Why Are Window Blinds So Expensive? (Reasons, Tips & More)

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You might want to install a window blind than curtains, then you go to the market for your pricing, and then you discover window blinds are so expensive.

Of course, window blinds are more expensive than curtains, but for some reason, people prefer using blinds to curtains. 

Window blinds often give your house this fantastic and beautiful look.

But before considering a blind, you must note that it is expensive to install window blinds, and your budget must be able to do it. Though, unlike curtains, they last for a very long while

It is costly to install window blinds because they last for a long time; unlike curtains that get worn out, they give unique looks to the house and possess unique features like blinds controlled by remotes. Unfortunately, blinds are also made of quality and expensive materials, making them very expensive and sometimes considered irrelevant

How Much Should Blinds Cost Per Window?

Why Are Window Blinds So Expensive

The blinds per window should be around 8$ – 200$ per window. Though the blinds vary in type, size, and quality but all serve the same purpose of covering windows in our houses.

Blinds are way more efficient to install than windows. The cost of a window blind depends on the quality and material used in making the blinds.

People tend to go for more expensive blinds because of their quality, which lasts longer. Apart from that, the more expensive the blind, the more beautiful and classic it will look 

Some reasons to be considered when enquiring about the cost of installing a window blind in your home :

#1. Materials to Be Used 

Materials for the window blinds are the main expenses, unlike cot of labor materials have a high – cost market price and must be considered first before suggesting installing a blind in your house

Aluminum blinds are cheaper, unlike wooden blinds, which are very expensive to afford.

For blinds that have motors installing the motors will add to the cost of purchasing the blind. So this is to be considered before going for a motorized window blind. 

#2. The Shape of the Window 

Unusual-shaped windows will require extra labor as the blind is custom-made for that particular window.

Examples like; semicircular windows, circular windows, rectangular windows with a curved top, and cylindrical-shaped windows, which need a unique window. 

Extra money has to be paid for these unusually shaped windows if you want a perfect window blind for your house. It is a custom window explicitly made for that window. 

#3. Size of the Window 

The size of the window also determines the price of the window blind. You cannot expect a 7 inches window blind to be the same price as a 14 inches window blind.

The bigger the size, the higher the price of a window blind. You have to know the size of your window before knowing the price of your window blind. 

Why are Some Blinds So Expensive? 

Some blinds are more expensive than the rest because of the materials used in making them and some extra features they possess.

Some people do not know why some are more expensive, but if you want a quality product, you have to be ready to pay for it. 

Aluminum blinds tend to be cheaper because of the price of the material (aluminum) used, and the same applies to wooden blinds.

However, they are more expensive than aluminum blinds because of the market cost of woods. The expensive nature is why wooden blinds are more expensive than aluminum blinds. 

The features you want in your blinds. For example, if you want a motorized window blind that you can control with a remote, the materials needed will be much cheaper.

However, you need to d to install a motor in the blind, and if there is more than one blind in your house, you’ll have to install motors in all of them. 

Also, remotes that’ll use to control the blinds will need to be gotten. The remotes also will increase the cost of the window blind.

The window blind, motor, remote, and also cost of labor, when added together, will have a higher value to installation than a blind without a motor. 

The person installing the blind also matters. A professional will charge more than a non-professional would do.

The cost for installation depends on who is doing it. People’s prices matter, so you must consider the price variance before installing a window blind. 

What Is the Cheapest Option for Blinds? 

If you are looking for an affordable window blind, you should go for vertical or Venetian blinds. These blinds are less expensive compared to other types of window blinds. 

Even when choosing between the Venetian or vertical blinds, if you want something more affordable, you should go for aluminum blinds as the cost of the materials needed are less than what you need for a wooden blind. 

What Makes Window Blinds So Expensive?

The expensive nature of blinds is a result of some factors.

#1. A One-time Purchase 

Unlike curtains, blinds are purchased once in a very long while. So if you want a blind for another window, buying a second blind will take a very long time.

This is because the blinds are designed to last for a very long period in your house and are not easily changed. 

The producers of the blinds know that you’ll only get the blinds once and use them for a very long time, so they add up the price of the blinds. The price doesn’t matter because it serves for a while. 

Clothes and other items that frequently tend to have a lower cost rate as the producer and marketer know that these items do not last long, but the prices are pretty high for items that are for a long time 

#2. Cost of Labor 

People who specialize in installing blinds are few and are rare. Due to this, the labor cost for installing window blinds is often higher than we think.

The labor cost for installing blinds also accounts for the high cost of window blind installation. 

Professionals who are experienced for years and are very good in blind installation tend to charge higher than people who just started installing blinds, so that the price range will differ.

Although if you want the perfect window blind for your house, it is best to contact someone who does it best. 

#3. Features 

Window blinds come with various features and thus account fit the expensive nature of blinds.

Therefore, depending on the features, the price of the blind and the cost of installation will vary. Blinds with remotes (motorized blinds)are more expensive to install than other blinds.

It is because these blinds use a remote control system, which is made possible by the motor installed in the blind. This motor is responsible for the movement of the window blind. 

These motorized blinds are more expensive than other blinds because of the purchase of a remote control system and a fixed motor in the window blind. Without these, the window blind will be much less expensive. 

#4. Quality 

Compared to curtains, the quality of window blinds also accounts for the high price. Window blinds protect your privacy and help in both cold and hot seasons.

In addition, they give your room this unique look and help regulate the amount of light entering your room. 

The quality of materials and the lasting nature of window blinds make them very expensive. The materials used are expensive and must be qualified for a perfect window blind.

There are various types of blinds around the world. Below are some blinds; their features, advantages, and disadvantages. 

BlindFeatures AdvantageDisadvantage
Venetian blind They make them from aluminum or woodReduces too much light in your room It does not entirely obstruct light from entering the room, a no option for people who love dark rooms. 
Roller blinds Made from fabric Waterproof, fire resistant Gets old quickly 
Roman blinds They make them from m thicker fabrics than roller blinds. They have rods sewn inside, unlike roller blinds.Helps in cold weather They are not suitable for damp environments like the kitchen and bathroom. 
Pleated blindsMade of fabrics that open and close It does not have cords, making it suitable for houses with young children Expensive in nature. You cannot install pleated blinds on all window frames 
Vertical blinds Same as Venetian blinds but are vertical Affordable Difficulty in cleaning 


Installation of window blinds in your home is an excellent decision. It saves you the stress of changing them and getting them washed frequently like curtains.

Not minding the expensive nature of blinds, you should choose a quality blind that will fit your house correctly.

Even though they are expensive, they tend to serve for their high cost. So do well to get an excellent window blind today.

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