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4 Reasons Your Alexa Beep At 3 AM!

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A lot of homeowners wish to have a home assistant. However, the thought of hiring an actual person freaks them out. Thankfully, Amazon has introduced a device called “Alexa.”

Alexa is a virtual assistant capable of voice interaction, setting alarms, providing real-time information, and controlling a smart home.

However, having a device that beeps while you are asleep can be very annoying, making many homeowners wonder why Alexa beeps at night, mostly at 3 am.

The most common reasons your Alexa may beep at 3 am are routine settings set to beep at this time, late-night notifications, or errors. When you notice that your Alexa always beeps, check your Alexa routine setting and disable any scheduled routine at that time. You can also disable Alex’s notification.

Why Is My Alexa Beeping At 3 AM?

Why Does My Alexa Beep at 3 AM?

There are several reasons your Amazon Alexa may be beeping at 3 am. Mostly, Alexa beeps to acknowledge commands sent to her. However, this may not be the case sometimes.

Here are other possible reasons why Alexa may beep at 3 am.

#1. Notifications Sound

Alexa beeps when you have a notification, such as new messages, a reminder you have set for that particular time and have forgotten to turn it off, or a low battery level.

Suppose you enable your Alexa notification sound and you forget to disable it. In that case, there is a chance that your Amazon Alexa will beep when it receives a new notification to get your attention.

#2. Routine settings

Alexa’s routine setting is also one of the reasons why the device may beep at night when you are asleep. You can schedule your Alexa to perform specific tasks at a given time.

The routine setting may cause your Alexa to come up at 3 am if there is a routine schedule for this time. The device will beep in response to your routine schedule.

#3. Alexa Mistakenly Heard Wake-up commands

Alexa beeps to acknowledge your voice and let you know it is ready for your command when it hears certain words or phrases. These words or phrases are called wake-up words or phrases.

Your Alexa can come up even when you’re asleep at night if it picks up a sound like her wake-up word or phrase, causing it to beep in acknowledgment.

Mainly, this occurs when you have recently changed your Alexa’s wake-up word or phrase, and the device is getting acquainted with the new sound.

#4. Software Update Error

Alexa receives and installs all her software updates automatically without giving you any hassle once there is a Wi-Fi connection. 

However, when there is a problem with any software update that needs you to intervene and install them manually, your Alexa will also beep to inform you of the situation.

These software updates can happen at any time, even when you turn the device off, and if there is any problem with the update that needs your attention, the device will notify you by beeping.

How Do I Stop My Alexa From Beeping At 3 AM?

Whenever you notice any unusual sound or beeping from your device, you should ask Alexa why she made the sound.

There are odds that your Alexa will be able to tell you why she made the sound. Once you can get the reason for such sound, you should be able to fix whatever problem.

However, Alexa may sometimes fail to tell you why she is beeping. So here are a few ways to stop it from beeping at 3 am.

#1. Disable Microphone

When you notice that your Alexa is randomly beeping or making unusual sounds, especially at night, it could be due to Alexa picking sounds which she mistakes for her wake-up words.

To prevent Alexa from picking up sounds and mistaking them for her wake-up words or phrases causing her to beep at night, ensure to disable the device microphone while you are asleep.

Disabling the microphone will prevent Alexa from hearing you or other sounds. However, this does not stop other features from functioning.

#2. Disable notification sound

If your Alexa is randomly beeping or making unusual sounds at 3 am, it could also result from notifications coming into your device, causing Alexa to notify you by beeping.

When you have a new notification, such as messages, event reminders, or a low battery level, Alexa will beep to get your attention.

To prevent Alexa from beeping for new notifications, ensure to disable the notification sound or change their settings to play only during the day.

You can disable or change the app’s settings or give Alexa a command to disable or change the notification sound setting.

#3. Reschedule Routine

Routine settings triggered on schedule can also cause the device to beep at 3 am. To stop your Alexa from beeping at 3 am, check and reschedule all routines scheduled at night.

To reschedule Alexa routine setting, open the Alexa app and click more on the right at the bottom of the screen, where you will see the routine tab.

Select the routine tab, where you can see all the routines you have set and reschedule all the night routines that are causing your device to beep at night to a later time.

#4. Reset Device

Sometimes, your Alexa device’s beeping could result from errors or bugs in your device’s system, and a factory reset should be your next resolution.

Resetting your Alexa device will clear all the errors or bugs making the device beep. However, a factory reset will also clear all current information and preferences on the device.

To reset your Alexa device, press and hold the action button on your device until the device turns off.

Then, allow the device to turn back on itself and enter the setup mode. You can then follow the on-screen information to set up your Alexa.

Why Does My Alexa Just Make a Random Noise?

There are so many reasons that may cause your Alexa device to make a random noise. The most common reason is when Alexa mistakes some sounds for her wake-up words.

Bugs or glitches in the device’s system can also cause the device to make some creepy noises or sounds. Sometimes notifications coming into your device can also cause it to make noise.

Whenever you notice your Alexa is making some unusual noise, you should ask Alexa why she made the noise. There are high odds Alexa will be able to tell you the cause of the noise.

You can also check through the device activity log on your Alexa App if Alexa fails to tell you the exact cause of the unusual noise.

Common Causes of Random Noise By AlexaSolution
Notification sound is enabledDisable notification for all, or some features
Mistaking sounds for wake-up wordsDisable the microphone when not communicating with Alexa
Routine settingsCheck and turn off or reschedule all routines to a more convenient time
Bugs or glitches in the device systemFactory reset the device

How Do I Turn off the Chime on My Alexa?

Your Alexa will chime to acknowledge your voice when she hears her wake-up words. You can turn the chime off or let it stay on. Likewise, you can give it a command to turn off the chime.

If you don’t want the chime on your Alexa, you can also turn it off through your Alexa App.

Here are the steps to turn off the chime on your Alexa.

  • Open the Alexa App on your mobile device
  • Click on your safe and sound icon
  • Click on settings and move to voice service
  • Swipe left or right to turn the chime off or on.

Can Alexa Talk Without Being Prompted?

Typically, Alexa will only talk when you ask her a question. You can prompt Alexa to talk by saying her wake-up words, such as “Alexa,” “ziggy,” “Amazon,” “Echo,” or “computer.”

When you say those wake-up words or phrases, your Alexa will either talk in response or beep. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes your Alexa may talk without being prompted.

Alex can talk without being prompted when the device picks sounds that she assumes are coming from you, but she does not understand. Alexa will tell you she does not get you clear.

Bugs or glitches in the device system can also cause your Alexa to talk without being prompted.


Alexa is a convenient device for smart homeowners who want a virtual assistant. However, having a device that makes creepy noises or beeps at night can be very frustrating.

Nevertheless, do not get creeped out just yet. Alexa can beep or make noise or beeps to notify you of important updates, routines triggered by schedule, or errors in the device system.

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