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When you learn of a new home appliance such as a refrigerator buzzing on the market, it is essential to understand its credibility.

It is also a good idea to learn about its manufacturers and specifications and read detailed customer reviews available online. 

It applied to the Vissani refrigerator brand. If you have read any of those reviews or decided to purchase one, the question “who makes Vissani refrigerators?” must have crossed your mind. 

Vissani refrigerators are from Magic Chef, a reputable brand for manufacturing reliable home appliances. These appliances include mini-fridges, wine coolers, freezers, microwave ovens, countertop dishwashers, dryers, ice makers, and more. 

What Company Manufactures Vissani Refrigerators? 

Who Makes Vissani Refrigerator

Vissani refrigerators are from a company known as “Magic Chef.” This company is known globally for producing the best and most cost-friendly kitchen appliances.

Despite being cost-friendly, the kitchen appliances made by “Magic Chef” are of high quality and durable in the long run. 

Magic chef, formerly the American chef, has been a home appliance brand for over 40 years. However, CNA International Inc./ MC Appliance Corporation bought the brand.

Magic chef has manufactured and marketed various Vissani appliances ranging from wine coolers.

Freezers to refrigerators. Sighted below are the specifications of the popularly known and used Vissani refrigerators:

Vissani Refrigerator Refrigerator Specs
Vissani 9.9 cubic fridge Adjustable glass shelf 9.9 cubic feet Humidity control74.8 pound freezer top Compact Spill-proof shelf.
Vissani 7.1 cubic fridge Removable and adjustable shelf 7.1 cubic feet Wire shelf in the freezer easy to clean.
Vissani 4.3 cubic fridge Compact top freezer wire shelf4.3 cubic ftReversible doors can dispenser. 

Is Vissani a Good Brand? 

Vissani is a tremendous and reliable brand for purchasing various kitchen appliances. The reason is that Magic Chef manufactures Vissani appliances.

Magic chef is a reputable company producing efficient and durable home appliances for over 90 years. 

Vissani has several excellent appliances to choose from for your home that will serve you perfectly; below are the highlighted benefits of purchasing a Vissani product; 

#1. They Are Affordable 

When you can get your money’s worth and extra benefits from an appliance, you know that you’ve made the right choice.

With Vissani appliances, you can enjoy your money’s worth and the unique features they provide.

In addition, you would realize that they are cost-effective and worth the price. Vissani appliances are high-end products with pocket-friendly prices for all. 

#2. They Are Energy Saving

With the rising cost of living, power bills are expensive. So, it is in your best interest to purchase energy-saving home appliances such as those made by Vissani.

For example, Vissani refrigerators and freezers stay cold for long periods to save power and Vissani microwaves require little energy to heat food. 

#3. They Have Amazing Designs

As much as home appliances are to do their respective jobs, it doesn’t hurt to purchase aesthetically pleasing appliances.

Vissani appliances are available in various sleek and enticing colors with simple, beautiful designs that perfectly match your home decor.

#4. They Are Versatile

Vissani appliances do not have to be home appliances; they are long-lasting with several valuable features that make them suitable for use in offices, restaurants, schools, and several other residential or commercial spaces. 

Where Are Vissani Refrigerators Made? 

Vissani Refrigerators are in Magic Chef factories in China and Thailand despite being an American company.

When most people hear that an appliance is in China or Thailand, they frown. They believe it is of low quality and substandard.

However, this is not always the case. With Magic Chef factories in China and Thailand that manufacture Vissani refrigerators, it’s different.

Over the decades of its existence, they deliver high-quality home appliances with unique features

Who Makes Vissani Appliances?

Magic chef makes all Vissani appliances. This company has a long history of providing high-quality and durable home appliances.

Hence, purchasing appliances manufactured and marketed by them is always safe. Long-lasting materials are preferable in making Vissani appliances in Magic Chef factories.

