Did The Works Tub And Shower Cleaner Discontinued?

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After more than fifty years of production with exceptional performance in the market, who would not wonder about the current situation of The Works tub and shower cleaners?

You may be wondering whether home care labs discontinued it because you hardly ever get to see it anywhere today. 

As we go further, we will see if Home care labs discontinued The Works tub and shower cleaner, why you can’t find it, where you get it, and an alternative.

Home Care Labs discontinued The Works tub and shower cleaner despite the reputation and loyal customers it came to accumulate. They likely discontinued The Works tub and shower cleaner after facing a few manufacturing defects, making access to the product difficult for customers. However, it is still available for those who want it but is quite expensive to acquire.

Why Was the Works’ Tub and Shower Cleaner Discontinued?

Was the Works Tub and Shower Cleaner Discontinued

Home Care Labs discontinued production on The Works tub and shower cleaner after encountering some challenges of manufacturing defects.

But you may even ponder why Home Care Labs wouldn’t try their best to adjust the product to boost production. For a fact, they have the customers and the reputation.

However, rumors have it that there is more to why Home Care Labs discontinued the production of the cleaner. It doesn’t matter since Home Care Labs have released no official statement.

Looking back now, I think I know why The Works tub and shower cleaner being out of production has everyone worked up.

The Works tub and shower cleaner effectively remove mineral deposits, soap scum, and rust stains. And you can use it on tubs, showers, sinks, shower doors, and so much more.

But most of all, it is easy to use and quick in removing stains; for instance, you have to spray and rinse, and the surface will become clean.

It was created in Indiana more than 50 years ago in an area surrounded by hard water conditions, giving it a characteristic feature.

The Works tub and shower cleaner can clean up hard water stains upon contact with the surface.

With your household glove on, here are the four steps to follow to use The Works tub and shower cleaner effectively;

  • Set the nozzle to a position that will allow you to spray.
  • It would be best if you sprayed it profusely on the surface you want to clean.
  • Wait for 30 to 40 seconds, then rinse without scrubbing.
  • If the surface you are working on is seriously soiled, use a damp cloth to wipe it off.

Why Can’t I Find the Works’ Tub and Shower Cleaner?

You can’t find The Works tub and shower cleaner mainly because Home Care Labs discontinued its production.

But additionally, if you keep going to stores and supermarkets in search of it, you will keep failing because they will never restock it since it is out of production.

Nevertheless, this does not mean they are completely out from the world.

No, if for anything, it is clear that to get one for yourself means to search for it from another point of view. A way other than the two I mentioned in the paragraph above.

Another reason that makes finding The Works tub and shower cleaner difficult is that most people switched towards the alternative, leaving it with little attention.

For instance, when Home Care labs discontinued it, many people began to use The Wash toilet bowl cleaner. People began using it to clean their bathtub in place of the tub and shower cleaner.

Yet another reason you can’t find The Works tub and shower cleaner is the cost or price for which it is on sale.

Those still have it in their possession are only willing to sell to those willing to pay a high price. And this is why if you are not ready to spend a lot, you will not get a chance to purchase one.

Where Can I Find the Works’ Tub and Shower Cleaner?

Back when it was still in production, you would find it available nationally at K-mart, Sam’s club, and Walmart.

But today, you can find it more easily online. You can purchase The Works tub and shower cleaner from big lots, Meijer, stone home, ace hardware, or here on amazon.

HOME CARE LABS 65320WK The Works Tub & Shower Cleaner 32 fl. oz
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Today, those who pay attention to the store they usually get it from end up waiting in vain.

I know this because, at some point, so was I, but now I know better than to keep going back to the stores where I would never find it.

If there is one thing I have come to discover, all that time in the store is a waste.

Works Tub and Shower Cleaner Alternative

As someone with a lot of experience with issues related to tub and shower cleaners, I recommend five alternatives.

And among these five alternatives to The Works tub and shower cleaner, I will discourse briefly on three of them.

