Will The Washing Machine Fit Through Door? (Answered)

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Are you considering getting your dream washing machine to your home? Amid the excitement, it dawned on you if the appliance would fit through your door.

It will only be good if a washing machine goes past the doors to your home after purchase. Then, the appliance may not fit through your door, which becomes a problem.

But to avoid that hiccup, it’s best to note the size of the washing machine and your door.

A washing machine will fit through a door as long as it is within the door size. In this case, what matters the most is the width of the washing machine. The door should be wide enough to allow the washing machine to fit. Otherwise, you won’t be able to take the washing machine into your home.

Read this guide to learn how to match up washing machine and door sizes. That understanding will help you fit washing machines through doors.

Do Washing Machines Fit Through Doors?

Will Washing Machine Fit Through Door

Yes, washing machines fit through doors, but only wide enough entries to let them through. You won’t get a washing machine past a door that is too narrow.

There are solutions like dismantling the washing machine or breaking the wall. But why endure such stress when you can measure the washing machine and door sizes?

Knowing the dimension of any appliance you would like to purchase is vital. It would help if you were sure it’d fit through your door and into your room’s space.

The same principle goes for your washing machine. Although the design and functionality of appliances can be captivating, remember to check their dimensions.

Doing that will save you from situations where a washing machine ends up at your front or back door on arrival. In such cases, the delivery guys will be as puzzled as you.

So, you should check the dimensions of a washing machine to know if it’ll fit through a door. But what matters at the door is the width of the washing machine.

The length and breadth of the appliance come into play when you get them into your home.

The room should be able to accommodate the washing machine without a hiccup. That ensures there’s still enough space left in the room for people to move about conveniently.

The bottom line is that you should ensure your door size is wider than the width of the washing machine. The appliance will only fit through your door if you complete that step.

How Wide Does a Door Need To Be For a Washing Machine?

A door size should always exceed the washing machine’s width to fit it through. Thus, the door size should measure at least five inches more than the appliance’s width.

That will give a minimum of 2 ½ inches on the left and right sides of the washing machine. So, moving the washing machine will be easier as it goes through the door.

The reason for that much extra space is to fit the washing machine through the door without damaging it. It’s not enough for the appliance to “go through” the door.

You will want your washing machine to remain intact after you move it into your home. The paint or a part can come off if the space is too tight.

Also, you’ll keep in mind that moving the washing machine out of your home may happen in the future. That may be for repairs or when you move to a new home.

Thankfully, standard door sizes for most American houses make it possible to fit any average washing machine. So you can handle the size difference in any case.

But it doesn’t hurt to double-check, so you can be sure if you have a standard door size. Assuming that you do may end in tears if it turns out differently.

The standard door size in America is 36 inches, and the average width of washing machines is 27 inches. The size difference is nine inches, so fitting such washing machines is easy.

Doors that are 32 inches wide are also easy to spot in residential houses, but they are more common in laundry rooms.

Regardless, that leaves enough space for the washing machine to fit through the door.

The key to matching door sizes to washing machines is to have enough space by the sides. The doors’ height is usually always enough to fit washing machines through.

However, the attic doors may be an exception because they are lower than other houses’ doors.

So, always check a washing machine’s width before buying one. After that, ensure that the width of your door is at least five inches wider than the washing machine.

How Do You Get a Washing Machine Through a Doorway?

To get a washing machine through a doorway, you should ensure it is within the door size. Moving the washing machine is best with five inches of extra space.

Fitting a giant washing machine through a small door is impossible. But it’s possible to move one almost as wide as the door.

Careful and precise movements go a long way here. So, wait to raise the alarm even if you don’t have those extra five inches of space.

You may yet be able to fit your beloved washing machine through your door and into your home!

Follow the steps below to get a washing machine through a doorway.

#1. Remove Any Detachable Parts of the Washing Machine

This step is only necessary if you need more space between the doorway and the washing machine. Some protruding parts on the washing machine tighten up the area at the door.

So, it helps to remove parts like the door on front loaders, power cords, and venting tubes. That way, you can steal a few inches and make a move through the door easier.

#2. Open the Door All the Way

Ensure to get the door out of the way of moving the washing machine past the doorway. It’s best if the door can open against the wall.

If that’s not possible, remove any obstructions behind the door. Then, open it to the widest angle you can get.

#3. Use a Dolly To Move the Washing Machine

Using a dolly to move the washing machine saves much stress, if applicable, in your home. But that’s if you have one lying around or can get one nearby.

All you have to do is get the washing machine unto the dolly. But it should be able to fit through the door as well. You’re good to go once you ensure the sizes are in place.

#4. Tilt and Carry the Washing Machine

You can proceed to do this in the absence of a dolly. But please, ensure not to turn the washing machine upside down. Instead, only carry it with the top facing up.

When carrying the washing machine, you can swivel it to the side. That’s so that its depth goes against the width of the door. In some cases, the depth is less than the width.

That holds for more front-load models. So, you can move the washing machine by its side instead of the width through the doorway.

Once you get the washing machine past the doorway, you can set it up for its purpose.

How Do You Measure the Size of a Washing Machine?

The primary measurement for a washing machine is the appliance’s width, depth, and height. Those readings help to ensure proper fitting units in various spaces.

Ordinarily, you’ll find the dimensions of washing machines on their respective guides. But without that, you can quickly sort it out with a measuring tape.

Using a measuring tape, you can then take three readings to verify the dimensions of a washing machine. That is the width, depth, and height.

Grab a measuring tape and follow the simple steps below to measure the dimensions of a washing machine.

#1. The Width

Position yourself at the front of the washing machine. Place the tape at one edge of the unit and run it to the other extreme. Ensure that the measuring tape sits horizontally across the washer.

That helps to avoid measurement errors. You can also take repeated readings to verify your measurement. Then, take note of the width in inches.

#2. The Depth

Measuring the side of a washing machine gives its depth. So, place your tape at one edge and run it across to the other. You can choose to go from left to right or left to right.

Note the depth of the washing machine in inches and take repeated readings for more accuracy.

#3. The Height

The distance between a washing machine’s top and bottom edges gives the height. Place your measuring tape at those points and note the measurement.

The table below shows the dimensions of some washing machine models.

Model NameWidth, Height, Depth (Inches)
LG Electronics 4.5-Cubic-Foot Front-Load Washing Machine40, 30, 32
Samsung 4.5-Cubic-Foot Front-Load Washing Machine27, 38.7, 31.3
LG 5.5-Cubic-Foot Top-Load Washing Machine27, 44.5, 28.375
GE UltraFresh Vent Washing Machine28, 39.75, 34
Samsung Compact Front Load Washer23.63, 33.5, 27.1


Washing machines will fit through doors that are wide enough to accommodate them. The standard practice is for the door size to be five inches wider than the appliance.

The extra space allows for easy of the washing machine. But it’s always best to measure your door size and confirm the width of a washing machine before you get one.

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