the inside of the machine for loose lint and lying around.

Also, check the hole where the filter resides. Then, wipe them clean with a paper towel or wet sponge.

In addition, inspect the drain hose for debris. After which, you can replace the filter. Don’t forget to fix the drain hose before you close the filter compartment.

#5. Run Your Empty Cabrio washer 

Plug in your washer and run it on a small cycle to check for leaks before you begin your regular cycle. Leaks will occur if you don’t set the filter correctly.

Also, check your drain hose; leaks could come from it. Ensure you clean your filter once every four to six months.

Below is a table showing the pros of cleaning your filter and the cons of leaving them unclean.

Does Whirlpool Duet Washer Have a Filter?

The Whirlpool Duet washer is a front-load washing machine that has a filter.

This energy-efficient machine uses this filtering device to remove debris from the washer and prevent them from clogging the draining system. 

The drain hose behind the washer is where water and particles from the load pass through.

The filter traps lint, hairs, and materials that can clog the hose, ensuring the machine’s smooth running.

To locate your Duet washer filter:

  • Pull on the handle at the bottom of the washer to find the dispenser drawer. The pump filter is in this dispenser drawer.
  • Open the drawer by freeing the tab on both sides. Use your fingers to lower the tab on the right side, then do the same for the left
  • This location might differ based on your Duet model. So, ensure you consult your user’s manual if you can’t find it.


A Whirlpool Cabrio has a filter that traps foreign materials that get into the machine from clothes and prevents them from clogging the drainage system.

It’s essential to ensure the smooth running of your Cabrio washer. You should ensure you clean the filter two to three times yearly for proper maintenance and to prevent mold growth.

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