Below are the five alternatives you go for:

  • Clorox clean-up cleaner
  • Method bathroom cleaner
  • Kaboom foam-tastic bathroom cleaner
  • Soft scrub cleaner
  • Wet and forget shower cleaner

#1. Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner

No matter how bad the surface you want to clean up is, Clorox has a reputation for performing excellent cleaning.

With almost no effort from you, you can wipe out difficult stains entirely. Even when I had lost all hope in my bathtub and shower, Clorox clean-up cleaner came through for me.

And whenever the bottle sprays out the liquid, it covers a wide surface instead of focusing on one point and then flowing away.

Although the down part or what pushes many people away from it is the smell, it gives off.

Since it bears the name Clorox, I believe I don’t need to tell you that the name is synonymous with bleach.

However, it gives you an idea that it has the same chemical properties and scent. It is strong enough to kill off coronavirus on any surface where there is any.

Because of its strong chemical nature, keep away from pets and children.

#2. Method Bathroom Cleaner

Honestly, when I first picked up the method of bathroom cleaner and then saw the caption “with non-toxic plant-based powergreen technology,” I made my conclusion.

And the conclusion is that anything non-toxic will never be very powerful, but method cleaner did an excellent job in rendering me speechless at the end.

Method cleaner does not fail in removing soap scum, and it does not live behind streak signs on surfaces.

One good thing about this cleaner is that it is a better option in your home if you have minor ones and pets. And the spray bottle proves to be very efficient, covering a large area.

The downside of method cleaner is the price, which is costly compared to the average cleaners.

But because it is very powerful and non-toxic, keeping your young ones and pets safe is undoubtedly worth it.

#3. Kaboom Foam-Tastic Bathroom Cleaner

Kaboom foam-tastic cleaner grades high when it comes to handling because of its lightweight.

It is easy to carry, and the thick foam it releases holds firm to the surface you are applying it to and makes cleaning smooth and easy.

In addition, the kaboom foam-tastic bathroom cleaner has a pleasant, mild, and floral scent. In terms of removing stains, it is still poor when you compare it with the other two above.

And it is less than half the cost of other cleaners we can purchase; for instance, it costs about $0.20. So it falls among the cheapest cleaners you can find.

Below is a table showing the five bathroom cleaners that can serve as an alternative to The Works tub and shower cleaner with their pros and cons;

Cleaner Pros Cons 
Clorox clean-up cleanerQuickly attacks stains
The spray evenly covers surfaces
It has a powerful bleach smell
Method bathroom cleanerEasily clean up stains-toxic Very expensive
Kaboom foam-tastic bathroom cleanerCheap to purchase
Very strong in cleaning
Good at removing spot due to its foam
Not practical for cleaning large surfaces
Soft scrub cleanerAlthough like bleach, it has a mild smell
Also, a powerful stain remover
Because of the squirt bottle, the soap application appears awkward 
Wet and forget shower cleanerThe spray nozzle is detachable, and there is an extension hose that supports movement highly. The jug will be too big and heavy to move with

What Should I Look For in a Bathroom Cleaner?

If you are in the market to purchase a bathroom cleaner, there are two things you should watch out for: the cleaning formulas and the cleaning tools.

If you can ascertain this, you do not have a problem picking a suitable cleaner. 

#1. Cleaning Formulas

To identify the cleaning formulas, look at the label properly to see if it mentions the problem you are buying it for.

The reason is that some focus on cleaning stains and whitening tubs. While others also disinfect and destroy mildew.

#2. Cleaning Tools

The best people often go for are brushes and scrubbers with extended handles, which allow you to clean without fully bending.

It is also easy to clean the bathroom corners with angled heads, while you can change the replaceable heads rather than the whole tool.


Home Care Labs discontinued The Works tub and shower cleaner making it hard for those who want to purchase it to find it.

But now, only a few are available online and at a high price. But now we know five alternatives we can use in place of The Works tub and shower cleaner.

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