7 Reasons Why Your Deep Fryer Keep Shutting Off!

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Appliances are susceptible to abnormalities, and deep fryers are no exception. I know you’re worried, but you shouldn’t be surprised to see your deep fryer shut off continuously.

Such scenarios can sometimes be frustrating, but not to worry; this article will help you find your way out. Thus let’s explore the reason for the occurrence.

There are several reasons why your deep fryer will shut off uncontrollably. Nevertheless, an impaired power cable and faulty setup connections are typical. In addition, a faulty hi-limit thermostat can be the culprit.

Seven Reasons Why a Deep Fryer Keeps Shutting Off?

Why Does My Deep Fryer Keep Shutting Off

Your deep fryer constantly shutting could result from many factors or actions.

However, seven factors include a poorly positioned air fryer basket, an incorrectly shut entryway, a faulty outlet, an impaired air fryer cord, an overheating scenario, a faulty heating element, and improper maintenance.

#1. Incorrectly Shut Entryway

Check the door or lid if your deep fryer is uncontrollably shutting off. There’s a chance that you didn’t close it properly.

Also, the door can become loose after prolonged usage and will not cling into place.

Most deep fryers are programmed so that the system cannot function as it should when its doors aren’t shut properly.

#2. Poorly Positioned Deep Fryer Basket

Apart from your deep fryer door not shutting correctly, a poorly positioned fryer basket can be a problem. 

As a guide to knowing that the basket is sitting correctly, ensure it makes a chuckling sound after you place it.

It would help if you also examined the basket for any tear, wear or damage. Just like most dryers can’t function without their doors being in place, the situation is the same for baskets.

#3. A Faulty Outlet

The connected outlet is one of the first things you should inspect if your dryer is uncontrollably shutting down.

There’s no way your deep dryer will function effectively if the connected outlet has issues-electricity supply won’t be smooth

To ensure the outlet is functioning well, utilize a voltage meter to test current flow or contact an electrician. Alternatively, you can utilize a different outlet.

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#4. An Impaired Air Fryer Cord

If the outlet isn’t the culprit, check the fryer cord. The cables may seem alright from an external view, but you don’t know whether the internal wires have a fault.

They’re fragile and can malfunction easily. Actions or factors that can cause inefficiency in cables include frequent entangling and power surges.

Additionally, pests like rats can likewise chop off some parts. To avoid such situations, always be careful while handling the cable. If in any situation you see the need for a replacement, please do so.

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#5. An Overheating Scenario

Most homeowners aren’t aware, but overheating scenarios in deep fryers can cause instability. Usually, most overheating cases come as a result of faulty internal components.

On the other hand, deep fryers also come equipped with inbuilt mechanisms that trip when the temperature is too high.

Thus, the system will shut off. As a result, the hot oil in the fryer shouldn’t be an avenue for the appliance to explode.

#6. A Faulty Heating Element

Faulty heating elements can be another surprising reason; they even cause overheating.

Heating elements function in converting electric currents into heat energy. Thus when they malfunction or have a fault, the result will be under or overheating. 

#7. Improper Maintenance

Like any other appliance, a deep fryer must always be in good condition; you must use it correctly.

However, wrong usage and lack of maintenance can sometimes result in efficiency in operation-the fryer system will come on and off.

As a guide, I recommend you refer to your user manual anytime you’re confused about anything. Also, frequently clean the fryer components and change the oil every week.

Why Does My Deep Fryer Pilot Keep Going Out?

Your deep fryer pilot light constantly going out is an indication that there’s an uncontrolled airflow in the pilot burner chamber.

But it could also be that the thermopile is faulty, not connected properly, or clogged with debris. Other possible reasons include a wrong thermocouple rod position and insufficient gas pressure.

#1. Uncontrolled Airflow in the Pilot Burner Chamber

When there’s uncontrollable airflow in the burner chamber, the contact between the pilot flame and the thermocouple won’t be accurate.