Up-to-date technologies also ensure that the Vissani appliances stand the test of time. They are in various unique and beautiful designs. 

Vissani appliances made by Magic Chef include refrigerators, wine, and beverage coolers, microwaves, hoods, and freezers.

In addition, these appliances are with energy-saving abilities and other unique features. 

#1. Vissani Refrigerator Reviews 

The buyers of Vissani refrigerators all seem to have had different experiences with the product.

While some found it satisfying, others were not impressed with certain aspects. Aspects such as price, efficiency, warranty, and certain parts of the refrigerator were frowned upon.

To give you an exact idea of the customer satisfaction rate, below are some detailed customer reviews on the Vissani refrigerators they purchased from Amazon; 

#2. Too Pricey 

Some customers were particularly dissatisfied with the pricing of the Vissani refrigerators, primarily the mini-fridge. Customers felt like it should cost less for the size and features. 

#3. Not Long-lasting 

Regarding efficiency, many customers refused to give the Vissani brand a second try after their experiences.

For example, a customer complained that the Vissani 9.9 cubic ride only lasted 2 years and became faulty. However, he got it fixed with new parts. 

#4. Easy Installation Guide

A customer expressed how impressed he was about the installation process for the Vissani 4.3 cubic fridge.

He explained that the process was easy, and the manual explained it in simple terms. However, he complained that the fridge produces an unpleasant sound from time to time.

#5. Great Design

The Vissani 7.1 cubic fridge’s compartments seemed to be helpful to certain customers. A customer mentioned that she loved that the freezer was separate from the fridge.

This customer also loved the design that made it a bit bigger and more accommodating than a standard mini fridge. 

#6. A Waste of Money

A few customers were very disappointed with the Vissani 4.3 cubic fridge and called it a “piece of junk” or “bad choice.”

Another customer complained that his Vissani 9.9 cubic fridge had problems after two weeks of purchase. 

#7. Worth the Buy

Despite the negative feedback, a customer mentioned that her Vissani 9.9 cubic fridge lasted four years.

This action was impressive to her because it has a lifespan of five years, and she expressed her willingness to repurchase it. 

#8. Unreliable Warranty

A customer complained that her Vissani 9.9 cubic fridge quit within the first year. However, she didn’t get a full refund as opposed to what the warranty offers.

Another customer’s fridge stopped working within a year, but she was not refunded or offered repairs. 

#9. Unhelpful Customer Service

Aside from the questionable efficiency, some customers did not appreciate the customer service.

For example, a customer purchased a Vissani 7.1 cubic fridge that was not cooling. He explained that the customer service was unhelpful during the return process. 

#10. Durable 

A customer who purchased the Vissani 7.1 cubic fridge was impressed by how long it lasted. He mentioned that he still has his Vissani 7.1 cubic fridge after 5 years.

He also shares a tip for when it goes off. He says he lets it be for 24 hours and then plugs it back in. 

#11. Dissatisfaction with Size

A Vissani 7.1 cubic fridge owner expressed his dissatisfaction with the size. He explains that it has not given him any problems since he bought it, but it is too small.

He, however, likes the size because he can easily wash some parts by dropping them in the dishwasher. 

#12. Not a Reliable Brand

A customer showed interest in the size of the Vissani 4.3 cubic fridge, and she referred to it as “perfect.”

Despite that, she was not impressed that it lasted only 15 months before developing faults. She added that it was not staying cold, and she will not be purchasing again. 

#13. Wastes Food

An owner of the Vissani 7.1 cubic fridge reviewed it as a “complete waste of money.

This customer mentioned that the fridge does not stay on for a month without shutting down. She also added that it would always go warm, and all her food would get wasted. 

Final Thoughts

Vissani refrigerators are controversial because many people have had unpleasant experiences with them, while few have enjoyed using them.

However, people are still willing to give them a chance since they are from a reputable company (Magic Chef).

They have been off the market, but there will be an improvement in their features before being resold.

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