Why Does Toilet Paper Smell Bad? (This Is The Reason)

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Toilet papers are essential in maintaining the general hygiene of the body. You use them daily for various activities, even outside the toilet.

Unfortunately, toilet papers tend to have a terrible smell when you store them inappropriately. 

They may begin to have black spots that look disgusting all over them. However, it is not uncommon for toilet paper to begin to smell bad if you do not store them properly.

Toilet paper smells bad because it absorbs terrible odors and begins to smell like it. Also, they smell bad when mold grows in the tissue paper or around it. Mold growth in the toilet paper is a result of dampness around it. Since toilet paper is a wood product, it would easily facilitate mold growth.

Why Does My Toilet Paper Smell?

Why Does Toilet Paper Smell Bad

Toilet paper can absorb the odor of anything around it. It is highly absorbent, and the odor of anything it touches lingers on it for a very long time.

Your toilet paper could smell like chemicals if they are close to chemical substances.

They could smell like your perfume if you put them close enough or smell like your air freshener if they were in the room when you used the air freshener.

However, your toilet paper could also smell bad if you store them in a damp environment.

It is because molds and bacteria often grow in damp areas, and when they grow in your toilet paper storage, your highly-absorbent toilet paper picks up the smell.

Also, mold grows well on your toilet paper because it is a wood product and wood is a primary breeding ground for molds and mildews.

However, you may not see the mold growth on your toilet paper because they don’t necessarily have to come in contact for the toilet roll to absorb the smell.

The molds would become evident over time as they continue to grow. It is common for black molds to grow on tissue paper and other paper products.

They are black in color and slimy in texture. Also, they can grow on your toilet walls and still make your toilet roll smell bad.

The toilet paper would always absorb the mold odor in the bathroom. Additionally, toilet paper production involves different types of chemicals and materials which have their distinct individual smell.

The end product, your tissue paper, would eventually turn out to smell like a combination of all these smells. 

Recycled toilet paper would have a more terrible smell because of all the chemicals they use in producing it.      

How Do You Get the Smell Out of Toilet Paper?

The best way to get any smell out of toilet paper is to put it close to another material with a more pungent odor.

For example, you can put your new toilet papers close to sweet scented candles or perfume when you store them so they can lose their production chemical odor.

You should also avoid storing them in damp areas so they don’t pick up mold smells. Another method to remove smells from your tissue paper is using some essential oil.

For example, you can sprinkle a few drops of essentials on the cardboard tube within the tissue paper.

The oils would eliminate the mold odor, and the toilet paper would absorb and smell like the odor of the essential oils for a very long time.

However, you should avoid letting the essential oils touch the paper. Undiluted essential oils cause skin irritation, itching, rash, sores, and burning sensations.

It is best to avoid using the last pieces of toilet paper if the oils seep through the cardboard into the paper. It is essential to use little drops of these oils.

Also, you can use some scented candles in your toilet to influence the smell of your toilet paper. You can burn the scented candles close to the toilet paper for easy absorption.

It is vital always to check the toilet regularly and get rid of signs of mold growths on the walls and corners.

Keep your mold free and use the scented candles regularly to maintain a pleasant odor.

Why is Toilet Paper Toxic?

Toilet paper is toxic because of the chemicals they contain. Chlorine is one of the most toxic chemicals in producing toilet paper, paper towels, baby wipes, etc.

The chlorine on toilet paper can enter the bloodstream through skin pores. Chlorine is very toxic, but unfortunately, tissue paper companies need to use chlorine bleach for production.

Chlorine bleach produces dioxin and furans during the bleaching process of pulp white. The chlorine chemicals react with organic particles in wood fibers to produce these hazardous toxins.

They find their way into the bloodstream and accumulate there over time. Many health issues can arise from toxins in the bloodstream, including cancer. 

Chlorinated toilet paper contains an enormous amount of these furans. Therefore, bleached paper, such as toilet paper, is significantly carcinogenic to human health.

Furthermore, dioxin, a byproduct of bleaching pulp, is very toxic and can’t easily break down.

Natural bacteria do not break down dioxin and can stay in the environment and the human body for a very long time.

Additionally, formaldehyde is put into toilet paper production because it increases the paper strength.

Formaldehyde is another carcinogenic organic compound. It causes severe irritation in the pubic area, especially the female vulva.

It can also cause recurrent yeast infections in some women if they use toilet paper consistently.

It is essential to know that extra white toilet paper contains more chlorine bleach and formaldehyde.

It is best to use thinner toilet paper that does not contain chlorine bleach, especially if reacting to chlorine.

There are several effects of using toilet paper on human health, but the critical areas include;

ToxinsHealth Effect 
Toxic additivesIt causes severe skin irritation, yeast infections, and eventually cancer.
Chlorine bleachIt affects the natural pH level of the body.
It could lead to infections in the reproductive organs.
It affects the body’s moisture barrier.
Bisphenols (BPA &BPS) in recycled toilet papersIt causes cancer and other diseases.
It causes infection to the reproductive system.
It enters the bloodstream and causes skin irritation in highly reactant people.
BPA is not regulated and could lead to serious health issues if it accumulates in the body.

Is Scented Toilet Paper Toxic?      

Scented toilet paper is highly toxic and can cause serious health issues. The scented toilet paper contains toxic chemicals that can alter the pH level of the female vagina.

They can cause yeast infections and other toilet infections. When scented toilet paper touches your skin, you may experience rash, sores, itching, and other allergic reactions.

Using less allergenic toilet paper can help to reduce the exposure of the vagina to irritations and reactions that scented toilet paper causes.

Also, using scented toilet paper can lead to vulvovaginitis. It is a health condition where there is inflammation in the vagina. It can cause pain, itching, and abnormal vagina discharge. 

Furthermore, vulvovaginitis is a result of chemical irritants in the toilet paper. The chemicals alter the average balance of the bacteria in the vagina.

Therefore, it could become severe if you do not take immediate action to stop it.

Therefore, whenever you use scented tissue paper and notice itching in your vagina, it is best to avoid using the tissue and go for other alternatives. 

Additionally, scented toilet papers contain chemicals that cause fungus growth around the vagina. It could cause cramps, discolored, and smelly discharge.

You experience recurrent discomfort as you continue to use the scented toilet paper. Also, scented tissue papers can cause infection in the anus and rectal area.

The rectal area is susceptible, and chemicals on scented toilet papers irritate the area. The irritation gradually develops into infection, and they become itchy and painful.

In addition, scented tissue paper causes cervical cancer. The chemicals in these tissue papers are carcinogenic, and using them frequently eventually leads to cancer.

Finally, it is essential to know that no type of scented toilet paper does not contain chemical ingredients.

No matter how organic or less hazardous the manufacturer claims the tissue paper to be, it would contain the chemicals.

The chemicals are essential in the manufacturing process of scented toilet papers. The toilet papers contain ethoxylated compounds that contain traces of carcinogens.

The pleasant fragrance in the toilet paper is essential for masking the smell of the chemicals in the product. Some companies use phthalates to produce fragrances in toilet paper.

Phthalates affect the endocrine system and cause obesity, low sperm quality, and hyperactivity. 


In conclusion, it is best to go for non-chlorine bleached toilet paper. These toilet paper do not contain harmful chemicals that can affect your health.

It would also help to keep your tissue papers away from damp areas and check your toilet regularly for mold growth.

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