And consequently, the pilot flame wouldn’t ignite well. In such cases, ensure that the pilot assembly is in place and avoid air penetration.

#2. Loose Thermopile Connection

Your fryer pilot light will continue going out when the thermopile has a loose connection and needs tightening.

It’s not just the thermopile alone but the high-limit thermostat. The thermopile always has an attachment to the control valve; it may have loosened.

#3. Faulty Thermopile

There’s always a high possibility that dirt and build-up may have developed on the thermopile after an extended usage period.

Hence when you experience a situation of unstable pilot lights, inspect the thermopile and ensure there is no debris build-up.

Carbon deposits, for instance, cause insulation and prevent good heat flow. But besides debris build-up, the thermopile can develop an internal fault, so check and see if there’s a need for replacement.

#4. Wrong Thermocouple Rod Position

Apart from a faulty thermopile, the pilot lights can also go out if the thermocouple rod isn’t high enough. When the thermocouple isn’t high enough, there won’t be good contact with the pilot flame.

Consequently, there’ll be no transfer of the DC millivolt signal to the gas valve to keep the pilot lit.

#5. Insufficient Gas Pressure

Low gas pressures are seemingly normal; they can result in tiny flames. Thus if your case is similar, locate the adjuster screw on the inside and increase the pressure.

Why Does My Deep Fryer Stop Working

There are countless reasons your deep fryer will stop working. However, the most likely reasons are a faulty fryer cord and prolonged usage without proper maintenance.

But besides a faulty fryer cord and improper maintenance, examine the heating element and burner assembly.

Sometimes, the heating element can burn out without prior notice; it will need replacement.

#1. Faulty Fryer Cord

Finding out that your deep fryer isn’t working, your first action should be to check the cable to see if there’s any physical damage. Then, for more efficiency, utilize a cable tester; see if it’s still okay.

You also want to ensure that the power cord has current flowing through and that no other appliances use the same power outlet.

Assuming the cord is not the problem, try connecting the fryer to a different outlet; see if the outlet is the culprit.

#2. Prolonged Usage Without Proper Maintenance 

The most common reason for a deep fryer not working is prolonged usage without proper maintenance. When you use it too often, the oil will become dirty or burnt, impacting your cooking.

Once this happens, you must replace the oil or clean your fryer before frying anything else. As a guide to proper maintenance, clean the deep fryer often and change the oil every week.

Also, always ensure that there’s no water at the bottom of the fryer. Water at the fryer’s bottom can cause a short circuit in the unit; this could be dangerous.

Avoid such scenarios so that you don’t risk being electrocuted by touching any metal parts of your deep fryer when cooking again.

What Does a High Limit Switch Do on a Fryer?

A high limit switch prevents the fryer temperature from exceeding unsafe levels and consequently impairing.

In addition, it shuts off the gas valve anytime the oil temperature approaches a certain level to prevent fire outbreaks.

The high-limit switch examines the fryer temperature and sends the information to the thermostat.

The thermostat furthermore uses the information to switch the heating element on or off depending on the regulated temperature limits.

That’s why you must always ensure that your high-limit switch is in good condition. A bad high limit switch often fails to sense the fryer temperature when it goes excessively high.

And as a result, the thermostat will not receive any information to process; this can lead to overheating in most cases.

If you find your dryer high-limit switch faulty, don’t hesitate to make a replacement.

What Are the Common Problems That Occur When Deep Frying?

There’s no doubt that deep frying is an excellent cooking method, but you can still experience some problems.

For example, you may notice the oil temperature excessively high a few times, as though the fryer will soon explode. You can also experience overcooking or undercooking. All these are a result of many factors.

The table below shows some problems associated with deep fryers and their solutions.


The most common reason a deep fryer will shut off automatically is faulty setup connections.

So anytime you experience such issues, inspect the deep fryer pilot chamber and ensure everything is alright.

Likewise, examine the fryer cord and the connected outlet; to ensure they’re all in a good state.

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