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Why Is My Lutron Switch Blinking Red? (Reasons & Solutions)

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Lutron switches are bliss to every home. They have dimming features to allow you to adjust your lighting anytime.

Unfortunately, your Lutron switch might malfunction when it encounters specific issues.

However, when your Lutron switch blinks red and you’re wondering what to do, this guide has all you need. 

The red blinking light on your Lutron switch indicates that the electrical load is insufficient or almost insufficient. It means that the flashing red lights could be a warning to increase the electrical load before it reaches the minimum level or an indicator that the load has already dropped to the minimum level.

Why Does My Lutron Switch Blink Red? 

Why Is My Lutron Switch Blinking Red

Your Lutron switch is blinking red because it has picked up on a drop in the electrical load it is meant to carry.

An indicator LED light rapidly blinks red to indicate that the electrical load has dropped to the lowest level. 

As a warning sign, the Lutron switch’s red light could also begin to link right before the electrical load drops to the lowest level

If you’re wondering how much electrical load is good enough for your Lutron switch to prevent the red blinking lights from getting activated.

You need the electrical load to be above 40 watts. As Lutron switches have a minimum load, they can only handle a maximum load of 1920 watts

How Do You Reset a Lutron Switch? 

You only need to review a quick procedure to reset your Lutron switch. Begin by tapping the “on” button quickly three times.

Hold the button on the third tap until the lights start to dim. Then tap the “on” button three times quickly again, and it should begin to work just perfectly.

For a detailed step-by-step guide on how to reset your Lutron switch, read the instructions below; 

#1. Locate the “On” Button

First, you would need to locate the “on” button. Even if you are using an intelligent Lutron switch, it is best to reset it manually. So, ensure you’re not trying this reset process with your intelligent controls. 

#2. Press and Hold the “On” Button

Next, tap the “on” button in a rapid motion three times but do not let go of the button after the third tap.

Finally, hold the last tap and release it when you notice that the lights that switch controls begin to dim up and down. 

#3. Repeat Tapping the “On” Button

Lastly, repeat the rapid tapping on the “on” button thrice and hold the last tap this time. Only release the button when the lights have begun to brighten up gradually. 

Do Lutron Dimmer Switches Go Bad? 

A Lutron dimmer switch could go wrong for different reasons. These include a sudden power outage, a tripped circuit in the dimmer, overuse after the lifespan elapses, loose wire connections, or low power load. 

Lutron dimmers are long-lasting and reliable. But it is still possible for them to go wrong for some reason or another.

Highlighted below are reasons why your Lutron dimmer could go wrong; 

#1. Unstable Power Supply

A Lutron dimmer needs a stable power supply to work perfectly and reach its expected life span before going bad.

Your Lutron dimmer could have a shortened life span and go wrong if you live in a place with an unstable power supply.

 A constant switch in voltage threatens the wiring and overall effectiveness of a Lutron dimmer till it dies out.

#2. Replacing Your Bulbs Too Often

When you install a Lutron switch for the first time, it is essential to purchasing durable light bulbs.

Unfortunately, as simple as changing a light bulb seems, when done too often, it distorts the efficiency of a Lutron dimmer.

This action makes it go wrong because a slight surge is created when a bulb is removed.

#3. A Tripped Circuit or Wire

It is undoubtedly evident that wiring is fundamental for light switches to function effectively. It also applies to Lutron dimmers. 

When a circuit trips due to an overload in energy supply, a Lutron dimmer could go bad beyond repair, depending on the hit it takes.

If this also affects the switch’s wiring, your Lutron dimmer might be gone for good. 

#4. The End of the Dimmer’s Lifespan

The lifespan of your Lutron dimmer could easily be cut short if it experiences any of the problems mentioned above.

However, your Lutron dimmer might not have experienced any of those problems. 

But it could have simply arrived at the end of its life span and stopped working. In this case, it has served you well and needs to be replaced. 

Why Do My Lutron Lights Flash on And Off? 

Your Lutron Lights could be flashing on and off for several reasons; this includes a problematic or wrong dimmer, loads on the circuits from other appliances, light bulbs, or problems with the electrical system. 

Flashing lights is rarely a good sign. When you need a steady source of light, but your Lutron lights keep going on and off without stabilizing, it frustrates you.

The problems causing your Lutron lights to flash on are off are highlighted below; 

#1. A Defective Dimmer

Pairing your Lutron switch with a dimmer is a significant step to ensure you enjoy better and adjustable lighting.

But you have to choose the dimmer model that fits perfectly with the model of your Lutron switch. 

When the model of your dimmer is not compatible with your Lutron switch’s model, it is bound to result in unstable lighting.

All Lutron models are tested with dimmers and LED bulbs to confirm their compatibility, and the results are posted to the public.

If you are unsure which, Lutron model switch is perfect for your dimmer or LED bulbs, visit here.

#2. Unstable Electricity

Unstable electricity is a significant setback for any home experiencing it because it affects the efficiency of all your appliances.

For example, your Lutron lights flash on and off often after experiencing unstable electricity. It means the electrical load is imbalanced and fluctuates.

#3. Bad Light Bulbs

Sometimes, when your Lutron lights begin to flash on and off, it is not a result of a bad switch or a defective dimmer. Instead, all the fault might lie with the light bulbs. 

When you are using unreliable or low-quality light bulbs with your Lutron switch, it could begin to develop faults along the line. You would need to replace them to stop the flashing lights. 

#4. Issues with the Circuit

A lousy circuit is always bad news. Because it means that the voltage must have affected the circuit placing of your Lutron switch and has caused it to malfunction, or your wiring may be affected by the power supply. 

#5. Bad Wiring Issues 

An unstable power supply could affect the wiring of your Lutron switch. As the wires lose their original placement, it could make your Lutron lights flash on and off even after you have turned them off.

In this case, you would need to fix the wiring to solve the issue. If you have no proper electrical knowledge, you need a professional to check it. 

How Do I Reset My Lutron Box? 

The process for resetting your Lutron box is easy to perform yourself; all you need to do is follow these steps.

Begin by searching for the FASS (Front Accessible Service switch), which should be located beneath the dimmer switch. 

Turn it off, then press and hold the main switch for five seconds as you simultaneously turn the FASS back on. Keep holding the main switch until the light blinks and brightens slowly. 

Below is a Lutron troubleshooting guide table that you can always refer to when you experience any problems with your Lutron switch; 

Problem Experienced Causes 
The accessory dimmer switch does not work at the brightest level. The electrical load is below 40 watts.
The lights and dimmer work, but the accessory dimmer is faulty. The wiring of the dimmer and accessory dimmer is different. 
Lights work, but LED does not work. The FASS on dimmers are off.The Bulbs are dead. The breaker is faulty. The wiring is defective. 
Lights don’t stay on, and LEDs are dim or blinking. The blue screw terminal is wired incorrectly. 


A Lutron switch is an essential home appliance that makes lighting enjoyable all day long. However, like every home appliance,  it is bound to experience problems.

It may require you to reset it, replace it, or get professional help to fix it. This guide will make the process much easier, whichever option you choose.

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